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[CP-Cyprus] Oh shit, it's monday !!

Day 1,819, 12:05 Published in Cyprus Cyprus by Finway

Hello World 🙂

As I augured, Cyprus just master-failed, 😃
but not in the way I expected. 🙁

Our friend and President Rafor has been missing the last 5 days ; it seems that he has connection issues. Yesterday, congressmen launched an impeach on him to bring me the great honor of being Cyprus Dictator. o/

All Heil myself o/
Rafor, I don't love you at all now 🙁

For now, the government team stays unchanged,
but I'd like to complete it with people from every communities on the island.
You're the soul of my reyizidency. o7

Let's see what I want to do:

Babyboom and Solidarity (D1+D2)

It will not be an easy task, but I'd like a team to try to make babies on the island and to feed them to have Juniors.
For that we'll continue the solidarity program, and supply D1+D2 players with your donations.

Home Affairs

First, Congress elections of the past two months have been very confusing for all the population. We're not a lot and I think we can manage to make everyone happy. It would be great to discuss about it and have a consensus this time.

Then, We received a lot of citizenship applications this month and we were not able to provide enough because of our low population. That's very sad. I'll see with admins if we can do something about having a Congress even if we have no region, and about changing the formula to provide more citizenships. Therefore, question about who to give nationality remains sensitive ; it's not an easy thing to manage the Congress, but we need different responsibles to allow citizenships in a common work.

Foreign Affairs

Right now, we'll have to discuss with Turkey about renting Tabuk to them. I hope to get some money and weapons supplies for the project "Feta For Everyone".
More than that, I'd like a real dialog with countries represented on the island, and find real friendship and support more than an alliance.
Greece, Turkey, Ukrainia, France,... should be closer to us, and we've to work on it, all of us.

Except that, Cyprus situation in eRepublik is very unfair. We have only 2 regions and we're locked on the map. I'll work to change things and see if this game is still listening at its players.


We have to find the right solution to the economic equation. We must protect cypriots producters, but we also have to supply people on the market with weapons and to pay young citizens for their work. Solidarity will do the job for D1+D2 but we need a Commune for D3+D4 players if we want more citizens.


We have to continue to have weapons stores.
If we manage to have some distributions, I'd like every D3+D4 who belongs to a Cypriot MU will receive the same amount of supply to fight. We'll see for Juniors how to manage things with solidarity.

Fun & Games

Sometimes, the island just become dead.
We can see that in the Press (especialy now with Jochhi gone 🙁) and on irc where we can't see a lot of people on #cyprus.
Fun, community games, but also quality articles, and some talks would be a great start to emulate our country. We're on the game, so let's play! 🙂

That will be all.
Thanks for your reading.

If you want to be part of this, just ask. 😉

Cyprus in my mind, Cyprus in my heart.

President of Cyprus






yok artık xdxd

Kutluk Bilge Kul Kirocan
Kutluk Bilge Kul Kirocan Day 1,819, 12:08


adamjensenn Day 1,819, 12:08

surprise motha fucka

adamjensenn Day 1,819, 12:10

hail napoleon,hail frogs

Rauf Raif Denktas
Rauf Raif Denktas Day 1,819, 12:10

i didnt vote
i came

KargaReyiz Day 1,819, 12:11

vote for anan

CamiIo Cienfuegos
CamiIo Cienfuegos Day 1,819, 12:13


ElRoi Day 1,819, 12:16

passed, voted & still love you!

Alfadi Day 1,819, 12:19

PTOer detected 🙁 🙁 🙁

marcelbok Day 1,819, 12:48


up up up up

Georgelakeland Day 1,819, 12:55


Otto Palavandishvili
Otto Palavandishvili Day 1,819, 12:57


xam xam
xam xam Day 1,819, 13:09

French kisses xD

satlak Day 1,819, 13:17

We are waiting our kurdish friends to help us.

killer2001 Day 1,819, 13:52

voted for fingay : )

qarapapak Day 1,819, 14:05


Stan CCCP Day 1,819, 14:27


Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,819, 14:39

PTOer detected x2 : (((
sad day for ecyprus 😕

kthniatros Day 1,819, 14:53
dedicated to Finvey Pasha

Finway Day 1,819, 16:16

< 3

chuki99 Day 1,820, 23:34

Vôtèd mon dictateur o7

MakisSafosTsetsenoglou Day 1,820, 01:26

i think i have i law left...impeach finway ...zaaaaa

Kutluk Bilge Kul Anarsist
Kutluk Bilge Kul Anarsist Day 1,820, 04:52

I love you kanki as always

Nick Andrik
Nick Andrik Day 1,820, 16:38


ccc inci reiz ccc
ccc inci reiz ccc Day 1,821, 01:10


GSmyrlakus Day 1,821, 11:47


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