[Congress] Once again, Never give up

Day 1,737, 12:53 Published in USA USA by snake dr

Well, hello there! This is supposed to be my congress candidate article...
I know and I expect you to have figured it out that my last article was one for teh lulz. Nevertheless, there is in every lie a bit of truth. So this article is serious. Or so I mean it to be.

I think this pic p. much endorses me to a congress seat, at least! I'll be running from Blood Brethren with the Feds' blessing (thank you very much guys!) in Vermont. And I need your votes. All your votes are belong to me!

some boobies for the en😨

three of them, cose the more, the better. so help me God!

Deputy Quartermaster General of the eUS Marine Corps
Member of Blood Brethren Party