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[CP] BATTLE ORDER DAY 2162 - Drain ePakistan Shield

Day 2,162, 06:04 Published in Malaysia Chile by Khairunnaim Khairuddin
Assalammualaikum and salam 1 eMalaysia

New RW againts ePakistan already started at Palawan..Please fight for philiphine..this fight are not for them..but for our own benefit..

Fight here


War supply open by PM..u only need to PM MOD/vMOD print screen of the damage that you have given..they will sent u back 10q7 weapon and 150q3 food..

eMalaysia CP

Assalamualaikum dan salam 1 eMalaysia

RW terbaru di Palawan telah bermula..sila berperang bagi pihak ePhiliphine..Peperangan ini bukan untuk mereka tetapi untuk kepentingan negara kita....sila berperang disini..


Bekalan perang disediakan melalui kiriman surat..sila kirim pemintaan bekalan bersama dengan salinan hasil perang anda kepada MOD/vMOD..mereka akan menghantar 10q7 senjata dan 150q3 makanan.

eMalaysia CP


Khairunnaim Khairuddin
Khairunnaim Khairuddin Day 2,162, 06:23


Hazwani Hanum Hashim
Hazwani Hanum Hashim Day 2,162, 07:15


Khairul Afif
Khairul Afif Day 2,162, 07:29

go to sabah to fight for philiphine

Monkeyboom Yau
Monkeyboom Yau Day 2,162, 07:50


Muz1 Day 2,162, 08:16

Good luck with that noobs.

Khairunnaim Khairuddin
Khairunnaim Khairuddin Day 2,162, 08:40

total 2.3million shield already drain...we will continue drain it even though need 18 RW..without shield, epakistan are nothing..easily conquered by other country..

Muz1 Day 2,162, 08:42

Right. As I said, good luck with that.

Muz1 Day 2,162, 08:48

*Sarcasm intended*

Khairunnaim Khairuddin
Khairunnaim Khairuddin Day 2,162, 08:50

i know...i am to sleepy now..let the time tell us..good nite

Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad Bilal Day 2,164, 05:01

LMFAO 'easily conquered'
Try it baby try it!

Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad Bilal Day 2,164, 05:02

"let the time tell us" Buahaha
Those ox's already died in the Airstrike! Now see if your donkeys will make it! Hahaahaha

Al Raposas
Al Raposas Day 2,162, 18:33

Your country happen to have good coordination and efficient fighters, which was displayed in the past tournaments. Your nation's resources are utilized by most of the people as well, not just the landed elite. I applaud such traits of Pakistan, and countries like my own Philippines and Malaysia should learn and apply these. I just happen to dislike the way they occupied almost all Philippine regions, and without us knowing it.

MiVEX Day 2,162, 12:51


Panglima Melayu
Panglima Melayu Day 2,162, 17:33


Buntak Dayung Bluesavvy
Buntak Dayung Bluesavvy Day 2,162, 17:56


Al Raposas
Al Raposas Day 2,162, 18:30

Its hard to drain such tough shield, especially if the one we're fighting is more efficient than us.

Khairunnaim Khairuddin
Khairunnaim Khairuddin Day 2,162, 20:19

the issues now not regarding the enemy..problem at our damage given from our side are too low..its maybe due to the inefficiency of our side....yesterday RW epakistan side only give minimal damage...

We..emalaysia try to improve in every can see total damage increasing..but for ephiliphine, there are decrease amount of damage from750million to 500million only

Khairunnaim Khairuddin
Khairunnaim Khairuddin Day 2,162, 20:20

from750million to 500million are the amount of shield drain

Al Raposas
Al Raposas Day 2,162, 20:22

I see. Perhaps we should be requiring units to do 30 hits instead of the 25 hits to finish DO?

Khairunnaim Khairuddin
Khairunnaim Khairuddin Day 2,162, 20:34

I fight 2 time..1 round and last round (after my health regenerate) kill 100++..local player must actively support it..not just fight for DO..

what i mean is not 25 or 30..but the maximum that any local player can give..maybe some still think that we cannot win this war...I don't like this type of mentality...its true..but they must realized that we must drain down the shield to get back our region..must have the patriotic spirit

Mohammad Bilal
Mohammad Bilal Day 2,164, 05:06

Try it boy!
lets see if your donkey manages to the peak of mount or collapses in the way!

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