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[BigAnt] - Its time to invest in our future military!

Day 2,038, 12:47 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by BigAnt

[BigAnt] - Its time to invest in our future military!



Any one notice the new offers?

These new offers are up for Training Grounds and one of the main parts of both mine and Mr Woldy's Country President election was our promises to support and fund a "Training Ground Loans" for active fighters who need some help improving their Training grounds.

These offers appear every 3 months or so, so we must jump on this opportunity while it lasts (60hrs). We have roughly 2000 Gold in the treasury sat doing nothing, its time to invest in our future army. I think this is widely agreed anyway, but I'm putting this out there to promote the Link to apply.

UK army can be much stronger!

Quoting Woldy's article here.

"Some people have begun asking about the training loans, and as we will be entering war now is a good time to announce our plan about them. I want them to act primarily as an activity incentive, as outlined in my manifesto. What we are doing with them is offering them to people who show good activity and the ability to follow orders over the period of a week. After this trial by fire, they are then offered a loan. This ‘incentive’ has two key advantages; firstly we aren’t throwing money away to people who may disappear, instead only those who remain active and enthusiastic get a loan. Secondly, it encourages people to fight smart and follow orders, a vital pillar of an efficient military.

Furthermore, applicants who use IRC over an extended period of time after receiving the loan, will have a tiny wee bit of the loan knocked off for them, offering them an incentive not only to fight smart, but to use #MoD - something we should all be doing!

You may apply right now by filling in this gdoc.

Lets avoid this...

Get applying everyone who is interested please! Free support just don't abuse this chance it will prevent future support to both yourself and the nations future fighters!




Saiwun Day 2,038, 12:47


Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Day 2,038, 12:50

To get loans members shouldn't have to jump though hoops either , you can check in egov if they are active , and ask their commanders if they are a safe bet !

Good article voted

Alphabethis Day 2,038, 12:56

I'll apply, .... I expect the grants to be equally delivered among different parties, ... or at least not to be heavily biased.

NT Games
NT Games Day 2,038, 13:02

i;m doing 52.5 training per day 😃 got 45 gold for a new training contract, hope i can get a loan then if i'll be short on gold

BigAnt Day 2,038, 13:11

trustworthy player, i wouldn't see a problem

Carlini8 Day 2,038, 13:33

I am long a big fan of these sorts of things. I have now totaled 5 offers where I have personally loaned out over 200 gold a time.

The issue is when these come around it is a mad rush. My most successful three were planned in advance. These come around much more often than even 3 months, at least one a month I would say.

BigAnt Day 2,038, 14:37

they dont come monthly I will find the article which calculated timings to roughly a week

wigibob Day 2,039, 08:27

nice idea
I won't apply personally as I need about 30 gold and probably wouldn't appreciate it anyway but it is still a really good thing to do for the good of our country

wigibob Day 2,039, 08:28

p.s.I would avoid the sunday express too

Strength and Honour

Spygon Day 2,039, 11:24

Who reads the Sunday express?

Saiwun Day 2,039, 13:36

What can the scheme offer a non uk citizen who already has all four training grounds at Q4?

CptChazbeard. Day 2,039, 16:14

Fuck all now piss off

Sven Goran Duran-Duran
Sven Goran Duran-Duran Day 2,039, 15:29

great stuff. voted

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