[CP ELECTIONS] We did it!

Day 3,061, 00:21 Published in Ireland Portugal by Martinho69


After a quite tough battle, Eire Aonair finally gets back in touch with the supreme function - which had not happened since June 2015. Despite multiple attempts from the ILP to pull strings in order to maintain its power over Ireland, democracy called for another leader this month.

Well, that is the bright side of the thing. But the very point – the “gloomy side” as one may call it – is that everything is still to be made. Now that Sluagh has been elected Country President, Eire Aonair, and all those who believe in a strong social and patriotic Irish community, must join their forces to make this country powerful again. This – our strength – will come from our capacity to reform the State institutions, starting with this old Constitution that shall be deeply modified.

Low immigration, besmirched national sovereignty, economic crisis, global inactivity, and cronyism – these are some of the gangrenes from which we need to be healed by now, because of politicos-in-training who have ruled this country for too long. Let’s hope that we won’t miss the great chance we have to show them that they lied, saying that “everything possible has been done and put a new leader in charge wouldn’t change a single thing”. Well, a lot of issues won’t probably be solved in one day, either a month. But at least, we can say now that we in Eire Aonair, thanks to our members and various supports (special thanks to the LibDem and IRP), has sought to put the Irish back to politics – as the turnout seems to highlight.

Second of all, I’d like to point out that Eire Aonair has been for a week now, the first party in Ireland. We all can hope that this is just the beginning of a renewal in our country.

But no more talks. It is time for facts, as we only have four weeks to handle the charge.

Let's restore Ireland. Ar Aghaidh!