[CP Elections] Who's the most active candidate?

Day 4,366, 16:17 Published in USA USA by RATAJKOWSKl

Today I’m feeling lazy so instead of a well-researched, extremely enlightening essay my subscribers might be used to I’m only bringing you 5 screenshots. What a sorry excuse for an article, some people will claim, however the importance of these screenshots might outweigh anything that’s ever been published on these pages: I’m giving you a rare glimpse into the secret lives of the 5 candidates running for POTUS in November.

Below you will find data showcasing the activity of each of the 5 candidates in the past month. The images will show the times a given candidate was online or offline each day represented by timelines with green (online) and red (offline) intervals. Pretty self-explanatory stuff. You're welcome not to take my word for it and see this stuff for yourself on https://erepbox.russianwill.ru/.

Activity has always been the most important consideration when choosing a President. While parties and citizens may have minor ideological gulfs they all tend to agree that an active president capable of keeping the populace informed, pumping out articles, leading the army and expanding on exciting social programs is better than someone that doesn’t give a toss.

So which party is pushing a two-clicker on you? Which candidate is sweet-talking you with false promises of increased activity? I won’t do the thinking for you, you interpret the data however you want and draw your own conclusions.

(the Senior Journalist mission constantly staring me down is giving me anxiety so can we get some o7's going in the comments please 😘)