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[briga] From Ukraine... with "love"

Day 1,834, 05:02 Published in Republic of Moldova Romania by Osama Bri Gadier

I'll probably be criticized by my colleagues in the "Governing Council of the Rep. of eMoldova".
I'll probably be even expelled from the group after this article.
Not because it would bring a great harm to Moldova but for revealing some secret discussions without having "green light" from my colleagues.

But you know what? I don't care anymore. The dirt is too high, in this case, to get over it.

I seldom write articles in English which proves somehow that I'm not an MM medal hunter neither a cheap gossips lover.

The reason why I'm on my way to break my own "patterns" is the dilemma in which I was thrown by the last international events but especially of one specific information that disgusted me the utmost.

I have always argued strongly that you can not judge / blame an entire nation for the stupidities made by its political class. A whole nation can't be stupid and corrupt in the same time.

People - even if it seams that are responsible for the accession to power of the corrupt politicians and idiots - can be eventually accused of ignorance or "temporary stupidity" (if there exist such thing). But at the end the truth is that the people are also victims of politicians who lead them and should not be condemned. Governments are changing, the politicians come and go but ... the people stay and remain the same after every election.

Or? ... I don't know anymore. I'm not sure of anything.

I play this game for almost 4 years. I've always been a Romanian citizen with small time breaks when I moved abroad, as it demanded my military unit. One year ago I became a Moldovan citizen, but that does not mean that Romania doesn't "hurt" anymore and I'm not always fighting for it. When it doesn't exist any conflict of interest with Moldova, of course.
I was e-born as an "enemy" of eHungary. That was the game, that was the "National fun." Always huns were "the bad guys" and EDEN were "the good guys", "brothers of arms", etc..

As I said: this was the game...

In Moldova, however, I discovered something else. I discovered that, in fact, things are different. They are even opposite. EDEN countries, with small exceptions, are far from being "brothers of arms" among them or ... "The good guys" of this story.

I can not go further if I don't mention here an interesting case. Cazacu's case:
This is a special case of RL frustration. Staunch nationalist, whose organic hatred against Hungarians go far beyond the PC monitor and who has dedicated his time and money to a single cause: the fight against Hungarians. At any cost and regardless of implications.

When he noticed that his chauvinistic and xenophobic absurdities, disguised as pseudo-political analysis, do not get the support that he needed, in Romania - he went to Ukraine and tried, instead, to put them into the mist. And let's face it... he did quite a good job.

I can't skip the episode with eMoldova and his dirty threats towards "his brothers across the Prut" claiming that he defends the interests of EDEN, of eRomania, respectively Ukraine, against the Moldavian "invaders", the pseudo-patriot forgetting that Moldovans are in fact Romanians. Few know that his nationalism is manifested only by his hate against Hungarians. The rest is simple gargle.

Yesterday, on the Moldovan national council's channel, among other discussions, our MoFA has informed us that the discussions with some Hungarian officials showed that Ukrainians tried several times to persuade the Hungarians to ally with them in order to ... guess what ... to attack Romania, their "brothers in arms".

At first I said that I did not read it right so I did it about three times more.
I could not believe my eyes.
I mean... c'mon... I knew that Ukrainians have no honor and respect but I didn't thought that one can go lower then Ukrainians did in the past time. I was wrong. They can!

But what struck me even more was the Hungarians answer to the following question:
"This is information could bring you great benefits if it could become public. Why don't you go public with it?"

And the answer was shocking:
"We do not want to create dissensions in other alliances ..."


But how? Hungarians??? "The bad guys"? No way!

Yeap... it looks like everything is possible. Hungarians are far from being "the bad guys" in this game. My fellow citizens can prove it.

And now I keep asking myself several questions and I can't find any answers:

- Ukrainian users know and agree with what their leaders do?
- Romanians know that their allies play a dirty game against them?
- What about EDEN? WHERE IS EDEN?

But more than everything I'm interested if there is somebody to tell me::

- Where is he hiding Cazacu now? Has anyone seen him?

It would be interesting what kind of rabbits is he getting out from his hat now. But I would not be surprised if somebody would tell me that he stays behind this "strategy". Even if he hates the huns. In his sick mind he thinks that this can be another opportunity to stab somebody in the back. You never know.

Nothing can surprise me anymore ...

I never thought the it will come that day to say it. But I do it:


And because somebody just told me that an english article is not working without boobs...



Artur Tventarnii
Artur Tventarnii Day 1,834, 05:37


Norman Asante
Norman Asante Day 1,834, 05:38

"...simple gargle."

Wildrunner Day 1,834, 05:40

Ukraine = permawiped till the end of the servers they did so many bad things I can't even count them.

NKFV Day 1,834, 05:48

Ukraine = permawiped till the end of the servers they did so many bad things I can't even count them.

Osama Bri Gadier
Osama Bri Gadier Day 1,834, 05:49

Norman - can you develop? I have always suspected you... But now I'm sure...

A State 0f Trance
A State 0f Trance Day 1,834, 05:49

vote for chicks !

basar Day 1,834, 05:49


Rajk Laszlo
Rajk Laszlo Day 1,834, 05:50


Hail eMoldova! o7

MoD of Huns

Osama Bri Gadier
Osama Bri Gadier Day 1,834, 05:53

Hail Hungary! o7

Ostenburg Moravek Gyula
Ostenburg Moravek Gyula Day 1,834, 05:54



Mas que un club
Mas que un club Day 1,834, 06:10

Respect for this article!

Nicu Maels
Nicu Maels Day 1,834, 06:11


t150 Day 1,834, 06:19


Hunab Ku
Hunab Ku Day 1,834, 06:28

Lana baga gaina in cuptor - poza nr.4, dar unde-i Plato?

Shashma Day 1,834, 06:42

o7 to the top

Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Day 1,834, 06:42

Respect for us x D

Great article vote and sub

Mikael Kanto
Mikael Kanto Day 1,834, 06:47

Respect for HUNS 07!

GregoryG Day 1,834, 06:49

This is how Hungary works. Glad that people - even those who were affilated with opposing alliances in the past - are starting to see it.

Thanks for the article.

Flying Cangaroo
Flying Cangaroo Day 1,834, 07:00

o7 good pictures! 🙂

stanyk Day 1,834, 07:08

Da' halatu'? Cat e halatu'?😁)))

szekely ostor
szekely ostor Day 1,834, 07:16


susususk Day 1,834, 07:18

Comment deleted

Wildrunner Day 1,834, 07:26

Mihail Cazacu is a legend, wonder where he went he doesn't write anymore. According to him BG will be back to EDEN after 4 months ( he wrote that 8 months + ago). I'm still waiting.... : D

Mvhely Day 1,834, 07:30


Nick Meis
Nick Meis Day 1,834, 07:52

Respect for HUNS 07!

Defender of Ascalon
Defender of Ascalon Day 1,834, 07:56


Avalokitesvara Day 1,834, 08:14

"...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Welcome to the other side. I'm happy there are open ears to listening, and there are open mind to understanding.

Qayl Day 1,834, 08:24


Alina V
Alina V Day 1,834, 08:31

Oh, my God!!! I'm gay : s

FreeEnough Day 1,834, 09:17

Ukraine... fake like those boobs

nysex II
nysex II Day 1,834, 09:20

Like #2 boobs? 😃

Kero One
Kero One Day 1,834, 09:44

interesting article o7

GadjahMadaa Day 1,834, 09:45


Tarsolytestver Day 1,834, 09:57


Nolmut Day 1,834, 10:34

vote sub

Tamas Vlad
Tamas Vlad Day 1,834, 10:48


Hail eMoldova! o7

Hail Huns o7

SyrkiusAFK Day 1,834, 10:55

Good article!

ne1ester Day 1,834, 11:02

You are here 4 years 😮)

shinepower Day 1,834, 11:25

Respect for HUNS o7!

Lupusorul tainic
Lupusorul tainic Day 1,834, 11:33


uaporsche Day 1,834, 11:45

you made my day

Slayer85 Day 1,834, 11:54

Yesterday, on the Moldovan national council's channel, among other discussions, our MoFA has informed us that the discussions with some Hungarian officials showed that Ukrainians tried several times to persuade the Hungarians to ally with them in order to ... guess what ... to attack Romania, their "brothers in arms".

proof or liar

Motuzka Day 1,834, 12:00


l u t o r
l u t o r Day 1,834, 12:03

Please give at least some screenshots or logs. Give the facts.

This is a lie

Slava Ukraini
Slava Ukraini Day 1,834, 12:07

Штукатурку в руки і до роботи,розпустились тут .

Karlista Day 1,834, 12:16

This is surely the end of the world!!! Vote & sub for a Romanian????

We need to run for the girls 'n booze 'n games ! Last chance! Apocalypse is eminent!

Osama Bri Gadier
Osama Bri Gadier Day 1,834, 12:45

Small ukrainian hobbitss - do you need proofs? So... if I make some photoshops you will believe me. No? Because I can give you those proofs and you will say that is photoshop. Right?... Right!!!

If you check better among those who commented at this article are some of those who participated at those discussions.
One thing more: I can't lie! And you know why? Because I'm not an ukrainian hobbit:

FreeEnough Day 1,834, 12:49

The proof is in the hands of Ukrainean and Hungarian governments. We can't show it before them.
Believe it or not.. oh wait

Burkotun Day 1,834, 12:53

huns love you, men, see? can't help wondering why. too credulous or too sly?
and by the way, Cazacu's political skills are far beyond your imagination

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