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[CP] July Cabinet

Day 2,056, 13:15 Published in Austria Austria by Harzakc

Dear people of eAustria!

First of all, I want to thank all of you who voted for me. It's my first term, so don't expect me to be perfect, but you can be sure I will try to give my best for the collective good.

As you can see I downsized the current cabinet.
I came to this decision because of two reasons:

1. I regret to say that nobody contacted me to be part of the cabinet.
2. I don't want to list lots of names here, which I'm quite certain hardly will be needed.

So here's the current listing of the july cabinet (minor changes may be possible):

Country President - exkrementensammler
Vice President - LarsUlrich87

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Vreath
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs - Rangeley

Minister of Interior - LarsUlrich87
Vice Minister of Interior - Prince of Austria

Minister of Finance - Luis Grindl
Vice Minister of Finance - OEBernd

Minister of Defense - Schwrzwolf
Vice Minister of Defense - nitch08

Minister of Education - yst31

Minister of Community - Kurt Tucholsky

Advisors- lazo, ZoltanB & Imre Norbert



xdxm Day 2,056, 14:15

thanks for your help in our RW Austria 🙂

Vreath Day 2,056, 15:01

Voted, great picture! And good luck and much strength in your term!

Schwrzwolf Day 2,056, 15:16

Austria is so goated this term.

Prince of Austria
Prince of Austria Day 2,057, 06:17

Voted hard! Good luck : )

Gullberg Day 2,057, 11:29

Good luck!
and even though it's a sheep, I have to post it:

OEBernd Day 2,057, 23:43

Goat lord...

staruszek Day 2,058, 10:27

San' da Tschusch'n?

nitch08 Day 2,059, 06:40

congrats..good luck..voted

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