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[BHISHK ENTERPRISES] Temporary Shutdown

Day 1,822, 04:16 Published in India India by kapahii

Hello all,

This is to announce that i am temporarily shutting down BHISHK ENTERPRISES, as i have encountered financial troubles, i will re-open it after sometime with a revised scheme (that's affordable).

Till then, i am clearing my debts to my employees according to the current scheme.



Megas ALEKSANDR0S Day 1,822, 04:18

first.. o7

Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence Day 1,822, 07:23

It is expensive to be generous

lHonouR Day 1,822, 19:47

Wish you a speedy recovery....

MohanB Day 1,823, 00:40


Come back soon 🙂

Lonqu Day 1,823, 00:44

Being generous within sensible constraints benefits everyone more, including yourself, in the long term. o7

Rishi Bhargav
Rishi Bhargav Day 1,823, 21:21


Bhavani Kottapalli
Bhavani Kottapalli Day 1,823, 22:59

sad to hear,till then u can suscribe day2day

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