[CP Candidacy] Shawtyl0w for President!

Day 4,241, 09:32 Published in Netherlands Poland by Shawtyl0w
Dear citizens of the Netherlands

Through this article I announce my candidacy for the position of Country President! When elected I reached the milestone of 10 terms as country president of the Netherlands. I believe most of you know me and what having me as a country president might mean for our country. I will continue with the anouncement of my team and the allocation of a preliminary budget towards their ministries.

Country president: Shawtyl0w
Vice President: Feynmann

With Feynmann by my side I add a lot of experience to my government. He has had a long and succesfull political carreer in the eUSA and has been involved in different alliances and military programs. My ideas on our government programs and his practical knowledge will hopefully result in an even stronger stimulance for our players to take part in the government funded programs.

Personally I will also work on several projects I can't promise to complete them all during my term but I can give you an idea of what I want to work on.
- Commune jobs
- Rewarding 'productive' activity

Presidential Budget: 140,000 NLG

Minister of Finance: Janty F

Janty has given me a preliminary budget of 800k which will continue to grow over the next 5 days and does not include the profits from the monetary market program. Based on this preliminary number I have allocated funding towards the active government programs.

The Ministry of Finance is responsible for the Everyone a house program. My government will see to it that this program continues. However I would like to change the rewards which currently include funding of either a Q1 or Q2 house. I would like to offer everyone a Q1 house for free. If you wish to purchase a Q2 house you'll receive the Q1 funding. The funds normally provided to you can now be received by being active and participate in other programs. I believe writing "I want a Q2 house" is too easy for citizens that receive 14k cc for doing so. We have plenty of reward programs, if you are active enough you will find a way to bridge the gap from the Q1 to Q2 house reward!

Please note this particular plan might change based on information from Janty F who will check the profitability of the Q2 house.

Everyone a House Budget: 150,000 NLG (based on 20 players)

Minister of Defense: NoTie112
Deputy Minister of Defense: Zelig

Recently NoTie112 has done an excellent job running the Flying Dutchmand and Green Beret programs as Minister of Defense. He will continue to perform this role in the government if you elect me as country president. These two government programs are heavily funded by the government during my presidential term. Amongst other reasons is the compentation for removing the Q2 house subsidy. I want our country to become stronger and providing military support is the best way to achieve this. Depending on how things go during the next term I also want to try and work on coordinating national strikes. Feynmann earlier mentionned as vice president has quite the experience on this subject and will advice the ministry of defense on how to realise these military strikes. In order to stay safe and manage our training wars I will renew our current MPPs.

Mutual Protection Pacts Budget: 30,000 NLG

The Flying Dutchmen Budget: 240,000 NLG
Every week (4 tuesdays in my term) The Flying Dutchmen program will distribute up to 60,000 NLG.

The Green Beret Budget: 1,000 Q7 weapons and +/- 100,000 NLG
The rewards will be awarded as followe😛
Week 1 - Weapons: 500
Week 2 - Currency: (total value of 500 weapons)
Week 3 - Weapons: 500
Week 4 - Currency: (total value of 500 weapons)

Freely disposable by the Ministry of Denfense budget: 60,000 NLG
This budget can be used to fund national strikes or reward players through other military orders.

Minister of Home Affairs: ElGorro
Deputy Minister of Home Affairs: Koning Der Zeeuwe

Current president ElGorro will become responsible for the ministry of home affairs and IF I win the elections from my political opponnent Koning der Zeeuwe he will join this ministry to learn, boost his resumé and improve the domestic communication.

The ministry will be responsible for immigration and keeps track of all eNL media publications. The Media Program has not been promoted as much as in the past. I want to change this as the media module is amazing!

Media Program Budget: 30,000 NLG

The rewards for the Media Program will be as followed

- 1st place: 15,000 NLG
- 2nd place: 5,000 NLG
- 3rd place: 4,000 NLG
- 4th place: 3,000 NLG
- 5th place: 3,000 NLG

Domestic Contests Budget: 40,000 NLG
The ministry of Home Affairs will have 40,000 NLG to their disposal for other fun projects.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Arcanic Mindje

Arcanic Mindje will be responsible of our Mutual Protection Pacts and checking up on our resource concession agreements. Besides these two main tasks he will keep track of international developments and inform the other members of the government on important developments. I will not demand a foreign affairs article but will push Arcanic Mindje to write something about either international developments or an interview with a highly ranked (country president or minister of forreign affairs) foreign government official(s).

Media Publication Budget: 10,000 NLG (can be used to buy gold and publish articles in foreign countries)

Summary of the government budget:

Presidential Budget: 140,000 NLG
Everyone a house Budget: 150,000 NLG
Mutual Protection Pacts Budget: 30,000 NLG
The Flying Dutchmen Budget: 240,000 NLG
The Green Beret Budget: 1,000 Q7 weapons and +/- 100,000 NLG
Freely disposable by the Ministry of Denfense budget: 60,000 NLG
Media Program Budget: 30,000 NLG
Domestic Contests Budget: 40,000 NLG
Media Publication Budget: 10,000 NLG

Total spending: 800,000 NLG and 1,000 Q7 weapons

Last but not least I have recruited a government advisor in the form of Van Der Kaczy. He will mainly be active supporting Arcanic Mindje in foreign affairs but due to a busy work schedule next month he will not be granted the title of deputy minister of foreign affairs.

When the final budget is higher than 800,000 NLG I will use the remainder of the budget to tackle unforeseen cost, purchase gold to increase the gold in our treasury (not the in-game treasury or the emergency fund but the gold on our current account (EZ)) and refund congress taxes as done by ElGorro in his previous term.

With me as Country President the Netherlands will continue to be active on both a national and international level. I will offer everyone the opportunity to earn money allowing you to upgrade or build facilities such as training grounds and companies. Also I will be active enough to help manage our training wars and swiftly respond to emergencies involving our national security.

Vote for Shawtyl0w

Shawtyl0w for president!

Yours truly,