[CP]First update for June.

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First of all I would like to thank Manong, our beloved mouse, for putting up a good fight. It has been a really tight race and I am grateful for winning it.

Winning an election is awesome but one of the consequences of becoming president is that you have a lot of work to do. To help me with this I have updated my previous cabinet.

Cabinet for June 2011

- Vice Presidents: NLSP & Jofroi
- Minister of Foreign Affairs: Fhaemita Malodorous
- State Secretary of Foreign Affairs: ?
- Minister of Home Affairs: Ernest Bogdansson
- Minister of Education: Elynea
- State Secretary of Education: Mudduck95
- Minister of Fun: Monsieur Guillotine
- Minister of Defence: Pieter557
- Minister of Finance: Helviro

Let me give you a bit of an explanation why I chose these people and what they are going to do in the next 30 days.

First of all I want to explain why I have given two people a VP position. Both have proven to be very valuable by serving in cabinet before and both have very busy school careers so I opted to select them both for a maximum on support. They will both support each department where needed.

For foreign affairs I chose Fhaemita Malodorous. he has made a good start at the end of last term so he can continue where he left off. The Foreign affairs department will be looking for new blood. Fhaemita is going to send out an invitation for a new state Secretary of foreign affairs. It is time for new people to step up and show us what they can do. Fhaemita will be glad to train you and guide you if you chose to take the challenge.
The department shall also keep track and motivate our ambassadors and gather information about what is going on in the world.

In Home affairs I chose to not split up a winning team. Both Elynea and Ernest did excellent jobs and agreed to stay. Elynea gets mudduck95 to help her. He is a new kid on the block and is a member of the training MU.
As former CP, I received 2000Bef for the food for new citizens program. Yesterday I donated the final food bought with this money to Elynea who will continue to help new citizens with it. For the once who are interested about it there is a document that keeps track of all income and spending of that money together with the donations from generous citizens.
Elynea and mudduck95 will continue working with our new members and providing them with the necessary food and weapons.
As I stated in my manifesto, Ernest will continue in the immigrations department on the same level as last month.
Monsieur Guilontine is going to make new articles and has a new project lined up but I leave it up to him to tell you about it.

The choice for minister of defence might come as somewhat of a surprise. I know people have tried getting Pieter557 to join in cabinet before and he declined every time. Being married to me and having heart of gold made him to decide that he will do it and will give it his best.
I was looking for people to be MoD who are in congress and not in army high command and with a very high presence on irc.
The defence department will provide you with daily orders where you can fight. He will participate in the discussions about army management and will report to congress about it.

An other new member in cabinet is Helviro. He is of course not that new in eBelgium, many know him for a long time. He applied for the job of minister of finances and with his RL credentials as an economist I expect him to do a great job. (putting on the pressure a bit 😛)
Helviro is new and in the first few days he gets the opportunity to talk with the previous minister of finances. If there are any new changes from the administrators he will inform you about it and explain the consequences. Later on this week I will talk with Helviro about what his stand is on the army budget. So maybe the Finance department has some good ideas about how to get the best out of the army budget or if BAF is in need of some more funding.

With renewed energy I’m looking forward to being you President again. As always I will give it the best of my abilities. What I also want to say to you is...don’t hesitate to write me or talk with me about any concerns or ideas you have. Some might say I am your “Queen” or whatever they want me to be but for myself, I am Mittekemuis and I am here to serve my country and its citizens.