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[CP Elections] The Belgium Unity Government

Day 1,903, 15:19 Published in Belgium Egypt by A Vegan
Now you know where I am coming from (see here), where I want to go (see here) and got some concrete examples (see here) I would like to finish with how I would like to create my government.

I actually copied and pasted an article I wrote a few years ago and made a few small changes (time is not on my side). And before anyone comments, I know it will nearly impossible to fill all posts. But this is only a test case, something to build on. Probably in the end it will be a much smaller ministry but I can only dream and one thing I will not change is that I would like to have at least one representative of EACH party and not only of those who I agree with.

The Belgium Unity Government
A Government of National Unity!

We are in need of a government of national unity! All parties should be represented and maybe even more importantly all strong eBelgiums should make a stance! eBelgium needs all his strong players fighting for the same eBelgium whatever our difference were in the past.
That however doesn't mean that young blood is forbidden, just as I want also the young players to be active in the community, they are welcome in this government.

The Belgium Unity Government
A Government of National Unity!

I am proposing a bunch of Ministers (with 3 or more vice-presidents) and some deputy ministers. To bring unity in eBelgium and stop the infighting once and for good!
Together we will stand! ALL parties should be actively involved into this government. NO parties should be excluded. All eBe citizens should have a voice in the government of national unity!

Unity Committee

* Unity - Ministry of Unity (Minister + at least 5 Deputy Ministers)
He has to keep us all together!
Chairmen of the Unity Committee; Duty to make all voice heart; Duty to keep unity in our nation; Regularly make news articles that improve our nations unity; Middle man; etc.
Each party is represented in this Unity Committee and have the same voice in it. While this is import to unify the country, we also want to use it to unify the parties.

** Deputy Ministers: Each party (at least the top 5 parties but preferable ALL parties) should have a representative. This could be the PP but just as well someone else of the party.

Communication organ between the gov and the political parties; Organizing food and gun donations during war; etc.


* Economics - Ministry of Finances

Closely monitoring and foreseeing possible problems is the message!
Taking care of the NBB-BNB; Publishing regular news articles on progress and current state; Taking care of any transfers; Playing on the MM; Keeping an eye on our expenses and income; etc.

* Work - Ministry of Work

Every eBelgium should have a job! And actually earn something from it. It is the task of the MoW to keep an eye on the job market and try to give insentives to higher the wages.

* Food - Ministry of Welfare

Lets keep our citizens welfare in mind. A nice supply of food should be a priority!
Publishing regular news articles on progress; work together with minister of work to motivate citizens to temp work in food and gun companies during war; Keep an eye on the market and regulate (read sell gov stocks) where needed; etc.

Domestic and Foreign Affairs

* War - Ministry of Defense (1 Minister + 3 Deputy Ministers)

Defending eBelgium is our task!
Planning and organizing country defense and war plans; Keeping the public informed; Mobilizing troops where needed; Supplying guns/food where possible; etc.

* Allies & Enemies - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Who is who. What is happening in the other eCountries?
Keeping us informed about international affairs; Appointing ambassadors; Create communication with ambassadors arriving in eBe; Establishing and maintaining friendly contacts with other nations; etc.

* Immigration - Ministry of Immigration

Stopping PTO's at the root by informing us! Not in secret but in public. Giving real facts and not start accusing citizens in the wild.
Investigate new citizen applications; Keeping the public informed; Contact congress with the advice to accept/deny a citizen; etc.

* Multis - Ministry of Multi Control

Keeping eBelgium clean!
Investigate suspicious accounts; Inform the public; Stopping multis; etc.

* Secrete Services - Ministry of Intelligence and National Security

Intelligence agency.
Reports directly to the president.

* Justice - Ministry of Justice

Stopping eBullies; Actively stopping bullies before things get out of hand;

Community Building

* Education - Ministry of Education

Lets get eBelgium in the top most educated countries!
Create contests; Stimulate press and activity in the national forum; Improve the information flow; Teach new players about eRepublik basics; Collect and publish tutorials; etc.

* Growth - Ministry of Growth

Getting new eBe Babies; Advertise eBelgium on other sites; Inform the public; etc.

* Culture - Ministry of Culture

Add an artistic side to eRepublik!
Organize contests; Stimulate press and activity; Collect and publish eRepublik art and sub culture articles; Write spectaculary illustrated articles; Stimulate the use of personalized avatars and writing style; Help in gov. lay-out; etc.

* Fun - Supreme Ministry

The most important part of the whole experience. To have fun! Our Supreme Minister will see to it that our citizens are never bored. Contest will be created. Games started. Strange plots written...

* Languages - Minister of Languages (1 Minister + 2 Deputy Ministers)
1 French Speaking Deputy Minister and 1 Dutch Speaking Deputy Minister. The Minister of Languages should know all 3 official eBe languages.

Please let me know if you are interested in any of these functions and wish to help create a better and more democratic eBelgium. This is a first draft so any suggestions/comments/corrections/changes/... are welcome.

This is a work in progress. If I would win, I would need one week time to build this government, find the needed ministers and fine tune it.

Music I listened to while writing this article: I am never going to listen to this again!

And the most important message I have for you:

Vote A Vegan for CP!


A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,903, 15:21

I am getting tired so excuse my mistakes..

BrunoCND Day 1,903, 19:55

Good luck!!

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,903, 22:43

Interesting concept

SwaqqCoryn Day 1,904, 05:54

There is some cool idea in your article. Good luck !

Tensa Zangetsu san
Tensa Zangetsu san Day 1,904, 11:15

The spirit of H.O.P.E.!

boer jan
boer jan Day 1,904, 12:31

looks almost like the RL belgium governement, only here we do not have to pay them.😉

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 1,905, 08:05

I like this idea, you should ask Tony to join his gov!

Ronan the Accuser I
Ronan the Accuser I Day 1,929, 10:29

Enfin un candidat pour tous! Marre des candidats que ne pensent qu'a leur partie.

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