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[BOOM] Christmas in the Philippines

Day 1,861, 16:33 Published in Philippines Philippines by Boy Pick Up


Merry Christmas! Today we are celebrating none other than the happiest time of the year!

Here in the Philippines, we celebrate Christmas, not as an ordinary holiday, but as a very important celebration where we usually spend our time with our loved ones and eat what we call Noche Buena.

We also like to decorate our houses with colorful lights and Parols.

The traditional gift giving is also in the line-up of Christmas in the Philippines.

We also go to the Catholic tradition of Simbang Gabi.

When going out of the Church, we often eat our Suman and Puto Bung- Bong delicacies.


Puto Bung-Bong

And our Christmas won't be complete if there is no Belen in our homes for it is true reason why we are celebrating Christmas.


Boy Pick Up
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Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 1,861, 16:36

[SHOUT] Christmas in the Philippines:

Wilhelm Fink.
Wilhelm Fink. Day 1,861, 19:15

Merry Christmas 🙂
nice article , o7

John Jurassic
John Jurassic Day 1,861, 19:46

Merry Christmas : D

Lilith A
Lilith A Day 1,862, 05:54

Merry Christmas

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,862, 06:14

I feel that I have also read this somewhere 😃

Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 1,863, 23:21

Vinz: ? no plagiarism done here

Joe Cabot
Joe Cabot Day 1,863, 03:07

great! Merry Christmas

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,863, 05:11

I know Boy Pick Up, but I have already read it in another game. : D

Boy Pick Up
Boy Pick Up Day 1,865, 04:21


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