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[CoT] The Voice of CoT

Day 2,095, 07:39 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by CoT HQ

Greetings, citizens of New World.There were some major events inside our alliance, and we want you to read some information about it.

Changes in CoT Regulations
Several paragraphs were adjusted. First of all, we reworked restriction, that prohibited members to sign MPP with countries, that already have MPP with enemy of one of CoT country. Now it only prohibits to sign MPP directly with enemy of one of CoT country. Without a doubt, this change will help our member states create a more balanced international and military environment, that can affect world’s balance in our favor.

At second, procedure for nomination of candidates for seat of Supreme Commander, was also reworked. Before changes, President of the member state holding the Supreme Command appointed a person to perform the tasks of the Supreme Commander during its mandate. Now candidates can nominate themself, with approval from their citizenship country. Then council of member states Presidents discuss and elect new SC for next month. These changes are more in line with democratic principles and the idea of equality within the alliance. In adition this give to CoT people an opportunity to show themselves and be useful to alliance. Also, some restrictions about second terms were deleted. If early one man wasn’t able to take SC seat for more than 2 times in a row and no more than 3 in the past 12 months, then now one man not able to take SC seat for more that 3 times in past 9 months.

There are also changes about electing Military Commander. Now elected SC has right to prolong mandate of current MC or propose his own candidate for this seat with explanation about his decision. Restrictions about second terms for MC are the same as for SC.

These changes were highly advocated by the newly elected Supreme Commander in this article, published prior to presidential and SC elections.

Elections in CoT HQ
New elections were held after changes in CoT Regulations. In results of these elections CoT now has new SC's - khotko, whose nomination was supproted by several members states, and his running mate SC - potato134. Squibeel saves his position as CoT MC. HankScorpio became new chief of PR Dept. Full Government list can be checked via this link.

The priority of new CoT HQ is to serve the interests of our member states and work with them closely. We understand that to do it, we have to work hard and look at the eWorld in a different manner. It is time to install a more pragmatic and balanced outlook on the world and the military and diplomatic strategy of the alliance, at the same time preserving our values and increasing mutual aid where possible. Serious steps shall be taken later this month to create more depth in the HQ office, involve younger enthusiastic players in military planning and diplomatic relations, put forward a more centralized work of CoT MoFA team based on the interests and strategies of separate states, and reform the financial and economic offices of CoT.
We are also ready for daily dialogue with any alliance, and we agree on the fact that there should be less emotional and more responsible approach to relations between the countries of different alliances, putting down the degree of hate and hostility which drive irresponsible players.
Considering this, we shall assist the efforts our member states on all geopolitical theatres - in burying the hatchet where peace is deemed possible by both parties of the conflict, and in defending the territories of our members and friendly countries where it isn't yet. Military is our next topic.

About situation in the World
Members of CoT HQ have briefly summarized the military situation in past 7 days.

“Over the past week there were two MPP battles I would like to highlight. The first one is Mexico vs Hungary battle, yesterday (8/15) we succesfully defended the last Mexican region. All of CoT was there fighting as one as well as neutral nations, it was a good group effort which proves that if we fight as one we can beat TWO. Also I would like to mention the Indonesian and Chilean front where we continue to push back TWO forces. Republic of Macedonia, who fought bravely for its territory in the resistance war last week, had given a good fight to Greece and was close to securing a victory. Bulgaria's resistance in the Balkans also proved impressive.

During the Mexican-Hungarian MPP battle we also started RWs in Hungary and succesfully freed Alaska, which block off Hungary’s resources. Even more, right now CoT is trying to return Washington under US flag and we have really promising chances here. In Latian America we have also seen a streak of succesful battles of our members.

Also past days were successful for eRussia, who fought bravely and received a big help from its CoT brothers and other allies. At first, Latvia's attack was succesfully stopped, and Latvia was wiped in a joint operation of Russia and Sweden for atime. Then, Moscow was defended against Ukraine and TWO and then, as next step, Siveria was succesfully conquered.”

Although CoT was the alliance undoubtedly most influenced by the campaign autostart bug thanks to our administration, in general our armies have done well in this hostile game environment, proving that CoT today is an alliance that plays the game on hard mode.

Without a doubt our victories in hard wars wordlwide are a result of our unity and mutual aid. We want to thank CoT’s MoDs for excellent organization in past battles. We hope that dedication of our citizens will become an inpenetrable wall against any foe.

Fight for your country!
Fight for honor!
Fight for CoT!

About Voice of CoT
It is not a secret, that for various reasons CoT’s life was not covered in press too much for some time. I intend to change this. First of all, Voice of CoT will be published more frequently and become more informative. To make this possible PR Dept. will be slightly reorganized. So, stay tuned. Here will be fun.

With best regards,
HankScorpio, chief of PR Dept.



potato134 Day 2,095, 07:40

Hail CoT o/

bate bobby
bate bobby Day 2,095, 09:24

I know what you did yesterday. Keep eye on you!

Master Saita Norgan
Master Saita Norgan Day 2,095, 13:39

tell him Bate

BucephalusIII Day 2,095, 09:25

hail CoT!


Pescaman Day 2,096, 20:19

ER Today - Interview to John Bokinski [ENG]


East.warrior Day 2,095, 07:44

waiting for the Russian version

DnPijote Day 2,095, 07:44


Hail CoT! \o/

LEJONI Day 2,095, 08:50


DnPijote Day 2,095, 08:59


Geronimo100 Day 2,095, 07:45

Hail CoT

Blakasuta Day 2,095, 07:47

"CoT today is an alliance that plays the game on hard mode"

it is in hard mode from the beginning, against all odd. everyone knows that TWO have bigger daily influence.

Turbo Sperminator
Turbo Sperminator Day 2,096, 05:58

From the beginning? You were fighting with them against EDEN for a long time and had much bigger dmg than us, so please, be quiet.

Blakasuta Day 2,096, 06:03

ah ya, i forgot to tell you that it is from the beginning of war between CoT and TWO. don't be so sensitive man.

Turbo Sperminator
Turbo Sperminator Day 2,096, 06:08

You got what you were asking for, simply as that. 🙂

Blakasuta Day 2,096, 06:24

I don't understand what I was asking for in your opinion. However, I don't care anymore.

Turbo Sperminator
Turbo Sperminator Day 2,096, 07:48

IQ like temp in Siberia.

DoDrew Day 2,095, 07:50

Hail me ! 😃

ChewChewShoe Day 2,095, 07:50

Potato as SC?

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,095, 08:20


HankScorpio Day 2,095, 07:51

Hail CoT!

NKFV Day 2,095, 07:54

Tough times, but we stand quite well!

Keep the heads high and work hard on diplomatic level to change the global situation. That should be the main goal, cause TWO has enormous advantage.

FloreIa Day 2,095, 07:56


potato pt s2 ariadna

vasmegye Day 2,095, 08:04

my little hamstas.

no-c-turn Day 2,095, 08:07

For honor! o7

Boyan Day 2,095, 08:10

these changes will destroy CoT

Simonymous Day 2,095, 12:21

Hail the new EDEN ;e

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Day 2,095, 08:10

Fight for your country!
Fight for honor!
Fight for CoT!

We want more photos!!

Dio Pumba
Dio Pumba Day 2,095, 08:10


potato pt s2 ariadna

morenna22 Day 2,095, 08:16


NWOuroboros01 Day 2,095, 08:33


Ely.nea Day 2,095, 08:47

voted o/

Tervel 2
Tervel 2 Day 2,095, 08:53

07 KoT ! Fight for honor!

VelAco Day 2,095, 08:53

1. priority >>> Hungary should to kick out from USA
2. priority >>> Macedonia should have a congress
3. priority >>> your proposal

NKFV Day 2,095, 08:54

3. DSW to fight for free in CoT prios

VelAco Day 2,095, 08:59

if the CO is higher than 100 cc / 1 million - we will fight for sure... 😉

NKFV Day 2,095, 09:02

so, when u fight only for money and nothing else matters, u better should write:

1. priority >>> CO is higher than 100 cc / 1 million
2. priority >>> CO = 100 cc / 1 million
3. priority >>> no fight for lower price.

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 2,095, 09:30

attacking Hungary seems logic while Bulgaria and Macedonia is without congress. Hungarians dont fight against those nations so if you drain our damage you did nothing.

Alexander Macedon
Alexander Macedon Day 2,095, 10:52

Dacicus is right...

1. priority >>> Serbia&Poland should to kick out from USA

Simonymous Day 2,095, 12:23

Priority >>> Kick USA out of Hungary.

Davorsk8 Day 2,095, 08:53


DlOS Day 2,095, 08:54


XFiLe Day 2,095, 08:59


A V C Khalifa
A V C Khalifa Day 2,095, 09:04


guigod Day 2,095, 09:06


SirJohan Day 2,095, 09:11


rengenzy Day 2,095, 09:14


Evenflow1993 Day 2,095, 09:15

hard voted!

Fission Mailed
Fission Mailed Day 2,095, 09:15

voted frm indo o/

lioshi Day 2,095, 09:18

Hail CoT!

Hitoyoshi Day 2,095, 09:23


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