[CDV] My humble take on the battle over-time issues (AUS)

Day 875, 07:42 Published in Australia New Zealand by Carr De Vaux
=====Introduction - not just another article on Western Australia....====

I tried to stay away from all the trolling articles from both sides immediate after the Epic Western Australia battles. However, i feel that this is a rather contentious issue that might have an explanation and deserve an objective look/study.

After the inspiration from the Aeros's article with API report for the WA battle, i had a look at the API battle history website he used. I have not seen this before, and compared to ereptools - this give a time-history of the battle damage. In Aeros's article, he rightly shown that the WA battle was overshot for approximately 22-23mins.

**borrowed image from Aeros** Full battle time history below - or at this link.

However, going through the API data given by the website, the Western Australia battle was not the only one that overshoot the closure time. And from a very unscientific and quick browse, it was apparent that many battles with significant tanking at the end overshoot the closing time. Most battles ended with 2-3 mins overshoot while some even stopped early (probably retreated). Some examples of battle time histories:

=====Battle Time History from the API records====

1) It is the Lower Carniola battle - invasion of eCroatia into eSlovenia. The wall was about +600k during the 24 hours mark. Then the tanking damages can be observed.

2) Jilin RW - 37mins overtime . The wall was tanked from +500 to +200k. Maybe because the original owner didn't lose, no complaint was made.

3) Limpopo RW in eSA -23mins overtime with walls tanked from +100k to 200k (for defenders).

4) Inner mongolia invasion where 1 hour was added because there was a pause/server down of an hour. 😃

5) RW in Gauteng against eBrasil - no overtime - possibly manual termination by admin.

6) Invasion of eHungary into eCroatia at Upper Austria - a whooping 5 hours delay - possibly due to server down?? but time history shows continuous damages....hmmm

=====Brief Analysis and Discussion====

While it may seem that Phoenix based nations often get the upper hands in my examples above - it is simply an indication of their high reliance on last minute tanking and perhaps a better discipline of their elite/tank squads. (or just shitty internet speed).

What i can conclude is - the API data is lagging, but the calculation for the damages is not. The scenario is probably like this:

1. someone click FIGHT. damage recorded in database. (1sec)
2. resultant wall calculated based on 1. (1-2sec)
3. battle victor decided here (internal calculation).
**say 1 and 2 take 3secs per fight person per server.
3. the graphic interface update after 1 and 2 are done.
**this could means 10-60mins lag - if 1200 fights / server per second elapsed.
4. API database update with the graphic interface.
**which explains why zhunder site is giving a delayed ending..

thus even all 10-20k fights were done in the final 5 mins - this is represented by a spreaded tanking pattern as shown in zhunder and the graphic interface. in reality. they re considered instantaneous in the original calculation in step 1. This is at least my hypothesis.


just some thoughts. I know this might not endear me to my eAustralians or even Brolliance readers..but as i said, i try to be objective and stay out from the polemic discussion, but offer a more substantial look of things - considering the new information Aeros's article has given us. I hope we all can be objective in making propaganda, and not be a hypocrite in making accusations and counter-accusations. I have great respect for both sides - in particularly their leaders - so, let's keep playing the game fair and square.

Public Notice to admin: KILL ALL MULTIES TODAY!!!

Carr de Vaux
The Journalist

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