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[CP] My last presidential address.

Day 2,082, 10:05 Published in Canada Canada by Pat Harper
Greetings Canada,
This will be the last address I will make to you as country president.

Well what a term it has been, I will be honest and say I didn’t expect to spend so much money, get regions or even think about an airstrike. Infact I thought it would be a washout term in waiting for the next CP.
Evidently it didn’t go like that.

I will give a full report of the term, explaining exactly EVERYTHING that happened, who helped, and what position we are in.

The term started off slowly, I worked solidly on improving relations with our allies and ASGARD. By fighting in their battles we were able to bring up a strong relationship which has been proven in our recent airstrike and resistance war.

I renewed all vital MPP’s and they stand ready for whoever is elected next.
Relations with Asgard were somewhat divided at the start of the term, after Oinyo desperately trying to get away from the alliance, however over the month the bond between our countries is firmly sealed and we have been planning campaigns, and co-ordinating much better.

This was truly a great battle. I described it in my previous article as ‘Thermopylae’
We took on the full force of Spain and only lost it by a TINY margin (80-85).
It showed us eCanadians what we were capable of, Spain had to recruit mercenaries and receive help from Poland to win the battle. Remember folks that we are ranked 32 compared to Spain ranked 6th and Poland ranked 9th.
It was an awesome battle and a lot of fun; it earned respect points even from Spain for the fight we put up.


I have had countless meetings with the Spanish CP, we actually get on quite well but it is of course the Spanish congress that has the loudest voice.
Mid-Term Spain gave me an offer to give us all regions except those they needed (all but 4) Of course I readily accepted. This offer then went to their congress where it was never to be seen again... I don’t know what I expected to be honest. After the successful RW’s I messaged their CP AGAIN for another meeting to discuss our situation. They confirmed that they fully planned on wiping us BUT that they would be more open to discussion next month because of our ‘good behaviour’. I’m not a naughty schoolboy, I’m a working man who plays a fecking internet browser game but whatever floats the boat I guess..
Let’s hope they DO come to terms because as it stands its beyond ridiculous.


The pinnacle of my term as CP... Yes that’s right. REGIONS! For months we have been without them, our factories have been dying and MU’s suffering. After finally getting some regions we were able to replenish our factories.
These resistance wars freed up Nunavut + Northwest Territories. The battles we not just ‘won’ but dominated. They were started at a perfect time and we proved exactly what we could do.


This idea was agreed to by the majority of Canada. We had several targets for airstrike and I still do not regret choosing Lithuania because we could have certainly won if Spain hadn’t burnt and trashed Nunavut + Northwest Territories behind our back.
UNFORTUNATELY the game mechanics state that if the air striking nation loses all its regions during the airstrike, the airstrike is automatically lost.
We would have almost certainly won the airstrike had Spain not attacked us in NWT, It was a great battle and I had a lot of fun fighting in it.
Not only did we lead the airstrike battle, we were dominating it against the whole of TWO.

The amount of TWO nations that have us as CoTD..

I don’t have much else to say, it cost us a HUGE amount of money and resources I don’t want to even think about it, desperate times call for desperate measures. We chose Lithuania as a target to Airstrike to help out our Asgard brothers and to get us away from the Spanish menace. The plan has obviously failed, but it was a damned good fight and great fun. Was it worth 2 hours sleep? Hell yes.

I have total respect for Lithuania, it’s just sore that our efforts were put in vain.

We did however have a great donation from Lithuania themselves lolol \o/


It’s been a fun term, I would like to thank EVERYONE that donated or fought for us, I simply cannot write names down because there are SO many. Every Canadian should be proud of themselves this month, not only has it shown us what we are capable of but it shows that we still have the hunger for freedom in our hearts, hell i’m not even Canadian!
Ireland has been great, other major countries, CoT, ASGARD brothers and even friends from enemy nations who have put in a commendable effort in to trying to free us from occupation.


This term has drained me physically and financially, I’m not running for another term, it would be pointless. I will focus my attention towards my MU and help out Canada in whatever way I can. I need a rest, I just hope Spain will finally agree to a deal of some kind. Good luck to the next CP o7.
The last glimpse of success:

o7 Canada
Pat Harper
Canadian President

Oh and just to add shame to this guy:

It's a game, no need for pathetic baiting.


ARMIN EL VIAJERO Day 2,082, 10:08

pole chilena!

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 2,082, 10:20

Unlucky man! Choosing a TWO member for your AS proved to be a step too far.

You had a good term!

Zappie Day 2,082, 12:43

I thought the target was rather noble ;p

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Day 2,082, 15:55

noble is right and we only lost because spain was scared lithuania would lose and used a bad game rule against us.

EmuSV Day 2,082, 10:22

Well thanks for visiting us o/
You gave a moment to breath for Sweden ; )

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 2,082, 10:36

You know we aren't done with you right?

EmuSV Day 2,082, 10:40

Well at least for now you are 🙂

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 2,082, 10:43

Maybe directly, but I need still need more Lithuanian Skulls for my Skull Throne

TheUnit pararam
TheUnit pararam Day 2,083, 10:36

we can give you a lot, i mean many many canadians skuls for your throne

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,082, 10:47

I want to come back to Lithuania, I left my car keys on Emu's table 😨

KOSOVA Batoa Day 2,082, 10:23

Good Job Canada o7

CptChazbeard. Day 2,082, 10:24

Only Spain can manage to make this game that much worse than it already is.

Huzzah for Pat and eCanada anyhoos o7

onrop Day 2,082, 10:25

Still a good job, it was worth a try.

Utat Day 2,082, 10:25


John Greywolf
John Greywolf Day 2,082, 10:25


JeguljaM Day 2,082, 10:25

Canada is awesome!

Balbazauras Day 2,082, 10:28

They gave you chance o7 Well good luck in upcomming battles for you.

NKFV Day 2,082, 10:26

nice article, voted!

Balbazauras Day 2,082, 10:27


pokstasq Day 2,082, 10:27

It was a nice fight. Wake up in the morning and see you're attacked and losing it without a chance to retaliate. But it seems it wasn't the case this time. Better luck next time.

P.S. Have a nice sleep/weekend/rest from being CP, Pat, you deserve it 😉

DnPijote Day 2,082, 10:28

you did a good job, man, you got hell of fun, voted o/

Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Day 2,082, 10:29

Great run Pat. So glad that you decided to PTO eCanada. Hopefully you can talk one of the Pat Harper's into running for CP again in the future. o7

kwest78 Day 2,082, 10:30

Needs less Spain.

klop123 Day 2,082, 10:33

Salute to a great CP


klop123 Day 2,082, 10:42

No respect for Adolf-H though

Theunreal21 Day 2,082, 10:33

wait what? we were under PTO the entire month?? now seriously... It was a pleasure and honour to serve you and Canada this month. Indeed we should be proud! We might be few... but we are mighty and proud!

Adolf.H Day 2,082, 10:37


Joshur Day 2,082, 13:10

Even as our enemies, I've found most Lithuanians are actually very pleasant, but you can kindly screw off.

Oliver Dietz
Oliver Dietz Day 2,084, 12:55

il take a donner kebab hold the chilly sauce and a small chips with that shit meme

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 2,082, 10:38

This still cracks me up at least

Pat Harper
Pat Harper Day 2,082, 10:39

adding that in now LOL

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Day 2,082, 10:41

Also Pat Harper, it was an honour serving as your MoD.

Can't wait to continue working with you, see you in Shadow Fox Monday Morning!

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Day 2,082, 10:56


Akashaton Day 2,082, 11:06

Hail Canada!
Great to serve with you, in Asgard HQ, Pat!
Hope you will be back and
Canada is welcome in Scandinavia anytime!

Punisher 1389
Punisher 1389 Day 2,082, 11:25

Patty, you did a great job. You rock.

KidCanuck Day 2,082, 11:32


Che Kukaken
Che Kukaken Day 2,082, 11:39

Pat Harper is the best!
Hail Canada

the grinch
the grinch Day 2,082, 11:54

Had a great time. Too bad it didnt work out but still even though we lost, we learned a heck of a lot and can use it next time.

And whoever comes up next... screw spain lol. Who cares, dont negotiate, retaliate. Resistance wars are fun.

Simonymous Day 2,082, 11:57

Great fight!
Heil Canada o/

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Day 2,082, 12:21

o7 Excellent presidency!

Tautas11 Day 2,082, 12:31

Sorry for this guy It is our country shame.

the grinch
the grinch Day 2,082, 12:38

Dont worry about it tatas. Every country has its share of trash.

Povilas1989 Day 2,082, 13:58

Tas tavo ''county shame'' visa nakti nemiegojo, organizavo samdymus ir tankus dalino o ir jo žala šneka pati už save visa taupyta sandeli išmušė už ačiū.
Be jo dabar turėtumem kanadiečius skandinavuose.
Aš jam noriu ranką paspaust:)

Tautas11 Day 2,082, 14:13

Nesvarbu ka jis nakti dare ir koki zaida zaide , kad kisa kitos valstybes deginama veliava- jis yra siukle. Lygiai tokie patys butu siuksles, kurie zaidime kistu musu degima trispalve.

Adolf.H Day 2,082, 15:51

šiukšlė esi tu ir tavo draugai ir tavo draugų draugai

Tautas11 Day 2,083, 02:02

Siap sveinimai tau, Adolfai, iki siol buvai siukle nacionaliniu lygiu, o dabar tapai siuksle tarptautiniu lygiu - su tuo tave ir sveikinu. Prageiminta naktis dave siokiu tokiu rezultatu ir pasiekimu. Sveikinu!

Adolf.H Day 2,083, 05:13

tik nesielvartauk taip : DDD

the grinch
the grinch Day 2,083, 05:15

Povilas, It doesn't matter how much damage one does, it doesn't matter if one gives away tanks, recruited people, whatever. This is only a game, no need to act like an ass. That someone feels the need to come out and say sorry for Adolf's behavior speaks volumes. I think sometimes some people need to step away from the game and get a grip on reality.

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Day 2,082, 12:38

Shout out to Norway, France, Ireland and Russia for having that battle as their CoTD, I can only assume they were helping us out.

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