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[BizBuzz] Investment Tip #1 - Weapon Raw Material Building

Day 1,856, 16:08 Published in Serbia New Zealand by Shone bate

A lot of rockets, bazookas and energy bars are awarded this days. Players receive BH/CH medals more often and the logical question appears: Where to invest your gold? Therefore, I have decide to publish a few articles and maybe help you with your decision. However, I am not taking any responsibility for investments you will make after reading this article 🙂

Weapon Raw Material Investment

As you can see from most of Marketplaces, the price of weapon raw is 2-3 times higher than food raw material. Logically, with the same investment you will earn more money by investing in weapon raw material building.

It is very important to know, that with investing in this kind of business you immediately lose a half of your money. Why? The answer is very simple, if you would like to dissolve your building you will receive only the half of your invested money. There is no discount like in the food or weapon industry.

Since the most expensive building is Rubber Plantation (35 gold) the starting investment was 35 gold for all buildings. In other words, with this amount of money you can buy approximately:
- 8.16 x Iron Mine
- 4.1 x Oil Rig
- 3.5 x Aluminium Mine
- 1.44 x Saltpeter Mine
- 1 x Rubber Plantation

In the next Table you will see the input data that I have used (from Serbia) while calculating the profitability of investment for each weapon raw material building.

On the next graph the profitability of the investment for one year can be seen, presented in CC:

With current prices on the market, it can be concluded that the Aluminium Mine Building is the most profitable investment (dark green line). The return of investment is achieved in 119 days, and after that you have a pure profit. The only disadvantage is that it requires more health Saltpeter or Rubber.

Although, the Rubber Plantation +4 workers is slightly more profitable, it needs more investments (3500cc for 2000 of extra storage) and if prices goes down you would have to fire your workers and the line is the same as the "dark blue" on the picture.

What happens if your country lose 4 resources (60% production)?

Again, Aluminium is the most profitable, you will just need more days for return of your investment (343 days). For other building you would need more than one year and unfortunately you will lose a lot of your money with Rubber Plantation +4 workers.

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[BizBuzz] Investment Tip #1




Tasmyn Day 1,856, 16:41


woodward354 Day 1,856, 16:42


Trstenicanin CUKI
Trstenicanin CUKI Day 1,856, 17:13


Georgian Queen
Georgian Queen Day 1,857, 02:12


naturaIMystic Day 1,857, 02:19


Shone bate
Shone bate Day 1,857, 02:26

E pa kada me i dSoKre pohvalio onda sam stvarno dobar 🙂.... majstore malo si ga ugasio sa novinama, dosta sam tamo naucio pre 3 god, hvala ti za to

Shirayuki Hotogi
Shirayuki Hotogi Day 1,857, 02:30


MR. HANK SCORPIO Day 1,857, 02:34

Great article.

Jasonnor Day 1,857, 02:34


kavala023 Day 1,857, 03:12


Djeza Day 1,857, 03:12

V, dobar kao i uvek

truperisltu Day 1,857, 04:13


D..C Day 1,857, 04:46

I hope your article will convince more people to build RAW material plants, and RAW prices will go down as a result : )

Shone bate
Shone bate Day 1,857, 07:13

@D.C. shout my article and maybe more people will see it... P.S. Until Plato change everything...again : )

Andrewman Day 1,857, 09:23


Nubiyan Day 1,857, 10:34


Dagislav Day 1,857, 12:56

Vote from cumsheelook!

Shone bate
Shone bate Day 1,857, 17:14

Thanks to all, expect the calculation of investments for food/weapon companies in the next article

hvala svima, ocekujte u sledecem clanku investicije food/weapon kompanija

minimaks Day 1,858, 02:23

Zasto jednom kazes da se ulozeno vraca nakon 119 dana, a drugi put za 343 dana? Za aluminijum...

Shone bate
Shone bate Day 1,858, 08:40

@minimaks: manje resursa->slabija proizvodnja->manje para->sporiji povracaj investicije

Gazda155 Day 1,858, 12:49

I kazes aluminium se najvise isplati?

Shone bate
Shone bate Day 1,859, 04:58

@Gazda155 za sada tako stoje stvari, ali imaj na umu da na to dosta utice kurs zlata I da ces strositi vise zdravlja jer za jednu Q5 otvarqs 3 Q3 firme

Kokolo53 Day 1,871, 11:50


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