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[CP Elections] Vote for dsturzoiu

Day 2,418, 21:35 Published in Nigeria Spain by Old Bilbao

I am dsturzoiu and, as many of you may know, I am running for CP elections in Nigeria.

Who am I?
I am a proud citizen of Nigeria, this new country of eRepublik. A new country who needs stability to get an organised country. And a successful one.
What do we need for this to happen?
First of all we need to focus on our neighbours. They must be our friends, our allies. Not our enemies. So we need people to discuss with them, listen for their offers and demands. As far as I could, I contacted them and got positive answers regarding our territories. Why? Because they also want to have a friend rather than an enemy at their borders. But this will be possible only we will have diplomacy and not an aggressive response.

Second, we need a stability on the decisional chambers. As a president, you need to discuss with all parties, with their congressmen and their leaders. Because the congress is approving your law proposals, the Party Presidents can support you on any matter. We all saw what happened this month.

The third and the most important matter is the citizens of this country. They give you such a great power like leading a country. They put their hopes on you and in your decision. And you must not disappoint them. You must listen them and put them on top of your priorities.

For this month I won’t promise you great things. We still are on the consolidation process. We still have to deal with the internal fights. We need to stick together. On the beginning of this present term, I offered my help for the current leader but I didn’t get a positive response from him. But I am confident if I will get elected by Nigerian poll, I will be open to discussions with all people. Doesn’t matter they are on the same side with me or not.
We need opposition, we need people to tell us if we are doing things wrong. But only if they keep a civilized conversation and use proper words.

I can promise you we will get our regions back. Most of them, I can say. Because there are many to discuss, many things to deal. From us and from our neighbours. But we can do it. And I am confident we will.

How can we get Nigeria a great country?
Being a great nation is not about having the largest land area, the largest economy or the mightiest military power. If it was based on such quantitative criteria, the greatness of nations would just be a ranking by size, economy or military power.
A small country like ours can be a great nation.
What makes a man great? It’s not how much money he has, but what contributions he has made to his community, to society. It’s about his generosity. It’s about his ideas, how he changed the world with them, how he made a difference.
Since a nation is nothing more than a collection of people living within a set of physical borders, we can measure the greatness of a nation in the same way. By the contributions they have made to their country. And by their ideas have benefited the entire population.

We can do it, together. We can get Nigeria a respectable country, a country that will ask for nothing more than seriosity and honor from the others

So, if you are one of those people, support me on these elections

Yours sincerely, the President of People’s Democratic Party,



Stenka Razin
Stenka Razin Day 2,418, 22:04


vieja29 Day 2,418, 22:12

conta with my help and vote!

Niemand Day 2,418, 22:44

Good luck!

Storm7 Day 2,418, 23:05


Old Bilbao
Old Bilbao Day 2,419, 00:07

Thank you all

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,419, 00:13

Good luck mate o/

AlexMCS182 Day 2,419, 00:17

Wow, vote buying... Sad you're coming to this point...

theirina Day 2,419, 00:55

Well... vote buying...

Came here for wish your luck but... -sigh-

Bob Wu Day 2,419, 11:07

Comment deleted

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