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[CN] Bulgaria and Turkey, the obvious solution

Day 1,562, 08:51 Published in China China by mihail.cazacu

The surplus Iranian regions are the only real issue in the current Bulgarian - Turkish dispute.

More to the point: after annexing Iran (who, as expected, received ZERO support from Serbia, Hungary, Poland and Spain), Turkey ended up with several regions which are useless to her.

While useless to Turkey, those regions are useful to Bulgaria. So let's take a look at Bulgaria's situation right now.

Bulgaria used to rent the regions she needed from Ukraine. For a while that was OK with Ukraine. On long term, however, leasing those regions away meant less bonuses for the development of the Ukrainian players. It also meant the Ukrainians could not run for congress in those regions (with realistic expectations to actually win), thus further restricting their opportunities to enjoy the game.

At this point we need to acknowledge the obvious:

1) It is in EDEN's best interest that both Bulgaria and Ukraine maximize their player's abilities to grow;

2) It is in EDEN's best interest that Bulgaria returns to the levels of bonuses it had before returning the Ukrainian regions to the rightful owner;

3) Turkey's development is the same with or without those regions. If anybody had any doubts they can check the situation of today, after Iran is back on the map: Turkey's bonuses remained the same!

There is a lot of finger-pointing between Turkey and Bulgaria:

According to some Turks the Bulgarians are chauvinists who get real orgasms from a virtual game.

Well, there are two issues here:

A.) Serbia and Hungary are the only countries who need to compensate their Real World historic failures with in-game victories. Unlike Hungary and Serbia, who started aggression wars against their neighbors only to lose them, in Real Life Bulgaria won the last wars she fought against Turkey. Also unlike the case of Serbia and Hungary, who were the "bad guys" in their wars, in the case of Bulgaria the Ottomans were "the bad guys" by all civilized standards.

So there's nothing to be proven in-game which wasn't proved already by the grand-grandfathers of the current players on the real battlefields ("pet na nozh" - "five on the knife/bayonet"). And those grand-grandfathers were morally right to kick butt.

B.) The results of the last Congress elections in eBulgaria show that the players who don't want to have anything to do with Turkey got in total less votes than those who would favor a mutually beneficial agreement with Turkey, should the in-game circumstances change.

So while the Real Life component of the Bulgarian-Turkish rivalry is real, it is nowhere dominant.

We have an alliance of those who object to Turkey for Real Life reasons and those who object to Turkey for in-game reasons only because Turkey makes the in-game mistake to hold onto those useless regions until "Bulgaria shows some respect".

If Turkey would hand over those regions the majority of the Bulgarians would have no reasons to look for a conflict with Turkey. Of course the guys who are driven by Real Life reasons will still try to see their dreams come true. But they will remain a minority, unable to get the Natural Enemy laws voted.

According to some Bulgarians the Turks are a volatile community, best illustrated by the Turkish - Turkish "civil" war which opposed the group known as Inci to the rest of the Turks.

To that they add the provocative actions of another group, the Lazocrats, the long list of Turkish key players including presidents banned for cheating and a handful of "Ottoman trolls". All of them repeated offenders.

Again, there are a lot of issues with painting the whole Turkish community with such a broad brush:

A.) The Inci, the Lazokrats and the cheaters are the most visible and "loudest" of the Turks who play this game.

However if we are actually counting them like we would be counting the votes in the last Bulgarian elections we see the trouble-makers of all sorts represent about 10% of the active Turkish players.

We have 90% of the Turkish players who play the game just like everybody else.

They fought for EDEN via MPPs in all the important battles. And because Turkey and Bulgaria didn't have a MPP, a lot of Turkish players moved to Bulgaria to tank in the key Bulgarian battles of the last two months (and they kept doing so until the crisis became acute). They moved in an organized way, with the overwhelming majority of the Turkish military taking part in those operations. On the Bulgarian side.

B.) The Real Life relations between Bulgaria and Turkey are peaceful. In the same time the Turkish players and the Greek players might end up shooting each other with real bullets over some stupid rocks in the Aegean Sea.

What eBulgaria and eTurkey did with the Natural Enemy laws in-game, the Turkish and Greek fighter pilots, border guards and sailor do sometimes in Real Life. And some of them play eRepublik.

Yet the overwhelming majority of the Turkish players were able to separate the game from the Real Life. So if they could do it in a case where the danger is real, it is strange to suspect them to harbor some secret fantasies about Bulgaria in-game.

So if we take a close look at the numbers, both sides have enough people who can make an agreement last once an agreement is reached.

The first step is therefore less about "showing respect" or "Real Life issues spilling in-game". The first step is about eliminating the in-game reasons for in-game conflict: the surplus Iranian regions.

Oh, by the way, last time when I checked, the president of Iran was a nutcase called Ahmadinejad, who in spite of being busy with his long-range missiles and nuclear programs still had the time to cut the access of most of the Iranians to this game.

So the in-game eIran can be divided between Turkey and Bulgaria without upsetting too many Real Life Iranians. As the Hollywood disclaimer goes:

"No Iranians were harmed during the making of this movie".



Grizz_x Day 1,562, 08:54


xongorx Day 1,562, 09:10

How smooth a troll u are.

Bay Vesko
Bay Vesko Day 1,562, 09:13


QueenReggina Day 1,562, 09:36


Hattusili Day 1,562, 10:55

did not read

bmarke011 Day 1,562, 11:21

Jednom Srpskom "agresoru" treba nesto da se okopa u bašti, daje jednu crvenu...

JovicaSM Day 1,562, 15:17

"the case of Serbia and Hungary, who were the "bad guys" in their wars"

Hilarious mate...

JovicaSM Day 1,562, 15:19

'bout the "bad guys"

mihail.cazacu Day 1,562, 15:28

JovicaSM: You were the bad guys starting with 1991. Jasenovac happened 50 years before and all those who could be caught after WW2 paid for it. What happened after 1991 in Osjiek, Vukovar, Srebrenica has no connection with Jasenovac. At least in the civilized world it hasn't...

Corsantin Day 1,562, 15:36

...and all those who could be caught after 1991. paid for it as well.

Srebrenica has no connection with this GAME. At least in the civilized world it hasn't...

mihail.cazacu Day 1,562, 16:00

@Corsantin: Well, in this game Serbia started the Serbo-Croatian war. "Preemptively". Go figure! The Croatians had been friendly until attacked. And since they were more experienced and in larger numbers, they won easily. Out of the other possible targets Serbia chose nobody else but Croatia. Go figure! x2

Corsantin Day 1,562, 16:30

A newly formed and very small community (eSerbia) attacked its well established and much stronger neighbor (eCroatia) ??? Yeah right : D

Serbs are not just "the bad guys", they are also stupid...apparently. You can sell that story to the noobs that hadn't read any eRep history.

In other similar games we are allied with Croatia. Go figure!

Corsantin Day 1,562, 16:38

PS: Just to clear things up for those that do not know, Serbo-Croatian war was started by a Croatian PTOer acting as president of eSerbia. It wasn't a real war since battles were decided by retreat button.

Wildrunner Day 1,562, 16:53

@lol mihail, from tomorrow I doubt you will find many Bulgarians willing to fight for EDEN. The sooner we leave the Damagehood the btetter. Now it's only an agony.

Corsantin Day 1,562, 16:57

So, my question to you mihail is: Are you really ignorant about these facts, or are you simply lying to your audience?

mihail.cazacu Day 1,562, 22:52

@Corsantin: So the famous Serbian multiaccounts gang try to get the Croatian president banned, triggering the "Days of Wrath" and somehow it's still the Croats who fired the first shot?!

Also please look at how the Serbian population doubled in the week before the election, just in time for the "babies" to get the right to vote.

@Wildrunner: Two wrongs don't make one right. Ever! What is needed now is wisdom and calm.

xongorx Day 1,563, 00:56

I remember the very moment when country No. 65 (Serbia) has been added to the game. I bet many elder serbs also do. I think most Croatian TO-ists back then also.
You could also have distant memories of those days,
that in case a troll like you would preserve any.
(anything else ofc besides the shzt he needs to deliver)

av khan
av khan Day 1,563, 03:03

Lol man, I like you. Awesomely summed up everything with logic and truth.

Martabak Ostin
Martabak Ostin Day 1,563, 03:44

Ur pathetic .....

JustNosfe Day 1,563, 04:01

finnaly some one who know's about history, not only the crap that is thaught in every county's history books.

Mr Ambassador
Mr Ambassador Day 1,563, 06:37

How about Taiwan giving eJapan their regions back?

mihail.cazacu Day 1,563, 06:41

How many Real Life Japanese play this game? Because at least the Taiwanese are real.

Until at least the same number of Japanese play for Japan, the negotiations are a joke.

Wildrunner Day 1,563, 06:50

mihail, that's the only right thing to do and you know it too you just don't like it. Until then there will be this circus. But heck atlast the game is funny for many players now.

Corsantin Day 1,563, 06:57

mihail, the Croats didn't just fire the firs shot in that war, they fired ALL the shots : D
Battle for Slavonia, Hero for Serbia - BorKan
Battle for Vojvodina, Hero for Serbia - Zmaj000
Battle for Eastern Serbia, Hero for Serbia - webstartm
Battle for Western Serbia, Hero for Serbia - Sucko
Battle for Belgrade, Hero for Serbia - AntimonCro
Battle for Raska, Hero for Serbia - Romi Kash

The president of the Republic of Serbia is Borkan, Croatian, member of Croatian Army and chief operations officer of the action code-named "Days of Wrath", which was launched about 20th February by the Army and on my and Kokach's initiative. And 18 out of 33 members of Serbian Congress are Croatian Army members, which are serving their homeland on a month long mission in eSerbia.

Declaration of today's war is one of the final phases of this major operation that lasted a month. Technically - Croatia declared war on - Croatia. Serbs are not attacking us, but from tomorrow, Croatia will be at war with Serbia.

Roby Petric
ex-President of eCroatia

The ALLEGED incident with AzzoLazzo (or whatever his name was) was just a pretext. Using your twisted logic, I could claim that Croats attacked us for RL reasons, but I won't. They most probably used this war to enhance their in-game country and population...which is perfectly OK.

What is NOT OK is to lie about it. At least in the civilized world it isn't...

mihail.cazacu Day 1,563, 07:18


Please correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the Serbian population miraculously doubled during the week before the elections?

And that was just one of the first incidents where the Serbian bot-masters did miracles.

So here is how the whole thing looks like now that we have a 3 year long picture of how the Serbians play this game:

1) The Serbians need an incident, so they frame the Croatian president by registering multies and sending him gold. Nothing better to have a baby-boom than a war with Croatia. The problem is the Croatians were friendly until then, so something needed to be done to destroy that friendship;

2) The admins leak the information about the IPs of those clones. It suited the admins nicely to have a war between Croatia and Serbia, so it made sense for them to make sure the Croatians know who was behind the banning of their president;

3) The Serbian clone-masters put their skills to work and create an artificial baby-boom right before the elections. Now that the foundations of the war are laid, they need to win the elections in order for the real "babies" to have a working government when they join;

4) The plan backfires when the Serbian candidate can't control his temper, gets banned for foul language and the Croatians win;

5) It's payback time: after all, it was the Serbians who started by framing the Croatian president. The Serbians fired the first shot.

Corsantin Day 1,563, 07:29

Declaration of today's war is one of the final phases of this major operation that LASTED A MONTH. Technically - Croatia declared war on - Croatia. Serbs are not attacking us, but from tomorrow, Croatia will be at war with Serbia.

Roby Petric
ex-President of eCroatia

mihail.cazacu Day 1,563, 07:33

_After_ the Croatian president was banned because of the Serbian donations.

Corsantin Day 1,563, 07:41

No he wasn't are lying again : D

Avalokitesvara Day 1,563, 08:06

bad guys? khm... you read bad books dude? please update your library... or dont spread nonsense!

Sun Chai
Sun Chai Day 1,563, 10:23


Csengos Zoli
Csengos Zoli Day 1,564, 15:58

Mihail, the problem with your post is that it has half-truths in it, which are used very nicely to manipulate your audience. Using half-truths like that is so low, it's almost subterranean. I haven't been around in the e-world to know about those alleged wars that eHungary and eSerbia declared based on rl frustrations (so you say), but on the topic of those rl wars in which they were the bad guys... well, suffice to say I recommend you read other history books as well, not just those proposed by Romanian education. You might find some of them enlightening. I don't see the point of igniting hatred with sparks like that. Maybe you do...

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