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[CP] Country President Half-term News (Part 2)

Day 1,921, 07:18 Published in Belgium Belgium by

I promised a second part. Here we are.
First Part

Second Part

Home Affairs
In home affairs a bad news: Rooielente stopped to play the game without giving any notice. That was bad because she was in charge of information and she also volunteered to make order in the Belgian laws.
Yannis, with the help of Dan/NaD Wilshire, compiled the poll and took care of the results (fill the poll here: February poll ). Moreover she's thinking about projects like organising IRC meetings between eBelgians and other countries.
Stijn Puttmans, who is also Chairman of Congress, published some articles about Congress activity:
February Congress report Congress report February Week 2
and run the Citizen Packs program in the eBelgian official forum ( register to get free food and weapons!)
Finally, to give some help, MisziPL was added to the MoHA team. He gave some help for the poll and he's currently running is own "Iron Fundation" which gives free food to young Belgians under level 30.

The Ministry of Education is preparing a quick guide for new players to understand how to play eRepublik. SwaqqCoryn wrote it in French, but he's waiting to translate it in English and Dutch (with the help of Olv007) before publishing.
The Ministry is also considering a proposal made by the Moldavan President, for a cooperation among the Ministries of Education of CoT and then of the eWorld.

McKitKat help Muhezain in dealing with immigration. Currently 7 people got the Belgian CS, one of them after having been rejected by the IO's. The Immigration from France has been partially suspended by the national Security.

National Security
Kylero resigned to his position as Minister and the Country President took charge of his responsibility.
The President suspended the immigration from France, after several experienced members of the French Military Unit Chillax asked for Belgian Citizenship. Those people moved also to the USA in the past, and were suspected of helping the PTO attempt occuring there (though probably involuntarily). Further investigation are going on.
Dan/naD Wilshire has been chosen to fill the vacancy.

That is for the second part of the activity of my government. I think the Ministries did a great work
First Part

By Tony Clifford
President of eBelgium



Canester Day 1,921, 07:23


Ely.nea Day 1,921, 08:08


MisziPL Day 1,921, 08:17

voted o/

Strength and Honour

MisziPL Day 1,921, 09:39

can you put correct link to my foundation? thats the good one Day 1,921, 09:57

now it works

Cotarius Day 1,921, 10:01

Where is the babyboom program for food?

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,921, 11:11

Miszi decided to start a fundation wothout any party affiliation.

Cotarius Day 1,921, 10:01

And others?

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,921, 11:12

others what?

C. Apuleio
C. Apuleio Day 1,921, 11:39


Jeiry Day 1,922, 01:03

I hope everything's alright for Rooielente in real life.

Tony Clifford
Tony Clifford Day 1,922, 05:02

I hope the same. I sent her pm, but she doesn't reply.

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