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[C4 Recruiting] Come join a hot MU!

Day 1,843, 00:22 Published in USA USA by stylez of roman

Are you looking for an exciting user friendly MU?

Cannnon Cockers aka C4 is looking for new members willing to fight hard for the eUSA! We are a strong dedicated group that thrives on user interactions and constant mini-games keeping players involved for prizes!

Members of Divisions!

Division 1: 51

Average Strength:338.71

Division 2: 42

Average Strength: 2171.43

Division 3: 13

Average Strength: 7976.85

Division 4: 8

Average Strength: 13134.75

Other Random Facts:
citizens: 114 (1.96% of USA)
Fighters: 48 (1.97% of USA)
Tank: 5,937 (2.26% of USA)
Influence: 29,485,590 (0.91% of USA)

Do we get supplies?

As a full member of C4 you will receive supplies to assist you in battles. In order to receive your supplies YOU MUST WORK IN THE COMMUNES DAILY! While working you are given the option of Supplies:

1. Tanks no food. - 12 Q6 Tanks

2. Tanks with food. - 9 Q6 Tanks 70 Q5 food

How Do I join?

Joining C4 is super easy!

Give up? ^^^ Click it 😉.

C4 is a very friendly community looking for more and more active members to help become a full MU capable of dealing mass amounts of damage. If your interested please give us a shout!

Want to talk more? Have IRC?

Channel: #c4-public

Forums: Coming soon!!

Thank you for taking time out of your regularly scheduled clicking to read about our Amazing MU!

XO Cannon Cockers
PP Americans For Prosperity


stylez of roman
stylez of roman Day 1,843, 00:23

First for Cockers!

Haselrig Day 1,843, 03:03


Saint Knick
Saint Knick Day 1,843, 03:17


ArtSBobo Day 1,843, 05:29

Voted...BUT...I don't like the fakt that you didn't told in this article for our "Mentor Program" : (

Dinnyin Day 1,843, 06:24


Proud Yankee
Proud Yankee Day 1,843, 09:08


HEARMERAWR Day 1,844, 17:09


Neron Trocki
Neron Trocki Day 1,849, 03:07

agreed with art, the article missed the part of extra supplies via Mentorship and J.OC. 8 now ) etc. , but all in all HEEELZ YEAH 😉

Firefly2133 Day 1,849, 19:24


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