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[CP]Holding the line

Day 2,158, 09:20 Published in South Africa South Africa by Wilpanzer

The fate of our nation hangs in the balance. Our sovereignty challenged; our fears reignited.
However, there is always hope. Where there are people willing to fight - there's a way out.

Fellow South Africans

For some of you the NE with eArgentina might come as a shock. The reason for this NE is to wipe our country in order to deny the Lazocrat PTO'ers a congress. Unfortunately it will also deny ourselves a congress, but we have left a choice of no other.

Strategies of more ambitious sort have been discussed and discarded.
Due to our extremely low activity levels and high two-clicker levels we no longer have a vigilant citizenry able to retaliate on a level playing field.

A small country like ourselves might see this formidable insurgency as inevitable defeat, but I can assure you, we've been here before. Most of us still standing are bittereinders(bitter-enders). We fight to the very end. No compromise, no negotiate.

Go get some TPs 😉



Knez Hrvata
Knez Hrvata Day 2,158, 09:44

hail wil good plan

cemmo Day 2,158, 09:46

How long will you keep the country wiped out? 1 month? 2 months? forever?
what do you think, if we cannot join to elections this month, we will give up?

atrawall Day 2,158, 10:46

forever works if it keeps you from running our country.

atrawall Day 2,158, 10:52

What I think you fail to realize is that VISA's don't buy you honor, integrity or personal worth. You can spend all the money you want on this game, but giving our country to you is the WORST possible option at this point. I'd rather never see eSouth Africa on the map again than have it run by some scum who call themselves a Military Unit.

cemmo Day 2,158, 10:53

it looks like we won't see eSa on the map for a lonngg longgg time 🙂

Rico Suave
Rico Suave Day 2,158, 11:25

Yeah, I'm sure you'll stay citizens of a wiped country for a long long time. For a level 94 you sure reason like you joined this game yesterday. But anyway, good luck convincing your fellow multiaccounters to help keep your delusional promises.

Ejdatful Day 2,158, 12:56

Cemmo diye isim mi olur ak

cemmo Day 2,158, 13:05

anan begeniyo ama 🙂

Ejdatful Day 2,158, 13:48

oo lise 2

Sole Survivor
Sole Survivor Day 2,160, 06:27

If we liberate ourselves we will let other people join eSA, trusted, and they will run for congress long as you don't have any party to your hands( we won't let you to) we will give the congress seats to other people so you can't run. We are more, we are united you can't win us:)

cemmo Day 2,160, 06:30

yes yes, lot's of people wants to come to this country to share the benefits of full bonuses 😛

so let's liberate the regions o7

Sole Survivor
Sole Survivor Day 2,160, 06:31

Who said it will be random people? we have an alliance, friendly countries who want you out of here...they will send some people who dont care about bonuses like we did in the past and we will force you to leave, get serious man u can't do anything here

Luc Praetor
Luc Praetor Day 2,158, 12:04

o7 M magic eightball reads excitement ^^

Enriche2Ribeiro Day 2,158, 12:36

o7 you have my support

Gregor Lucius
Gregor Lucius Day 2,158, 13:45


Branislav 1995 Day 2,158, 13:56

Comment deleted

Branislav 1995
Branislav 1995 Day 2,158, 14:02


thekoki Day 2,158, 14:16


Stenka Razin
Stenka Razin Day 2,158, 14:19


kuckuck Day 2,158, 14:20


MephistoHeineken Day 2,158, 15:41

ok. our conquest of uruguay will have to wait. lol

MephistoHeineken Day 2,158, 15:44

I said before the only way those lazocrats/nemesis left a country is being wiped and start a new country again.
I had a dream last night: before xtmas there will be no lazo here, mates.

Poco Curantism
Poco Curantism Day 2,158, 18:07

Losing the war has happened before and will undoubtedly happen again. A country is merely the land on which we stand, but the real eSouth Africa lies in the strength and grit we all bring. If we lose our land, we shall never lose our spirit.

Remember the sands always shift in favor of the righteous.


Marmaduke IV
Marmaduke IV Day 2,158, 19:07

Cool story bro

Poco Curantism
Poco Curantism Day 2,158, 19:11

Thanks. He will provide for His followers. The sands are gathering. Now, give me some bread and cash like you would to any monk.


Jizzie McGuire
Jizzie McGuire Day 2,159, 08:28

There's no sign of the morning coming. You've been left on your own, like a rainbow in the dark.
-Dio \m/

Poco Curantism
Poco Curantism Day 2,159, 17:16

His Word shall be our guide. Dio o/

Lilongve Day 2,158, 20:22


Black4Mamba Day 2,159, 01:23


Saffa Manne
Saffa Manne Day 2,159, 03:01


Grootleeu Day 2,160, 01:47


BlackWidow9 Day 2,164, 00:21


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