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[CP Candidature p2] Our plans to get Belgium FORWARD !

Day 2,320, 08:45 Published in Belgium Serbia by Cika Nikola96

Hey all, 12 days passed since my confirmation, and now I will write plans that we will try to achive. Also, one note, those are just guidelines, GOV. and jobs of Ministries will be published soon. 🙂

And, I would like to say big thanks to:

Libertation Front

Be Free


for support

Let's start.
1. PTO and WIPE

There isn't Citizen in Belgium that doesen't know about this problem. This is main problem why are we here in this situation, so let me try to show you idea of solving it. It started like year ago, and in September/October 2013 it becomed dangerous to us. So, we have been wiped and without Congress for like 4-5 months. It hitted and destroyed economy of Belgium, specially because we can't change any Economy law. As we see, we have Congress, and that's good and bad in both ways. But, some CS's have been approved, and, it bring us on the begining of our problem. You can see my plan about this:

If I get elected, I will contact every PP in Belgium by PM.
Than, I will create group message with all PP's in it. I will propose that instead 1 Immigration Officer, every party that is in top 5 have 1 IO, so we will have 5 Immigration Officers. It would mean that 5 IO's will elect President of IO's. This would mean that we still have 5 IO's, but President will send message to Citizens that apply for CS, and than 5 IO's will talk and decide are they going to accept or deny Citizenship request. It is simple, and it brings more democracy in that system.

How would it work:

Citizen X apply for Belgian CS, President of IO's contact Citizen X, Citizen X send answers to President of IO's, and than President of IO's and 4 IO's discuss about it. After 48 hours they will bring final decision: ACCEPT or REJECT.
Every IO's have 1 vote, even President of IO's too. If there is 3 yes and 2 no, he will be accepted, or 2 yes and 3 no, he is rejected.

I believe that this will stop PTO, but, if Congress Members continues to give CS's without IO's approvals, we will have discussion about it.

My plan is to get Belgium FORWARD!

2. New Geopolitical situation

We all saw that roles have been changed on Geopolitical sceene. Countries that were allies are now enemies, and enemies are now allies. Most of countries took advantage of this situation, but not Belgium. It's decided that we are "neutral" but PRO Sirius.
I'm not against this, but, If I get elected we will have referendum about it. Citizens will be avaiable to chose on who's side are they going to fight, and I as CP will respect will of majority. So, If citizens chose to stay Neutral, we are going to stay REALLY neutral. But, if citizens chose to create New Alliance, we will work on next referendum to see what countries would we like in Alliance. Also, if PRO Sirius (Aurora) or PRO Asteria (LETO) is chosed, will of Belgians will be respected.

3. Interior Affairs

Situation in Belgium is really bad. First, I'm going to put BNA back to state paying. I will calculate how much money do we have, and how much do we need for state normal function. All of us won 1k GOLD 1000 x 205 BEF = 205.000 BEF note, we'r not going to spend all of the money, just for normal state function.

Than will be used for state MU's and MPP's, also, we can expect Civilian Strikes soon. 🙂

Citizens packs are going to be sended to Belgians, Civilian Strikes, and maybe to organize some events to kill boredoom. As I said, MPP’s will be on hold until referendum.

Please note, this is just some guidelines, my GOV. and work of my Ministries will be annouced soon. If you are willing to work in my GOV. please send me PM.

- My PLANS for the term 2,320 DAY.
- Final words 2,325 DAY.

Best regards,
Cika Nikola96,
CP Candidate


J. L. Torrente
J. L. Torrente Day 2,320, 09:07

We were busy buying votes; I see.

J. L. Torrente
J. L. Torrente Day 2,320, 09:16

It is 9:15of eRepublik time; 41 votes; and still I am the only making the comments.

J. L. Torrente
J. L. Torrente Day 2,320, 09:18

Voter's Club is the invention of the Century.

J. L. Torrente
J. L. Torrente Day 2,320, 09:19

It is 9:18 eRepublik time; 44 votes. I think he bought 50 votes in total.

J. L. Torrente
J. L. Torrente Day 2,320, 09:21

It is 9:23 of eRepublik time: 53 votes. He definitely bought 100 votes.

J. L. Torrente
J. L. Torrente Day 2,320, 09:22

He has heavily invested in his marketing; he maybe even sold some things from his house to invest in this campaign.

J. L. Torrente
J. L. Torrente Day 2,320, 09:30

The voting has stopped for the moment; it seems like he only bought 50 votes.

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 2,320, 09:44

50 is the minimum order in Voter's Club

J. L. Torrente
J. L. Torrente Day 2,320, 10:09

cika, cika we want to see at least 1000 votes; or otherwise you don't deserve to be CP. You are not qualified enough.

Cika Nikola96
Cika Nikola96 Day 2,320, 12:12

Multies gonna hate.

BelgiumGeneral Day 2,320, 09:44

I didn't see an offer on voters club

Teddy beer eBe
Teddy beer eBe Day 2,320, 12:32

Don't make too much comment about buying votes.
Some people "around you" are good clients.

Beaverss Tribute to Raskol
Beaverss Tribute to Raskol Day 2,321, 02:49

Btw, you can never know who bought the votes for an article...

BaraBum Day 2,321, 03:19

Well, you have right Beaverss; who knows who bought these votes. I must admit we also bought votes in the past to promote some articles:

Princess Rapunzel BE
Princess Rapunzel BE Day 2,320, 09:37

Vote from me!
Hope that I will see you on CP spot.

J. L. Torrente
J. L. Torrente Day 2,320, 09:56

I am voting for you Princess

Cika Nikola96
Cika Nikola96 Day 2,321, 04:41

Thanks Rapunzel. 🙂

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 2,320, 12:23

"If I get elected, I will contact every PP in Belgium by PM."

Problem is, PTO'ers and co have already stated that they won't want to work with such a system. They believe that congressman should be allowed to accept whoever they want. They don't believe in these meta game mechanics.

"Situation in Belgium is really bad. First, I'm going to put BNA back to state paying. "

As former BNA CO I can tell you that you will burn through that gold pretty soon 😉

Lord Milorad Day 2,320, 12:35

Comment deleted

shadowukcs Day 2,320, 19:49

Fhae is correct. We do not believe in any system that overrules IG mechanics. If the IG mechanics state that every CM can accept a new citizen without consent of a forum "governing body", then he or she should have that possibility. I have no problem with forum rules and made up regulations, as long as they don't override IG rules.

Cika Nikola96
Cika Nikola96 Day 2,321, 04:36

to get something, you must give something. There would be disscusion between 5 IO's and that brings us Democracy.

Director9 Day 2,321, 12:48

maybe that everyone can stop complaining about the money/gold that was 'stolen' from the state, it's an IG mechanic so allowed, no?

Lord Milorad
Lord Milorad Day 2,320, 12:34

Durcken wetalten zo alst fufen erstesalen dukenzi tot of tit ? Buf ze ales nok getertuten does olen.Zi egengunge peolsten du aknem ti ga after...

BaraBum Day 2,320, 13:35

Very nice language. 😛

e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 2,320, 19:26

I understood the last words.. aknem ti ga .. OMG LOL! Serbian detected 😃

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 2,320, 14:53

Good plan.

Cika Nikola96
Cika Nikola96 Day 2,321, 04:36


bolepleco Day 2,320, 16:45

Get Belgium FORWARD !
With Cika Nikola96

Cika Nikola96
Cika Nikola96 Day 2,321, 04:43


e Vladimir
e Vladimir Day 2,320, 19:27

Good luck Cika, you're gonna need it 😃

Cika Nikola96
Cika Nikola96 Day 2,321, 04:39

Thanks Vlado. 🙂

shadowukcs Day 2,321, 04:11

Also: in comment to the IO's. What will you do to those CM's who aren't allowed on the forum or do not wish to join it? They will not and cannot follow those rules.

Cika Nikola96
Cika Nikola96 Day 2,321, 04:41

There won't be forum. IO's will talk on group PM.
And, President of IO's will tell us final decision: ACCEPT or REJECT

So, it all would be IG.

shadowukcs Day 2,322, 04:31

still, Aside from the fact that it would still be in contradiction with IG rules, where will the request to accept be posted? in PM too? That will make it too slow and will take ages, causing entry's to expire.

It's simply not workable.

What will happen is that some people will not comply with it (read defiance CM's), they will not abide it. Other will start complaining, they will try to use their crappy Court to get some sort of punishment for the Defiance CM's. We will have fights again =>back to the situation of a few months ago.

No, any restriction of the invite-rights of CM's will never be honoured by us.

Princess Rapunzel BE
Princess Rapunzel BE Day 2,322, 06:46

They are main problem here!

Jeiry Day 2,321, 05:42

Respect for the alliance referundum. That's a good one.

Cika Nikola96
Cika Nikola96 Day 2,321, 06:01

Thanks Jeiry, time for radical changes. 🙂

HK416 Day 2,321, 16:00

good luck Cika 🙂

HK416 Day 2,321, 15:59

dildo detected 😮

HK416 Day 2,321, 16:04

Lord Milorad
Lord Milorad Day 2,321, 18:36

Where did you get it?

HK416 Day 2,321, 19:38

I asked your friend Joep and he provided without any barriers xD He´s a good guy 😃

BaraBum Day 2,322, 00:36

Comment deleted

BaraBum Day 2,322, 00:39

What I am thinking; you were just imaging it. You only had wet dreams, my compadre.

HK416 Day 2,322, 05:36

always Bara 😃

Cika Nikola96
Cika Nikola96 Day 2,322, 06:53

Sonic screwdriver as seen on Doctor Who 11th

HK416 Day 2,322, 06:58

dildo with lights.... your argument is invalid xP

Cika Nikola96
Cika Nikola96 Day 2,322, 06:48

Thanks. 🙂

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