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[BigAnt] - Make Easy Money

Day 2,067, 13:28 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by BigAnt
[BigAnt] - Make Easy Money
Lets keep this short and sweet! (Like me)

So Voters is back up and running guys. For you new players who are thinking wtf is that? Well its an on-line service that allows people to buy votes/subs for their newspaper.



So how can I make money from it?

Easy guys, sign up with you basic details. Name, profile link and a password to log in. I strongly suggest you use a different password to your erep one just in case.

- I just signed up and made £200 in 2mins 😃, keep checking the orders daily and vote/sub/fb the available orders and earn cash.
- Easy way to earn extra cash.

Hopefully this will help some of you who need extra cash for building you companies, fighting etc.

All the best guys


Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 2,067, 13:30

Easy money, but it's not a satisfying way to do so.

meh, each to their own i spose

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 2,067, 13:33

oh and you bought votes too


BigAnt Day 2,067, 13:33

New players cant buy WRM companies and make money fast, infact return for invest is like 1 year for one company...

any extra money is a win right?

Spite313 Day 2,067, 13:35

Well done, promoting wrecking UK media again. So much for man of the people... Just lining your own pockets again I see

Bohemond4 Day 2,067, 13:42


BigAnt Day 2,067, 13:46

just to put this out there, i didnt buy votes for this, ffs

I thought i was bulletproof with this one, no hate, no name calling I was on a winner, voters must have pinged it

Piran Day 2,067, 13:49

247 votes in 18 minutes takes some pinging

CptChazbeard. Day 2,067, 13:51

If it wasn't for the fact I'm enduring the most boring months the eUK could possibly conjure up then I'd write a whining diatribe about how this is actually bad for new players.

Instead I'm just excited something is're still a prick for actively promoting vote buying as a swell idea however!

Mr Woldy
Mr Woldy Day 2,067, 15:02

I did an article (i think?!?1?) about vote buying and how it stamps out pluralism, I can dig it out if you fancy a read!

Richard Bennet
Richard Bennet Day 2,068, 07:32

Woldy, I would like to read it.

Gordon Strachan
Gordon Strachan Day 2,067, 13:53

And just when I thought the nadir was reached...

BigAnt Day 2,067, 14:30

plenty more to come

Gibbomd Day 2,067, 14:06

Lol, I almost feel sorry for BA, a politics free article that I believe was written with the best intentions and he still gets flamed..... Mind you I'm against vote buying so I won't go as far as supporting the article, but a welcome change from the global warming is TUPs fault sort of article.

Bohemond4 Day 2,067, 14:14

because vote buying only helps those with money...promoting its use screws over those of us who can only generate like 50 votes at a time, or even less.

Those of us who choose to get our articles up to the top without buying votes suffer.

BigAnt Day 2,067, 14:31

"Bohemond4 because vote buying only helps those with money"

No mate, you earn 4cc per vote, so new players earn ALOT in terms of what they can produce. face the facts..

yes vote buying is wrong, but it happens so we may aswel profit from it right?

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 2,067, 14:34


alittlec4 Day 2,067, 17:12

Whooooooooosh, Bohemonds point went right over your head didn't it?

IfIWereARichMan Day 2,068, 06:09

And child abuse is wrong but it happens so we may as well get onto those sites, eh?

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 2,067, 14:38

What a Lemon.

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 2,067, 14:40

P.S. if BA votes MY comments up, I'm not payin'

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 2,067, 14:47

so, at 4CC a vote...and 1 gold = 223 Plato Pounds, and the ability to buy 300 gold for 99.9 Euros available to any user, I calculate that at current exchange rates, 1 vote is worth 0.5137 pence in real money.

Probably not really the best way to earn easy money to be honest, especially if you have to sell out on your principles while doing it.

Elle Roslin
Elle Roslin Day 2,067, 16:13

BigAnt doesn't expect anyone to have principles.

Sambo112 Day 2,067, 14:47

oh BigAnt...

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,067, 15:18

The trolls are out in full force, this article has been doing the round across the globe.

@ Iain keers wreaking the media , It cannot get any worse, last weekend five childlike ms paint Poland balls was top five news for the whole of the UK.

In fact the media is a load of old croak , big old player's with loads of friends and votes can get an useless article in the top five no ease ( that includes me) while many good articles have nine votes due to the fact players are new or do not have many friends, voting on these articles are gang related and content doesn't matter , people should have the right to earn money taking part in this if they wish along as it is not hate mail.

Better still maybe the UK should work together take all voters club money and have loads of tanks for new players but whatever most of you just like to bitch and moan and play a game of one up man ship.

Most of you will never see the light.


Alphabethis Day 2,067, 15:48

pretty well explained

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 2,067, 16:25

...yeah, I guess this system favours the poor rich orphaned and friendless new players who can afford to buy votes to put their article in the top 5.

Spygon Day 2,067, 16:57

But the Poland ball was wanted by the the public Dapper and i am new to the media side of things and still got two top five articles unless your going to say i have a secret army that is supporting me?.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,067, 16:58

Swings and roundabouts

Spygon Day 2,067, 17:05

You guys are running out of ideas and you know your days are numbered you really are getting desperate

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,067, 17:07

Really looks like we are getting stronger . power to the people, lies ,smears and child like acts won't take us from the path. Night spygon .

Spygon Day 2,067, 17:09

We? i thought you left new era oh wait that was enough crazy scheme from the new era crowd hard to keep up sometimes.Night Dapper

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,067, 17:11

you get far too carried away in these comments , I'm always New Era and proud of it ! it's so hot tonight I hope I sleep , anyway night Spygon.

jamesw Day 2,068, 08:32

We actually did try to start up a UK-based one where people would give money/weapons and these would be given to new players.

People ignored it and used voters club instead, because it guaranteed '2 days in the top 5', as BigAnt pointed out.

It is entirely possible to do so, but as you rightly point out, NO ONE these days is willing to put the effort in. They either ignore voters club, or as in this article, just blindly endorse it.

JiminyChristmas Day 2,068, 12:24

So your solution to new players not being able to get into the top 5 is to have people with cash buy votes?

Oh, and Polandballs end up in the top five because more people enjoy reading them than the constant NE v TUP diatribes that comprise most of the rest of the UK media scene. I don't see a problem with that.

F.Simple Day 2,067, 15:21


Spygon Day 2,067, 16:55

Bigant unveils to new players how him and the highers up in new era use money to try to control and hide the euks real public views.

The cracks are starting to show so new players please take notice of the people who say they want to "free" the community to make it "fairer" and "non-biased" while using there money to disrupt and dilute freedom of press in this country.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,067, 16:59

Rubbish is the only word this statement, you do know his not in New Era right ?

Spygon Day 2,067, 17:04

Oh your so right i am sorry its just a party lead by and ex new era member that has ex new eras members in it higher command.While having views of new era.

Once again i will say this if it looks like a chicken,sounds like a chicken and lays eggs like a chicken but you called it a goose makes it still a chicken.

LongShotzZ Day 2,068, 00:40

Dapper, you're in Freemasons just further proving what Spygon has said, Freemasons are just New Era members. We all know however that Freemasons is just there to help gain New Era congress seats and CP votes.

I quote "I'm always New Era and proud of it !"

Funny day when Dapper digs his own grave...

Neil Lewis
Neil Lewis Day 2,068, 05:45

Correction: neither are IN New Era per se

Dappy-Sap - Masonic Lodge [] - probably the ePolish Freemasons & therefore the ePolish New Era v2

BA - Radical Democratic Party [] - New Era v3 as he didn't PTO The Round Table [who incidentally, Jack Dante, need to change their avatar, as promised]

Sir Rex Fleddington
Sir Rex Fleddington Day 2,067, 17:08

How could you think this was a clever idea? You have just opened yourself up to even more crap and you have proven how corrupt and idiotic you are. *Slow Clap* for the douchebag of the year who wants to ruin the media for his own personal gain. The eUK was a lot better off without this crap and now people are bringing it back to get publicity when they aren't popular or interesting. Enjoy you're "victory".

Vilh Smecwald
Vilh Smecwald Day 2,067, 17:33

btw I was the one who nicked the 150,000...

yes I know stealing is probably wrong, but it happens so I may as well profit from it right?

Sweet Drinker
Sweet Drinker Day 2,068, 00:11

I don't understand why ppl get so defensive of the media module.
The game has major systemic flaws.
The retention rate of new players has always been abysmal.
Lowgrade companies get you nowhere.
Highend companies require insane amounts of investment. (and still aren't great)
Sacrificing the already dubious integrity of the media module for the sake of young players' success in the military and economic modules is a completely sane decision in this insane world.

There are plenty of good reasons for everyone to troll BA, but this isn't one of them.

Tinman. Day 2,068, 00:28

Yeah, tend to agree with much of that. Buying gold to upgrade is horrendos exchange rate I have enough cash for 0.02 gold currently - it don't buy a lot.

Zaphod Beeblebrox IV
Zaphod Beeblebrox IV Day 2,068, 05:19

bro, it's BA; you troll him for everything

LongShotzZ Day 2,068, 00:31

Was there any need to vote buy this article? No
Was there any need to even write this article in the first place? No

Overall concludes that BA is dumb as hell.

BigAnt Day 2,068, 06:41

btw, voters promoted this.. just so you know i didnt buy votes so..

Mr. Spigot
Mr. Spigot Day 2,068, 04:00

Will the last person out of the eUK please turn the light off.

It'll most probably be Big Ant.

IfIWereARichMan Day 2,068, 06:10

And he'll forget.

Mr. Spigot
Mr. Spigot Day 2,068, 07:06

Yes, I'm sure he will.

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