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[Cenreport] World domination

Day 1,872, 02:12 Published in New Zealand Slovenia by cen1

Welcome to another edition of Cenreport, a global war analysis newspaper. I usually release these in Slovenian but since I am a part time KiWi now it will be in englsh.

Heavy battle in Otago
There is heavy RW in Otago from EDEN (mainly Argentina) which tries to cut off Chile's only resource path. I call all fighters to help Chile preserve their resource path, there is still chance to win! Link to the battle

We have been fighting all night but the resistance is very strong. The sad part is that battles could be easily won with some better organisation from COT/TWO in night battles. For RWs like this we would need some kind of #nightwatch channel for supplies in this critical battles which can be turned over with a few tens of millions. A similar tank fund which was kept alive with country donations was kept by ONE for supporting RWs, except it was not meant to be avalible all the time.

Nothing new in Argentina
Chile manages to defeat Argentina in MPP battles but loses every time in RWs. I don't see anything changing in near future on this front.

Middle East soon to be wiped of EDEN
Serbia and Bulgaria continue to wipe the Middle East. Only one more TR region to go while Greece will take some more time because they can play hide and seek with Saudi RWs. nevertheless, Serbia will probably NE Greece after being done with TR to speed up the process.

There are some rumors that TWO is preparing an invasion on Croatia and China after finishing up with Greece and Turkey but I do not believe in these rumors at all, they are bullshit. It is just nonsense and if it turns out true I will seriously start doubting in sainty of TWO commanders. Serbia has no intention to remove Croatia from India because they do not want any heavy RWs in their Croatian regions. Period.
I am starting to think that Indonesia suddenly losing against Croatia was a tactical decision because it does not really make any sense of them suddenly losing after dominating every single battle with ease.
Attack on China would really be taking 'E' out of "EDEN" (economy) but I do not think it is really worth all the resources. Just leave EDEN half dead in Asia and enjoy the domination in Europe.

I am not really satisfied with COTWO coordination in Middle East either. The initial attack on Turkey by Poland was completely uncoordinated and pure waste of time. On second attempt we have countries waiting days before joining in the wipe for no particular reason. And I certainly have no idea what Macedonia is doing by issuing 2 sequential NEs on Turkey and rejecting them while Albania is getting free and even wiping Montenegro.
There are serious malfunctions in COT/TWO HQ which need to be addressed because what is happening right now is very sloppy.

Hungary under pressure
Hungary successfully claimed BSCoT but getting immediatelly attacked by Romania in the same region. It seems Huns will be able to deflect the attack but if Romania succeded it would mean serious trouble because TR would be safe from attacks from the North, either by Huns or Poland who is waiting in Ukraine. It is important to bring the second attacker on TR main regions as soon as possible. Serbia going through Cyprus or Serbia cutting off Bulgaria from Greece, letting Bulgaria back into TR war. Something like this.

Croatia backstabbing a long time ally and pro-EDEN India
I have read the story from both sides and the sroy from dSokre, president of Croatia simply does not make any sense. This guy used to be respected even by the opponents but this month it seems he just lost the compass completely.

India literally saved Croatia few months ago from full deletion and gave them regions for rent. After Croatia got rid of Indonesia they wanted them to issue a NE so they could connect their seperate regions together but India refused to do so. Obviously this pissed of Croatia and they went full-on retard rampage. That's when we come to a point for some facts:
-India had all right to refuse NE
-Croatia attacking India is pure act of war
-India only signed MPP with Bulgaria AFTER Croatia started their NE, obviusly they will try to defend themself..

It is clear to me that Croatia backstabbed a country that saved them in the first place just because India did not agree on what they should be doing. This is yet another EDEN fail pushing a country towards opposite alliance and it has happened several times in the past. EDEN is literally killing itself, COTWO is only helping along the way.


I would also like to say hello to all the Kiwis. I probably won't be taking any part in the politics but you can expect more articles from my side in the future. Some of them might be for Slovenia only, but you can simply ignore those.

As for the time being I am being a guest to ave-imperator, seems to be one of the rare original Kiwis that came here from Slovenie. He invited me to this place and gave me CS.

Best regards, cen


dDejan Day 1,872, 03:11

cool story (article) bro :😁

Mister Terminator
Mister Terminator Day 1,872, 04:30

welcome to paradise 🙂

good to have you here


teohar Day 1,872, 04:51

v22 + sub 1000

ave-imperator Day 1,872, 06:50

volt seveda, pa še en šaut : D

Sklepko Day 1,872, 10:45

vote in sub

Tabithi Day 1,872, 14:39

As Mr T says: Welcome to paradise.

Crusadercarl Day 1,872, 17:32

Welcome to eNZ, great article bro, ty:)

Saints XI
Saints XI Day 1,873, 05:33


Rafael Saltori
Rafael Saltori Day 1,873, 13:39

Very good Article!

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