[CP] about the past and the future

Day 1,151, 06:37 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Het Catshuis

Dear Citizens,

Today we where vanished from the map.
This was necessary to close the war with Poland.
We fought hard in eastern Netherlands, but the 18 mpp where no match for our little country and 1 mpp.
But its not all bad, i have good hopes and believes that our regions will be returned soon.
U will either hear from me or from the MoD newspaper, where, how and when to fight.
Plz subscribe to this newspaper to stay up to date and also subscribe to the MoD newspaper

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Also shout this around, so that it will reach all NL citizens.

One final request, Plz dont make an party once our country is back on the map. Look in this topic for more information.

Your president,