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[BizBuzz] Which Training Contract you should sign?

Day 1,842, 02:55 Published in Serbia New Zealand by Shone bate

Ok, so which training contract you should sign?

Here is the table that explains the cost of every type of training and gold that you can save/lose with each of contracts:

The green numbers shows how much gold you will save, and red ones shows how much you can lose. Values are the same for every quality of training centers, because here we calculate the price of training and not profit.

Equation example for 50% discount contract:

Total_Training_Costs - (Total_Training_Costs*50% + 25)
59.4 - (59.4 *0.5 + 25) = 4.7gold
this means that you will pay 4.7 gold less for 30 days of training.

IMPORTANT: If you do not train every day do not sign this contracts!

For shout:


[BizBuzz] Which Training Contract you should sign?




VOIDOKOILIAS Day 1,842, 03:03


The One from Macedonia
The One from Macedonia Day 1,842, 03:08

this is if you have q4 training centers only right?

Shone bate
Shone bate Day 1,842, 03:10

No, the cost of training is the same for every Q of training center

Djeza Day 1,842, 03:14

dobar kao i uvek

Tezej Day 1,842, 04:14


Swoosh. Day 1,842, 04:29

30 days?
you can use it for 31 days !
otherwise: vote!

HwiSuKim Day 1,842, 04:31

jel ovo 24.49 g na kraju meseca profit ako uzmem ovaj 90% i treniram sa q4 svakoga dana?

Gambino_SSSS Day 1,842, 04:32


Serdar Od Niksica
Serdar Od Niksica Day 1,842, 06:25

VEXXXBG u pitanju je usteda u odnosu na cijenu treninga koju bi platio bez potpisivanja ugovora.

Shone bate
Shone bate Day 1,842, 06:28

tacno tako, ovde se samo racuna cena placanja treninga, ne i zarada od SS i tome slicno. Dakle ako zelis da potpises ugovor, prvo proveri koje treninge koristis, bez obzira na kvalitet treninga, cena je uvek ista

Serdjo Day 1,842, 07:27

free +20
lv.2 +10
lv.3 +20
lv.4 +40
sum = 90

reward each day +1, and 5th day is 5

so, 91+91+91+91+95 = 459 (5 days) * 6 to get sum for 30 days is 2754

divide with 250 and you get 11 SS medals

that will give you 55 gold

and how much did you pay, 53 + (0.19+0.89+1.79) x 30 x 0.1 = 61.61 gold

you are short 6.61 gold per month (this is for those who have all at maximum and use all every day)

this is how this should be counted

Shone bate
Shone bate Day 1,842, 07:49

@Serdjo: You have misunderstood, you will never make a profit from training. Here we calculate how much money can you save, NOT EARN. So if you buy a contract it means that you will pay LESS for training and save money.

bozimano dorks
bozimano dorks Day 1,842, 16:58

ma sve to ok nego ova cica mi istera oci mljac

Shone bate
Shone bate Day 1,843, 01:37

@bozimano dorks: licno sam je birao da vas sve razdrma 🙂

prostokreten Day 1,856, 16:14


Georgian Queen
Georgian Queen Day 1,878, 01:38


DaRkO 206
DaRkO 206 Day 1,878, 01:48


WyvernJack Day 1,878, 03:08

Thanks for the info!
I'm still tossing up if to pay for gold or not, to get another contract... last one i bought was very rewarding and my gold is suffering so hard without it now..
Least now i know to go the 90% "if" i'm going to spend the money, cause if your going to go hard, you gotta go hard

Gavra Munja
Gavra Munja Day 1,976, 01:48

Ma sta ima da se racuna, popust se tako zove sa razlogom : )
Ako redovno treniras, naravno da je isplativije nego ne uzeti bilo koji od 2 popusta (naravno da je onaj od 90% isplativiji). Plus, takodje ako si redovan, tu upadne i HW medalja, mozda i neka BH, eventualno neka treca, i isplatio si gold koji das za popust, cak i dnevni trening. Nema tu mnogo mozganja...

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