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[CoT] As the smoke clears

Day 2,133, 09:14 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by CoT HQ


Last night the great nation of Macedonia managed to deny Congress to two enemy nations.
In razor thin victories, Macedonia held off late rallies by both Australia and New Zealand, and managed to deny both of those countries a Congress. This victory also guarantees that Macedonia will have a Congress for the first time since June!

At one point, New Zealand was leading the Resistance War in Wellington 69-52. But after a furious rally by Macedonia in the final 4 battles, Macedonia emerged victorious with a 85-80 win.

Against Australia in New South Wales, Macedonia opened the battle with a thin, but effective lead. They managed to hold that lead the entire battle, and cruised to victory

Hail Macedonia!
Hail CoT!

Spain also suffered defeats at the hands of the Circle of Trust yesterday.

New Member France launched an invasion of Spain in response to their attack on the United States. France attacked Navarra, and easily cruised to victory 86-24.

Mexico invaded the Canary Islands and dealt the Spanish a massive blow, as they routed the region 87-9. A dominating performance by Mexico.

The United States was able to very easily repel the Spanish invasion of South Carolina. Spain took an early lead, but as the battle shifted into the Western Time zones, Circle of Trust was able to easily pull away.
Portugal also won a Resistance War against Spain in the Norte region, bringing the total to 4 Spanish defeats yesterday.

The United States now has the initiative and will join France and Mexico as they move to conquer all of Spain.

Poland also suffered defeat at the hands of CoT yesterday, as the United States was able to defeat Poland in another MPP battle. Louisiana.

Belgium led a successful Resistance War in Flanders against the United Kingdom, and has already launched another Resistance War in Brussels.

Chile also picked up a win against Bolivia in Southern Low Amazon. Congrats to them.

Keep fighting hard, and next month all CoT Nations will have a Congress. We can beat TWO if we work together and trust each other. The victories of the past few days prove that.

In CoT We Trust!
Victory through Unity!
All Hail CoT!



CoT HQ Day 2,133, 09:14

Hail CoT O>

WolfLT Day 2,135, 05:34

fail CoT O>
Hail TWO! o7

Gizmolesta Day 2,146, 16:37

It last less than 13 days! Bye bye FYROM!
Thank You for sharing!

Cordo89 Day 2,147, 11:04


DevaJr Day 2,133, 09:15


DevaJr Day 2,133, 09:16


ll Mr.Smile ll
ll Mr.Smile ll Day 2,133, 16:25


potato134 Day 2,133, 09:16

In CoT We Trust!
Victory through Unity!
All Hail CoT!

Minino. Day 2,133, 09:17

Spain > CoT


Israel Stevens Day 2,133, 09:37

Comment deleted

Minino. Day 2,133, 09:43

Comment deleted

Sir Mort
Sir Mort Day 2,133, 09:59

and How is Spain > CoT when eSpain is losing bonuses.... ?!

Minino. Day 2,133, 10:21


- Spain has always been loyal to its friends, and CoT has not ('friendship' with Croatia, Asgard, leaving India alone..)
- Spain attacked the USA because of Poland: another sign of friendship. CoT? Friendship? Bulgaria approves.
- Spain has been with bonuses and Congress for months, while CoT... just, none of them for a while... and still. You just have to read the article to see how poor your victories are xD
- Spain has been vetoing Argentina, Romania and all those countries and CoT just accepted as trial France, etc.
- Spain is now fighting for Brazil in RWs while CoT is trying to defend Russia from Belarus... LOL

Would you like to know more? 🙂

s.eggfej Day 2,133, 10:32

hail trola

Stolch Day 2,133, 11:30

@mininuns no thanks, this is retarded enough as it is. You must be the new spin doctor wannabe, teen god of the internetz.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,133, 11:53

"Spain has been with bonuses and Congress for months..."

I have a feeling this is about to change.

J O S E P H Day 2,134, 01:09

So spain is against argentina? but if two is voting argenina to join two, then u're fighting against two hq?

Giorgos Zaikos
Giorgos Zaikos Day 2,146, 16:58

"Spain has always been loyal to its friends..."
I stopped reading this here. What a joke! Spain is the least loyal country to ever exist in eRepublik! Your post is complete and utter rubbish, just like eSpain!

CoT please wipe Spain! Fail Spain!!!!

FA.97 Day 2,133, 10:22

Best joke i have ever heard you have vote for this 🙂

Sir Mort
Sir Mort Day 2,133, 10:58

-Spain is not loyal to its friend. Why do you left Chile , Peru and Paraguay ? Because TWO HQ says so ?
-Spain haves Congress for months because eSpain always wants to be on the winning side.
-CoT is fighting for Russia because Brazil is not a CoT member !

Minino. Day 2,133, 11:07

- Pardon? Whole TWO except some countries were constantly mistreating Spain because of its MPPs with CoT South American countries. A law was made in order to change this: Spain, as TWO member, had to obbey it. If not, they would have been expelled.

CoT had another MPP rule too, and countries such as Mexico finished its MPP with Spain. In fact, Spain signed again with Mexico, WHEN TAIWAN, ACT MEMBER, was ataccking them.

Invalid argument.

- Spain is always on the winning side because we are clever enough. However, we maintained our position towards some countries we did not like... CoT did not.

- Brazil > Russia. Implying CoT now obbeys the USA... Ops! What's happening between the USA and Brazil?

Stolch Day 2,133, 11:34

mininuns, brush away the froth from your mouth it reveals your rage.

You sir are going to lead Spain to the bottom of the barrel once again.

"Clever" is not what most would consider a virtue, and it gets you only so far, sooner or later it always unravels as it is happening now.

The saying goes something like this, too clever for ones own good.

Sir Mort Day 2,133, 11:01

Comment deleted

Sir Mort
Sir Mort Day 2,133, 11:20

Maybe because Spain is with 10 times better game and real life relations with S.American countries..? And i have a question for you. You said that eSpain is fighting for eBrazil. What will happen if Brazil joins CoT , will you stop the MPP and stop helping Brazil in the RWs if TWO HQ says so ?

Minino. Day 2,133, 11:23

It is not about relations in real life. If so, we would not be allied with the UK, for example. Brazil is not joining CoT cause, first, you guys are losing. Moreover, you would not be able to help them and they would only be use to drain/AS somebody.

They are clever too. And, you're totally mistaken regarding TWO's HQ.

Mamihlapinatapai Day 2,133, 11:26

Now you can accept Argentina & Romania, no excuses now.

makedonec 21
makedonec 21 Day 2,133, 13:20

- Spain has always been loyal to its friends, and CoT has not ('friendship' with Croatia, Asgard, leaving India alone..) WRONG...
Spain is loyal to dmg and bonuses... they sit on 2 chairs.. ROLA and TWO.
- Spain attacked the USA because of Poland: another sign of friendship. CoT? Friendship? Bulgaria approves. WRONG...
Why Spain didnt attack USA together with Serbia,Hungary,Poland and few AS from your puppets ????
or now your master Poland is in trouble and hip hip hoooray...

- Spain has been with bonuses and Congress for months, while CoT... just, none of them for a while... and still.
Well sure... TWO have 60% of eWorld dmg.. fake alliance just interest...
While TWO lost Chile MPP they imidietly sign mpp with Argentina (DAMN...)
Spain TWO,Argentina proTWO (enemies)
Hungary TWO, ukrain proTWO (enemies)
Greece TWO have mpp with Turkey who fight in every single Serbian battle against Serbia TWO..
And my favorite.. Spain again ROLA member proCoT and TWO founder...
and you say somthing about bonusess ??? friendship ??? loyality ???

Now i will tell you what is friendship...
USA,Macedonia.Chile,Bulgaria,Indonesia top 5 CoT dmgs...
Usa at war with 5 TWO member.. big problem.. always HAIL COT !!!
MKD.. no congres for 3-4 mounth.. HAIL COT...
Bulgaria... no congres for 3-4 mounth.. HAIL COT...
Chile at constant war against.. ALL few AS always helping.. no more 5 bonuses.. HAIL COT !!!
Indo.. same as Chile.. HAIL COT !!!

In CoT We Trust!
Victory through Unity!
All Hail CoT!

This is true allies.... if is nesesery All CoT countries will be wiped and we still YELL, SCREAM HAIL CoT.. but thats somthing you cant understand...

sorry for my speling mistakes but i think you get my point 🙂

Minino. Day 2,149, 11:39

Hey guys,

Spain is still with bonuses and this is not changing. We had like 6 battles not so long ago and whole TWO were helping us.

I think it is our turn to go...



Dm. Khotko
Dm. Khotko Day 2,133, 09:19


don zebosk
don zebosk Day 2,133, 09:22


Si Barda
Si Barda Day 2,133, 09:24

: O

Mamihlapinatapai Day 2,133, 09:30

CoT is dying. From within.

Marcellus Bracara
Marcellus Bracara Day 2,133, 09:30

Is that all?!

NWsFF Day 2,133, 09:30


Sebastian Magnific
Sebastian Magnific Day 2,133, 09:31

Hail CoT!!!
Hail Israel!!!

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 2,133, 09:37

In CoT We Trust!
Victory through Unity!
All Hail CoT!

Towalf Torre
Towalf Torre Day 2,133, 09:39

"We can beat TWO if we work together and trust each other. "


Melissa Rose
Melissa Rose Day 2,133, 09:42

All Hail CoT!

MazzyCat Day 2,133, 09:45

Meow! ♥

Mr. Wonka
Mr. Wonka Day 2,133, 09:45

Congratz to our Macedonian allies
Hail CoT!

Angeldim Day 2,133, 09:50

Hail CoT!!!

Bucephalus92 Day 2,133, 09:50

Hail CoT!

puckopucko Day 2,133, 09:52

Comment deleted

fenavidades Day 2,133, 10:09

eRepublik, e-s1m, cyber-republik and now this ._.

0% Originality :'(

Strastniot Day 2,133, 09:59

Hail COT !

Delete Spain por favor

Felllix Day 2,133, 10:02

Thank you for your support for Macedonia
We are nothing without such a great allies.
Hail CoT!

etljo stnov
etljo stnov Day 2,133, 10:37

Don't say these strong words, Felix, Macedonians are brave fighters and allies too, you are not "nothing" at all. And you'll never be "nothing",thats for sure. 🙂

Felllix Day 2,133, 10:56

I'm still with impressions from yesterday battles xD

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,133, 10:06

Macedonia defeating Australia and New Serbland!

Brave.Fighter Day 2,133, 10:06

Hail COT
Hail USA

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