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[BizBuzz] Make a higher profit with exporting

Day 1,836, 17:25 Published in Serbia New Zealand by Shone bate


In this article I will explain the way of earning more money by selling your products on foreign markets. After that there will be an detailed explanation for people who got an opportunity to export via my licenses. More info about this selection you can read in my previous article My GoW Medal + GIFTS

Everything that you need to know about selling your products to a foreign market

For sure, first you need to buy a market licence which cost 20 golds per country. And this is not an easy job to do, because there are a lot of constraints that you need to consider. Some of those constrains are: trading embargo, wars and import taxes. Since this story is very long, maybe I will write some day a new article where I will explain everything. For now we will neglect this.

Setting the product price on a foreign market
Let say that you already have some licenses and you want to sell your products. First thing that you have to do is to check the market price. For an example I will consider exporting Q7 food from Serbia to Japan. At the moment (while I am writing this article) the price on the Market in Serbia is 0.88cc and the price for Q7 food on the Market in Japan is 99 999cc. Of course, nobody will buy it if you set this price, therefore we will set the reasonable price at 1.2cc.

Calculating the net price
How much are we going to earn? The price that we will set is a price that includes both Import Tax and VAT (Value Added Tax). On the Economy page of Japan you can see that Import Tax for food is 25% and that VAT is 5%, which is in total 30% of taxes. Here is the equation that helps to calculate the NET value of our product:

where: NetPrice is the amount of money that we get after taxes, TotalPrice is the value of product that we want to set (1.2cc for Q7 food), and tax in this case is 30 (in per cent).

At the end, the Net Price of our product is 0.92cc. As the price in Serbia is 0.88cc - tax_in_Serbia=0.83cc it is clear that THE PROFIT IS HIGHER for 0.09cc per unit. By selling 1 000 Q7 products on this market the profit would be higher for 90cc than selling them in Serbia.

Detailed information about exporting your products through my licenses

On the previous picture I have presented all countries that are on your disposal. However, from time to time you should check the Serbian Economy page and look for the active embargoes. This means that the export is forbidden from Serbia to the country with "embargo".

Here are some instructions that you have to follow:
1. Most important rule - Do not ask me which products, where and for which price to export them.
2. After you decide in which country you want to export donate your products to my account (not more than 1000units)
3. Send me a message with the name of country and of course the price for the market
4. As I am not available 24/7, you should not send more than 2 messages per day. However, if your products are sold very fast and I transfer you the money after a few minutes/hours, then you can send me additional 2 messages.
5. There might be a case when two players wants to export the same product on a same market. The player who reached me first will get the permission to sell those products on chosen market.
6. Players can also negotiate about the scenario "4.". If they agree, I can place on the market the sum of units from both players. For instance, 1000 Q7 food from one player + 1000 Q7 food from another, in total 2000 units on that specific market.

Thanks for reading my article. If this information was useful for you VOTE, for being updated with future articles SUB.

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[BizBuzz] Make a higher profit with exporting


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wandrip Day 1,837, 03:07

@Altalis: opo bedone cah iki sing jarene master karo dodolan sikil limo (istilah opo iki), tak kiro hadiah'e kuwi entuk bom opo mas-mas an ngono. 😛

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