[CP] Proposed Military Program changes

Day 5,710, 06:50 Published in Netherlands Poland by Shawtyl0w
Dear citizens of the Netherlands,

With my election I stand for some program reform. In the past few years we have focused on ranking up together. We started with Weekstrom, Jordic69 and Fosite giving it their all to create D4 epics. With their weekly 20bn - 40bn damage they allowed others to rank up fast. Eventually players like Fmcv, Blackwidow9, Speed94 and myself took over that important role and more recently we've seen more involvement from a much larger group of players who were interested in ranking up to Legend XX (Mafceez, 911mic, Ynotna, Zeeuwsmeisje, M de Ruyter, Lord jax, ArchAngel70, Ezrail, Driekske and lower division players such as Mists of time, Alex uut Lindt, Pieter Sjoert Gerbrandy and Under Surveillance. Several others also help pre-epic hitting pre-epic and are rewared for their help through the pre-epic program.

The Green beret program focuses on rewarding weekly damage. I wish to change this since most active players who are focussing on their ground rank have over the years become high level Legends.

I propose a change in the program that will make things easier for the Minister of Defence as well as stimulates players to help facilitate in the creation of epics rather than just benefiting from them. The fact that others create epics battles for you so you can save Energy Bars is benefit enough.

The new Green Beret program will incorporate the pre-epic program.

Pre-epic damage will be rewarded
Weekly damage will not be rewarded
Rank ups will be rewarded in currency

Pre-end damage will be rewarded with 15k/Billion
Rank ups Starting from the rank of Titan will be rewarded with 100k cc all the way up to Legend XX.

The Flying Dutchman is a program that like the Green Beret focusses on increase rank in this case air rank. Most of our active placers currently are ranked Group Captain or higher. This was the goal of the program. (Almost) All active pilots are now able to win Sky Hero medals which help them earn gold. Now that that goal has been achieved it is time for the next step. Weekly Air Epics in order for all pilots to rank up all the way to Vice Air Marshalls.

Changes to the Flying Dutchman Program.

Pre-epic kills will be rewarded
Weekly damage will not be rewarded
Rank ups will be rewarded in currency

With these changes everyone is once again able to participate in the Flying Dutchman program where nowadays everyone ranked Group Captains and higher we not able to receive any benefit other than the rank up rewards.

Pre-epic kills will be rewarded with 50 cc/ kill
Weekly kills will not be rewarded
Rank up rewards will be increased

New Rank up rewards:

Chief Master Sergeant and every * gets 15.000 cc
Wing Commander and every * gets 15.000 cc
Group Captain and every * gets 30,000 cc
Air Commodore and every * gets 60,000 cc
Vice Air Marshall and every * gets 90.000 cc

Please share your thoughts about the program changes by commenting below.


President of the Netherlands