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[Boban_M] MoFA teams in the world

Day 2,176, 03:40 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Boban Mitrovski

MoFA teams in the world:




and finally:

Macedonian MoFA team over the past year or so:



Boban Mitrovski
Boban Mitrovski Day 2,176, 03:41

[Boban_M] MoFA teams in the world

Red Tornado
Red Tornado Day 2,176, 03:47

Abe pijanico edna odi u kafana 😃

Persian Punisher
Persian Punisher Day 2,176, 03:48

Win - Win

Let me call a friend on this article , who is one of best MoFa of eWorld i have seen ever ,

my great friend and old fag : Dear BlackMK

hope to see mkd on map again , and move your ass please and join new alliance 😉

Lord Andru Lavale
Lord Andru Lavale Day 2,176, 06:09

New alliance? On the map again? Werent you proTWO? 😛

BlackMK Day 2,176, 10:11

So Gay : )

poletarec Day 2,176, 04:43

hahaha true true

voted !

Ghost of Styx
Ghost of Styx Day 2,176, 05:09

abe lesno e da se vika po mofata

ama nasiov napaten narod sto ke zasere eden covek ne gi pere

oni so pola e svet se ispokataa pa sea nekoj magionicar mofa treba da ide magicno da gi smiri i da im napravi sojuz


Aexil Kong PRC
Aexil Kong PRC Day 2,176, 09:38

епа значи треба и по тебе да викаме, немој само во множина да зборуваш. Ти беше тој што пукаше во сите востанија на нашите сојузници.

Ghost of Styx
Ghost of Styx Day 2,176, 15:04

Jas ako sum kreval mnogu retko sum pukal.

Nisto poveke od toa oni sto pukale kaj nas

Se desavalo da puknam nekogas isto kako sto se desavalo i nivni vo nasi da pukaat

Ako 1-2 sto pukale rasipale takvo prijatelstvo se gleda kolku bilo jako

Mr Santinoo
Mr Santinoo Day 2,176, 05:10

јас викам нека ЖИВЕЕ ХУМАНОСТА... 😃

TheTrooper69 Day 2,176, 05:11

замисли антиталенат ако го стаиме за мофа...книги, томови, библио...

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 2,176, 05:27

looool XD

Bogi Day 2,176, 05:34

At least they had some fun 🙂

nikolaosnikolaosnikolaos Day 2,176, 05:50


Clinoman Day 2,176, 08:16

American Beauty - Kevin Spacey is the guy in the shower.One of the greatest movies ever made.

Toni Lj Cvetkovski
Toni Lj Cvetkovski Day 2,177, 06:10

Vrska nema ova. Nasiot evergrin MOFA e zensko 🙂

Boban Mitrovski
Boban Mitrovski Day 2,177, 06:19

mislish? 🙂

Toni Lj Cvetkovski
Toni Lj Cvetkovski Day 2,177, 06:21

🙂 E sega dodeka ne ja vidam samo mislam, a ne sum siguren 🙂

dimzaaa Day 2,177, 06:11

Im famous xD

makedonec 21
makedonec 21 Day 2,177, 06:28


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