[CP] Companies and where to place them

Day 4,739, 14:19 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Het Catshuis

Dear citizens,

It has been four days and I've received many questions about where to relocate companies. Time to give you all some advice.

Food companies
As my predecessor has shouted on our national feed the government recommands all food companies to be moved to Western Netherlands. This region has the maxmium region bonus of 18%.

Air weapon companies
The eNL government really hoped air weapons to be produced through the 'Work as Manager'(WAM) optionality. Sadly eLabs did not facilitate this in their latest update which means our country does not collect WAM taxes from air weapon production.
The production still requiring work tickets from employees means that the prices of these air weapons will remain very high. The government does not recommand investing in this economic module nor buying air weapons to fight with. However, If you(NL cs) already have food holding as well as air companies you still intend to operate, you might want to move them to the eNetherlands. This depends on the other companies you own. If you don't have air weapon companies yet we recommand NOT buying them. The Netherlands does not promise it will keep its resource concession for Neodymium.

If you disregard this advice and wish to build and aircraft weapon empire I would recommand going to either South Africa - Gauteng or Peru - Northern Low Amazon

Ground weapon companies
Ground weapons should be produced at maximum efficiency. A few countries offer good weapon bonuses. However, we have to take the traveling cost into account as some of these countries are relatively far away from the Netherlands.

Country/region/region bonus/distance

Poland : Pomerania - 14% region bonus, distance to Western Netherlands: 940km (94cc)
Russia : Western Siberia - 18% region bonus, distrance to Western Netherlands: 4,888km (1 Q5 moving ticket)
Spain : Canary Islands - 13% region bonus, distrance to Western Netherlands: 3,175km (317.5cc)
Iran : Sistan & Baluchistan - 18% region bonus, distrance to Western Netherlands: 5,188km (518.8cc)
Lithuania : Lithuania Minor - 9% region bonus, distrance to Western Netherlands: 1,123km (112.3cc)

*note: Iran is currently occupied by Serbia, Spain has 90% bonus

The government advices you to locate your weapon companies in Russia or Poland. We will never start a battle between the Netherlands and Poland because of our concession deal. The reason we don't recommand Lithuania or Spain is because we have training wars with them and we don't recommand Iran because of the travelling cost.

House companies
We recommand you to locate your house companies in Palawan, Philippines which has a 18% region bonus.

How do relocation tokens work?

First you need to collect factory reset tokens from the weekly challenge by earning prestege points.

Once you've collected these tokens you can use them to unassign companies by selecting one or more companies in your holding on the left side and click on the factory reset token button. Beware do noot use the button displaying green bills(currency). When you use this button you will relocate your companies by paying with currency (NLG).

Once you have used the factory reset tokens your companies will become unassigned again (like when you buy a new company). You will now have to assign this company to a holding company.

Once you've assigned your companies to the right holding company you are ready to go!

If you don't have a holding company in the right region yet you will have to purchase one. The price of holding companies is calculated as follows:

holding company cost = number of holding companies owned * currency value of 25 Gold

As you can see the more holding companies you own the more expensive they become. If you have a holding company that you don't need it is smart to dissolve it before you create a new one.

You can create a new holding company by moving to the region you want to holding company to be build and in the companies page click the create holding company button.

The button in the image is grey because I was located in a region I already had a holding company normally it will be green.


country president