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[BOOM] Y U NE ePhilippines

Day 1,830, 01:25 Published in Philippines Philippines by Boy Pick Up


Hi to all Filipinos around the world! If you're not noticing (if you really don't, you're plain stupid), eBrazil has declared ePhilippines as their NE.

My first reaction was:

But after thinking about it, why did they NE a former ally of eUSA?

I don't what is currently happening to our nation. First is, WILL WE HAVE A CONGRESS? Second is, WHAT IS THE MEANING OF ALLIES IN BRAZIL? And lastly, WHO ARE THE REAL ALLIES OF ePHILIPPINES?

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Boy Pick Up
Second Commander of


Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,830, 04:37

Actually, there was a time when we are allied with Brazil, I think, not just USA.

Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 1,830, 05:03

yeah i know....

Spirit of Chivalry
Spirit of Chivalry Day 1,830, 05:45

Honestly, I think they're just taking advantage of our currently "weakened", if I may use the term since I do not understand the status of ePhilippines as a whole, state to expand territory or show off power I think. I haven't been playing erepublik for long so excuse me if I said a noobish comment.

Darlraxia Day 1,830, 08:36

im confused sometimes who are our enemies or not

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