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(Nederlandse vertaling komt eraan)

We are currently putting the final touches on the Medals programme!
From today on you can apply for these medals!
We expect a lot of requests and we will start processing these next week. After that it will be published and added to your forum-profile.
Please note that in order to apply for a Willems-Orde Medal you need to proof how much damage you have done with a screenshot. People can apply for themselves or others for a specific medal on this application-form. See below for detailed procedure.

Special thanks goes out to Daniel Parker, Kixtart, Heikanu, Garmr and AndreasIsaksson for realizing this.

Tim VeltKamp and Daniel Parker
President and Prime Minister of eNetherlands.

Medals and decorations

Militaire Willems-Orde (military valor)

Lifetime loyalty to the eNL army: Field Marshall or higher who did more than 30.000 damage in 1 Rising battle
Lifetime loyalty to the eNL army, General or higher who did more than 10.000 damage in 1 Rising battle
Outstanding performance on battlefield, colonel or higher who did 5000 damage in 1 Rising battle
great performance on the battlefield, luitenant or higher who did 1000 damage in 1 Rising battle

Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw (political dedication)

Gained 50 merit-points
Gained 30 merit points
Gained 15 merit points
Gained 5 merit points

merit points:
Tip: use the Medal calculator to calculate which medal you could apply for!

* 1.75 points for 1 full term as Prime Minister or Country President
* 1.5 points for 1 full term served as Minister in Government
* 1.25 points for 1 full term served as State Secretary in Government
* 1 merit point for congress-member who voted on at least 75% of all the forum proposals
* 0.75 merit point for 1 month as ambassador (since 1 sept. 2010)
* 0.75 merit point for 1 full term as Chairman of Congress
* 0.5 point for 1 full term as Deputy Chairman of Congress
* 0.5 merit point for 1 month as ambassador (before 1 sept. 2010)
* 0.25 point for 1 full term as official government advisor
* 0.25 point for every month as any other civil servant job (coach, recruiter, state company manager, general etc.)

experience multiplier: any job (except civil cervant) which was taken on longer than 3 times, after the third term gets a 50% increase in points for every following term, per term. (so 5 x congress member becomes: 1+1+1+1.5+1.5= 6 merit points )

Orde van Oranje Nassau (civil contributions)
(This medal can only be awarded in combination with a public motivation text by Country President or Prime Minister)

outlandish grande performance whose actions helped result into a babyboom, or any other similar essential and unique contribution which secured the longevity of the country for the future.
extraordinary contribution to the community of the Netherlands (e.g. half year being an forum-admin, programming API´s or another significant contribution that intensified the countries community)
outstanding contribution to the media-landscape* or community of the Netherlands (*congress, government and political party and such media contributions are excluded for this medal)

Admission procedure
The Country president or Prime Minister must authorize giving out every medal (except for the Willemsorde, which can also be handed out by the Minister of Defense). Every medal has got a precise set of demands which must be checked with the applicants claims. The Country President or Prime-Minister may ask people to assist him with this task.
Drastic changes to medals plans (new degrees or new medals, not the number for a degree) must be authorized by the government, however congress nor the government don´t have any influence on the execution of the medals-programme in general or specific cases, nor can they opt to change the medals-plan without the consent of the Country President ánd Prime Minister.
CP, PM and MoD cannot give themselves a 'Oranje-Nassau' medal
Medals can only be handed out to people with Dutch citizenship who are registered to the forum.
People can apply for themselves or others for a specific medal on this application-form.
All newly given medals will be published on the erepublik wiki and the Country President Newspaper once every month or so. After that forum-admins can add awarded medals under avatars.

When given, medals cannot be taken back. However in the case of official misconduct. The Country President can decide to postpone giving out a higher degree of a medal to a given person for up to 6 months. The congress has the power to overrule the CP´s judgement of misconduct in the previous case. Only in severe cases of misconduct such as high-treason to our country, medals could be withdrawn or degraded from a person; however this can only be proposed by the CP or PM and needs to be validated by an vote in congress which equals or exceeds in a 75% acceptance of the proposal.

Campaign medals
Incidentally also other medals can be made for special commemorative (military) occasions (important battles, wars or campaigns, etc.). The Country President i.c.w. the Minister of Defense can issue these medals.