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Day 1,802, 07:04 Published in Brazil Brazil by Cara de Gato

October 25, 2012, day 1801 of the New World.

I am one of the Ministers of Education of Brazil and we wrote an article recently about the new mobile version.

In eR Day 1800 Plato presented the mobile version of eRepublik.

No need to install any APP because the system was very simple.
By accessing the page via Smartphone or Tablet with Android or iOS operating system, the new interface automatically appears (Other operating systems like Symbian still working on Desktop version).

There is the option to play the Desktop version in the footer of the page (as we shall see), but some pages are still accessible if you save the address on “favorite” of your browser of mobile device.

Print the page accessed by a XOOM

To access the Desktop version, there is a link at the bottom of the page:

If you access the desktop version of pages that already exist in the Mobile version, you can go back to the Mobile Version clicking the link that is the bottom right corner of the page.

So let the new interface pages for Working, Training, Fighting and Market.

About the graphics, these remain very poor, but probably happens because it is mobile version where the goal is to reduce data transfer and be fast (sometimes slow to load pages in 3G, which does not happen in Wi-Fi).

In Tablet 10" screen is very wide, the smartphone is compact appearance, but you can use perfectly and the two devices are nearly identical as we shall see.


First the screen to work is very simple and intuitive, simply select the green buttons and work.

In Tablet gets easier access to all businesses.


The screen training is equally simple.

Daily Task

After working and training appears a yellow rod indicating that daily tasks were completed:



Completed daily tasks?

Here is the reward ...


On the screen you can choose wars battle, but we can not know the Daily Order, then choose any war.
For the Daily Order must exit the mobile version.

The Battlefield, oddly enough, could leave more simple.

In the upper right appears your available energy. At the bottom right of the gun with the possibility to change it but can not see how many shots are left.

In the lower left corner is the button Rocket.

To fight just touch your finger on the target. You can not see who the opponent is, only you can see the gun and his energy.


There's money market, only the local market which can be accessed via the icon "stove" (ooops... is a "Tent!!!").

To buy just choose the icon for weapons or food. The quality is chosen through the stars.

There is also the possibility of buying raw materials.

As on the battlefield, the local market is too impersonal, because we can see the offer, but do not see the seller.


Gold & Extras

How could not miss, there is a screen to buy gold and special items, everything pretty simple, but there could not be different.

We hope this is a first step and that the mobile version will evolve (it needs). The desktop version is slower than this version presented, but it lacks some essential pages to really be a mobile version, like the pages of MU (with Daily Orders), messages, alerts and Shouts as well as money market and inventory.


Cara de Gato


Cara de Gato
Cara de Gato Day 1,802, 07:23

I am too lazy to work, today I made a version in English for the time pass faster.

MaverickMAX Day 1,802, 07:35


Diego Virmond
Diego Virmond Day 1,802, 08:35

já voto antes de ler!

Arraes Day 1,803, 12:27

Votei antes de ler também!!

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