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[CoT] Price of Loyalty

Day 2,106, 14:39 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by CoT HQ
Good day, citizens of CoT. To madness of the brave we sing a song! Quite recently, the triumvirate of three superpowers controlled this world, forcing our alliance to act more guerrilla methods, than searching for a direct confrontation. However, a few days ago, the heroism and dedication of our people allowed us to handle with one of the usurpers - Hungary. CoT showed what future awaits traitors, that forgot about friends in a fit of unfading greed. At this moment, this “Empire”, in addition to the core regions, controls only a couple of Ukranian territories in which revolts are continually risen. Yesterday's domination today turned into a humiliating loss of all colonies. Betrayed by its allies, this agonizing beast is no longer able to resist inpenetrable shield, built on honor, loyalty and unity of our countries. But, as we have already mentioned, the war is far from over. And our next target is another Empire.

So, Serbia. Throughout the World eHistory, this country had diametrically opposed relationships with different members of CoT. Now, Serbia is nothing but another Empire of greedy triumvirate. As well as Hungary, Serbia for the sake of personal gain betrayed its true friends. It was their price of temporary welfare. Looking now from aside, was this price really worth it? After becoming co-founder of a horde of greedy barbarians, Serbia put an end to future relations with states that respect the principles of honor and dignity. And yet, even after choosing such a controversial side to the conflict, Serbia showed itself in all its glory. All of us remember the recent events on the CoT heroic liberation from the oppression of the Hungarian invaders. During these events Serbia once again showed its true face of a traitor, that certainly helped our alliance. Like a couple of years ago, this country betrayed its allies in a decisive battle, forever branded itself a shameful title of perjurers.

What do we have now? Destroyed Hungary gave CoT opportunity to turn our Hand of Vengeance on the second pillar of the TWO - Serbia. Like a house of cards, the dreams of the Great and Fat Serbian Empire will be broken to pieces by the heroic actions of our citizens. Thirst of profit will always lose to high ideas of brotherhood, equality and mutual aid. Betrayed at one time these principles Serbia already feels on itself the Righteous Vengeance. Not only CoT, but other countries in the New World no longer want to put up with a sprawling tumor called Serbia. Without a doubt, Hungary was the weakest link of the triumvirate, while the Serbs really strong, so we do not expect an easy war with them. And yet at the moment this monster has already lost several battles. Mexico, Italy, USA, France - on all fronts we showed (and continue to show) ourselves as a worthy opponent. In addition, Croatia with Bosnia and Herzegovina are pulling enough damage from our battles. Not far off there will be another Enforcement to Peace for another Empire. Current events demonstrate that the betrayal of friends for anybody will not go unpunished.

There was a time when most countries of CoT did not exist on the map. Jackals of TWO relentlessly with hysterical laugh tried to undermine our confidence in the alliance.But we survived, We proved that the CoT is not a bunch of greedy vultures. CoT - alliance that is impossible to destroy with temporary difficulties. Fidelity to the principles and ideas, faithful to each other, loyalty to the alliance - all this helped us to stand up and answer to our superior enemy. The heroism and dedication of our citizens has allowed the alliance to face the future with our heads held high. Of course, the war is in full swing now, but we proved that we can successfully fight even with the superior strength of our enemy. We have earned the right to proudly bear the name of the alliance based on the principles of honor, loyalty and unity.

In CoT We Trust!
Victory through Unity!
All Hail CoT!


CoT HQ Day 2,106, 14:39

Victory through unity!

Angeldim Day 2,106, 16:39

The both strongest countrys in CoT - Macedonia and Bulgaria are occupied for 3 months.So what kind of victory are u talking about in this article ?

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,106, 17:09

I thought Bulgaria and Macedonia are in TWO. Silly me LOL

Arfan-Khan Day 2,106, 17:23

Macedonia had the chance to escape, but your CP got banned.

BucephalusIII Day 2,106, 19:42

Angeldim, everything will come in time, just hold your patience and stay tuned 😉

Gjurgja Day 2,107, 01:47

Chile is the strongest country in CoT, but nevermind

Simonymous Day 2,107, 04:47

It depends what you mean by strongest. By daily dmg USA is on top, then Bulgaria, Chile, MKD, Russia...
But a bird told me not all who "live" in USA are 'Muricans. 😉
If you talk about money put in battles - USA and Chile. 🙂

eZombie Col
eZombie Col Day 2,106, 18:29

pfff This aliance goes tho 5h17

AntrikosA Day 2,108, 06:42

FYROM and BG have no congress.
Epic Victory!

HumbleBe Day 2,106, 14:40

Victory through unity!

In CoT We Trust!
Victory through Unity!
All Hail CoT!

DoDrew Day 2,106, 14:40

Hail the mighty DoDrew! 😃

vasmegye Day 2,106, 14:41

my little hamstas.

ilphen Day 2,106, 14:41

Victory through unity!

Zdlemmy Day 2,106, 14:41

Hail CoT ♥

Lord Calois Draco Bellator
Lord Calois Draco Bellator Day 2,106, 14:42

Victory through unity!

In CoT We Trust!
Victory through Unity!
All Hail CoT!

Yamisuke Day 2,106, 14:42


The Mike
The Mike Day 2,106, 14:43

Victory through unity!

In CoT We Trust!
Victory through Unity!
All Hail CoT!

ahava3233 Day 2,106, 14:44


bakalin Day 2,106, 14:44

Тhe Price of Loyalty is from 140 cc to 180 cc.
For milion damage
Everything else is bullshit.

Qadis Rowein
Qadis Rowein Day 2,106, 14:47

This will be the daily basis from now on

Simonymous Day 2,106, 22:41

<=100cc Fail CoT!
>10cc Hail CoT! (::::

tost.a Day 2,107, 02:50

какво очакваш при липса на икономика, от къде да дойде инкома. 10 к7 танка 117лв., заплата 18лв.

Simonymous Day 2,107, 04:40

То е ясно, ама да не си говорим глупости просто. 😉

Stolch Day 2,107, 05:38

който не може си търси извинения

Simonymous Day 2,107, 05:45


Stolch Day 2,107, 05:39

The only bullshit here is what you're full of, then again that is not news, so meh....

potato134 Day 2,106, 14:44

Victory through unity!

In CoT We Trust!
Victory through Unity!
All Hail CoT!

F.Simple Day 2,106, 15:32

potato ♥

bennyto Day 2,107, 19:59


Qadis Rowein
Qadis Rowein Day 2,106, 14:45

". Like a couple of years ago, this country betrayed its allies in a decisive battle, "


ilphen Day 2,106, 14:47


Arrlo Day 2,106, 14:49


F.Simple Day 2,106, 15:33

Hail Chichi

ZIPPY Hinperio
ZIPPY Hinperio Day 2,106, 14:46

Hail Zippy

ZIPPY bendice a COT


Atacar y destruir a SERBIA

eisenmutter2 Day 2,106, 14:46

in the US of A i even hit a bit for serbia and stole their money

eisenmutter2 Day 2,106, 14:52

this may become a new strategy:
lose some battles bigtime on purpose - only because you hit for the enemy too with the aim to collect as much of his supplied money as possible to suck him dry.

Qadis Rowein
Qadis Rowein Day 2,107, 00:28

CO are ussually set at 52% or lower, taking into account that 45%+ of damage is made by the own side, you will be winning 7% of money set while losing supplies for making 48%+

eisenmutter2 Day 2,107, 03:06


eisenmutter2 Day 2,107, 03:15

losing supplies? the money i get from big COs like yesterday pays my supplies of weapons and food for multiple days. and if it is you who is making the damage to 52% then it is you getting the money...

Ariel Aguirre Flores
Ariel Aguirre Flores Day 2,106, 14:47



lIIlIllI Day 2,106, 14:47


Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Oxygen Day 2,106, 14:48


SKYJACKED Day 2,106, 17:08

Sir mix A lot 🙂

Oblige Day 2,106, 14:48


You're welcome for my Slogan, CoT.

Simonymous Day 2,106, 22:42


Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial
Avutardo and Prinfi Memorial Day 2,106, 14:50

o/ kick servian asses

ElvenCRO Day 2,106, 14:50

COT as alliance is laughable..
Hail only =✯USA✯= and its friends!

NKFV Day 2,106, 14:59

Sorry, what was the name of Croatian alliance, cause i cant remember?

ElvenCRO Day 2,106, 15:11

sorry I don't know from which country you're...I can't find it on the map

Stolch Day 2,106, 15:17

did it grow now?

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