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[C4] Happy New Year Everybody!

Day 2,233, 04:18 Published in USA USA by Haselrig

Just wanted to wish everybody a happy New Year as moving point of midnight sweeps around the globe, o7

All the best in 2014 everybody.

✍ Haselrig
Commanding Officer, C4



Haselrig Day 2,233, 04:18

Happy New Year Cockers, o7

Oscar Marchena
Oscar Marchena Day 2,233, 04:58

Happy New Year! ( nwn)7

ax3lax Day 2,233, 05:21

Happy New Year!!!! o7

Dr. Badd
Dr. Badd Day 2,233, 06:19

Happy New year! o7

Si1verEagle Day 2,233, 08:19

Happy New Years! o7

Gnilraps Day 2,233, 09:34

Happy New Year!

BeachBunny Day 2,233, 10:44

Happy New Year Cockers, o7

Wild Owl
Wild Owl Day 2,233, 11:11

Happy New Year!

Captain Recks
Captain Recks Day 2,233, 15:01

I am looking forward to a new year as a member of C4 🙂

Neron Trocki
Neron Trocki Day 2,233, 16:17

Happy New Year everyone ! Gosh... a year past already.... such a fine unit this is... keep it up Cockers 😃

Xavier3 Day 2,234, 23:25

Happy New Year C4!! 🙂 O7

Bob Reklambud
Bob Reklambud Day 2,234, 07:46


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