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[CP] Military and Financial reform

Day 1,760, 06:14 Published in United Kingdom Poland by Magic


First up I’d like to tell you about a new system of military we’re gonna be using in the UK. First of all, there will be no more commune work with getting weapons only for work. Of course, people will be still employed as now, but only people who strike at a “Military Strike”- MS, will get weapons. Also, we will start using the system to inform us. This website automatically collects information on our fighters so we can use it to effectively supply weapons. It’s going to be an MU only for active citizens, who can be at MS to get weapons. So, 10 people are employed in Q7 factories, 19 in RAW ones. And we’re producing 200 weapons daily, which we can use for MS. 200 weapons for 29 is 7 tanks for each person.

Of course, when it’ll be needed, each person on MS will get 10 Q7s, and they can get even 24 Q7ms daily, if it’s needed. But there will be also days, which we won’t supply them, and just save tanks and dmg for time when it’s needed, such as the next time France decide to take a derp and try for London- something we all want to avoid I’m sure. I think that this solution is perfect to both sides - for government, because we’ll have a normal and well organised army, and for soldiers - because they will get more weapons if they are active.

To all people that want to stay in commune companies - feel free to join other MUs of the eUK - you can without any problem get tanks in the old system, a steady daily supply; I’ll be upfront and say you won’t get that in our new military. Also, I ask all private MU owners to set daily orders to MoD official orders, which can be found on the forum and via both ingame articles and PMs to all commanders. If you want to know why we’re fighting in a particular place, feel free to ask and our able MoD team will tell you our thinking.

This way to supply people is a way to save our country - it’s not only a military, but also a financial reform. It was needed, because for one day we used to use 4 000 GBP (out of an income at the moment that is alarmingly low), and we hadn't got any control of our national army- specifically where the damage was going.

I’d like also to inform you that the NHS is not anymore unit, which is supplied by government. It became private, and Iain Keers has kindly volunteered to supply it for the whole month for a start - also I sent my 10g(which I got from eUK political medals), so most of next month should be supplied too. Also, I personally think that the point of NHS was getting our baby boom to be active playing, and now it is not needed, so if owner of NHS will decide, it will help only in game theory, not finances of soldiers.

Our first Congress leader was elected, but unfortunately due to his problems in real life we need to take the 2nd person in elections. So, I’d like to inform, that Congress Leader is Lord Lewis Cromwell. Good luck!

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to join #uk.government (public channel of eUK government) or #magic (my private channel), both are public channels anyone can come and sit in, ask us questions, and participate in government. Be sure to contact Lewis to help congress out too, they’ll need it!




Magic Day 1,760, 06:14

For better eUK!

thelanelim Day 1,760, 06:20

good job o7

Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Day 1,760, 06:27

Have faith everyone, we need to try more efficient systems for the long term prosperity of our nation - these changes should increase both effectiveness of the national MU, pick out the true soldiers and reduce the national costs involved. We'll continue to innovate things where possible to give everyone the opportunities and choices they want from the game but for now we'll ask the private MU's to help share the load for our national good.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,760, 06:42

we have less people than before the babyboom, so I doubt the NHS was that useful anyway : /

Sexagenarian Day 1,760, 07:20

Sad to hear of the death of NHS and BEF


Magic Day 1,760, 11:27

It's reformed, not dead.

metalmicky999 Day 1,760, 12:15

we will see......
puzzled how non irc folks can't do this and if this is what you think goes on then sadly misled as I know alot of folks who aren;t on irc who hit where orders are and make up a huge part of our uk army damage.
"and we hadn't got any control of our national army- specifically where the damage was going"

Solytix Day 1,760, 12:17

The NHS should've been handed over to a cross-party/unit commission. This commission could've had a member from each party and unit and funding would come from all of them. If done this way then it would be guaranteed to carry on for a long time, but if only one or two people are funding it then it could fail. the whole point in having the NHS is to help new members.

Carlini8 Day 1,760, 12:34

@ MM, you know where you have a home 😃

I have two issues with what you are doing. A) issue1 is that to have an effective "strike" you aren't going to be able to give much of a warning to fighters. For example come at x time everyday is just as useless as letting people fight whenever. It is just as random. Surely the true way to battle this is education. There are going to be times there is an important battle somewhere at 5am in the morning. Say we have 5 fighters in the eUK online at

Carlini8 Day 1,760, 12:34

The time and they know when and where they should fight. How do they get their tanks? They are getting left out because no one is online to give them to them. You are not going to have someone always online ready to give out tanks at important times.

2) How are you going to keep 30 people employed if they aren’t all getting tanks.

Alphabethis Day 1,760, 12:48

I'm glad you finally kill NHS and BEF, and you start funding FRIENDS and acquaintances with TAXES PAID BY ALL.

Joe Dye
Joe Dye Day 1,760, 13:11

I think that it is a good idea BUT I agree with Carlini8 when he/she says that you won't be able to have one person online at all times that's able to give out tanks when they are needed.

Joe Dye
Joe Dye Day 1,760, 13:18

Also on the subject of the NHS, I don't think you should cut them rather change their rules so instead of under rank 25 which can (for some) take a long time, change it to: under 3 days old. That way you will be helping to establish new players but not spend too much money supplying tanks to the NHS as well as food. After all it only took me 2 days to reach rank 20 but it will probably take another week (or more, it depends on a lot of things) to get to rank 25

BigAnt Day 1,760, 13:28


Aces man
Aces man Day 1,760, 14:34

metalmicky makes a good point here.

Damage will be reduced, also less damage means people will rank up slower which reduces our potential damage as a nation in the future. Striking won't be more effective because not everyone uses irc and some people will have RL stuff to do.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Day 1,760, 15:17

You can get a lot of weapons from the Bulldogs MU, at no cost to the taxpayer. The only problem is if whoever is in charge develops an Alfagrem complex, then we're screwed.

Ullok Day 1,760, 15:57

This is an amalgam of two initiatives that keep raising their heads. When UKAF was all but dismantled and the UKSF became an "elite unit" the supplies were good but there was uproar about nepotism. The many times since the naby \_o- that our military has been IRC only despite "more tanks" people start complaining about HAVING to log into IRC in order to get them, especially when people got frustrated with the lack of suppliers and other problems. Then we haemorrhage soldiers.

Ullok Day 1,760, 15:57

As MM says, I may have not been IRC active but I was consistently daily top 10 dmg for my unit and unless I was spitting in to the wind/putting pebbles on a mountain (or we got stupid ones like free Scotland for several days on the trot) my dmg always went on the DO. If you want more control over where people hit maybe increasing MoD article frequency would have been the place to start.

Skyfury Day 1,760, 19:30

"nice" move Sir

Niemand Day 1,760, 21:19

The NHS is now under control by the same ones who did it earlier. As long as we organize on time new donations there will be noticed no difference felt by the users and we save lots of taxes.

We are lucky that there are a lot of private MU's that supply very good. The BEF needed to have correct information where to hit. Same people that did this can inform the private MU's. This will saves lots of money too.

When we see this cooperation does not work, than we must change the system.

Niemand Day 1,760, 21:22

We must try to do this. All could work as effective as before but we would save lots of money and we could have a small very active force that will hit on specific needed times.

For paying the needed MPP's all our current tax income is used. We have no other choice than trying to do it this way. For this we need cooperation throughout the whole UK. Let us do that.

Mr Knee
Mr Knee Day 1,761, 01:48

Niemand: Most private MUs' DO match the official government one anyway. It was always a properganda argument that suggested that because the MoD didn't directly change the unit's DO that the private MU was basically fighting everywhere except where the MoD wanted them.

Prince Andrei
Prince Andrei Day 1,761, 01:58

This sounds like a brilliant idea!
I think we should make a flying pigs MU next!

Jamie2721 Day 1,761, 02:37

Very good

Buck Taylor
Buck Taylor Day 1,761, 02:51

Worth a try, if we can save money and at least match current damage outputs then the eUK will benefit. If it doesn't work and damage output drops then the money initially saved can be ploughed back into putting things back the way were. Now seems like as good a time as any to experiment whilst the perfidious French menace is distracted.

Another War Veteran
Another War Veteran Day 1,761, 03:07

Well, this is going to be useless.
1) As Carlini said, "that to have an effective "strike" you aren't going to be able to give much of a warning to fighters. For example come at x time everyday is just as useless as letting people fight whenever. It is just as random."
You can't have an effective strike without forward planning and attendance, which is hard when said strike ends up at, say 5am. Short notice of said strike and the early time fucks up attendance, thereby making it innefective.

Another War Veteran
Another War Veteran Day 1,761, 03:10

2) Your dissolution of the commune idea isn't going to work. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. What seems to be coming across is that people will work in these companies, but only those who attend strikes will get the supplies. I for one know that I have never attended a strike in my six months of playing, because IRC confuses me and the forums are elitist for the most part.
Sort out the problems which are broken first, rather than trying to 'improve' those that aren't.

Another War Veteran
Another War Veteran Day 1,761, 03:13

3) A congress leader? Please do inform me as to the point of that. Each congress member is independent, and I for one only listen to the input about policies from those within my own party. Electing a 'congress leader' is a pointless venture, as it only puts one member on a higher pedestal than the others.
Isn't that supposed to be the CP's job anyways.

Tl;dr: Rage at foreign CP, don't fix what ain't broken, elitism.

benni hill
benni hill Day 1,761, 06:01

One day we might have a military which doesn't require any reforming. Nearly every leader does something to mess about with it.

Lord Lewis Cromwell
Lord Lewis Cromwell Day 1,761, 06:49

@AWV: don't worry man, I'm not that kind of guy. With me appointed to Congress Leader (or whatever it'll be called in future) you won't see me behaving like a boss or some over-compensating dorkfarm specimen and hopefully set the tone for whoever takes it up next - I'll just do a few articles and set an example for aspiring young players to follow.

@benni: we all wish that! been trying to think of models that won't need reforms but not been very well received

Douglas Mckeever
Douglas Mckeever Day 1,761, 10:37

If the revenue isn't there, we really haven't got much choice, re' these reforms. Unless we want to go bankrupt.

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 1,761, 18:47

I can't say I am a fan of it being an elite group for specific players only, not really anything 'national' about that....

The military has been reformed so many times it seems to be becoming increasingly irrelevant = (

iBurton Day 1,763, 11:46

our military has gone down the drain 🙁

benni hill
benni hill Day 1,764, 03:18

I used to love being in the military it was the main aspect of the game for me. The banter in the strike channels the friendly rivarly between units but with what feels like the constant reforms all that has been lost to some extent. We really shouldn't mess it. If it ain't broke why does it need fixing.

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