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[BG-MOFA] Thank you, allies!

Day 2,115, 03:57 Published in Bulgaria Singapore by Bulgarian Diplomatic Corps

Hallo friends, hallo enemies!

This is probably my last article as an official if we don't count my ambassador articles, so what the hell? I want some trolling at it. I'll start the article my way. 🙂
Guess what she's saying:

"TWO no stronk" or something? 😛

Ok, let's get to business.
We finally made our lion leap to Scandinavia. During our flight Lithuanian empire cracked. We made another step towards CoT+Asgard fighting as one. Only several months ago CoT and Asgard were asleep.. or more like stunned. Both lacked the organisation that was needed to fight against our common enemies. It was my personal goal to bring those two alliances closer. During this month I found that I'm not the only one wishing for that to happen. Internal organisation went streight up in CoT's and Asgard's HQс until the inevitable happened- synergy between us. And the final step that could be made this month was made indeed. We chose a strong opponent with even stronger allies. You can read the details about yesterday victory in NKFV's article. There is no need to repeat them myself. I just want to say that seeing the outcome of only one battle against the oppressor in Scandinavia made my day. They started losing regions in no time. This is a great achievment against TWO. Even if we had lost the battle, it wouldn't be wasted. And now... Asgard can have their oportunity for vengeance very soon. And I believe our cooperation will grow stronger with each day passed. This is why Lithuania was our best choice for airstrike. There were countless shouts like "Lithuania? WTF? Are you mad?" but now I hope everybody can see why. And we don't regret this choice whatever happens next. We have failed with airstrikes before. Yeeah, everybody knows that. But it's because we like to play "all in". It's a game after all. And we like to play it the lion's way.

I want to thank our friends big time.
First of all, I haven't seen so much Macedonians in 4:00 am (3:00 their time) ever. Not even in their own battles. They were spamming my inbox and my feeds with "come on, win it, God damn it" through the whole battle. They were eager to help with ideas, organised hits, funds, etc. I dig that. I love spam, as you all must know. They gave everything they had in our battle! And because it is my last article as MoFA I'd like to thank Persej's cabinet for this mandate as they made it easy for us from their side. We had that secret, secret channel with them where we made plans for the next day, almost every night. This played a great role in both our countries succeeding in the end. Because you can't achieve anyhing if your neighbour doesn't agree or even know what you're doing.

Chilenos, I remember when you were just a little country and we chose you as a friend. Then you had that big baby boom and we came to deliver gifts for the newbies. We were spending so much on bread and weapons like it was our own BB. And we never regreted that. You proved to be great friends and yesterday you supplied us. You helped fund our AS and then you gave food, weps and put CO in our battle. You deserve a big "GRACIAS!" from us!

Bratushki, what can I say? Russia has been our allie for so long... I wasn't even e-born, I think. Your attitude hasn't changed a bit. I saw many of you tanking hard for us. I was embarrassed that we couldn't push harder in D4 where you hitted the most. You saw that D4 was a lost cause but you countinued. Big respect and thanks to Mother Russia!

Americas and Indo,
Thanks for having our back while we're sleeping! You're our guardians who keep us safe when we go to the dreaming land even when we're not quite capable of doing the same for you. Thank you!

You sent so much rocket troops that I couldn't even handle distribution. Thank you!

I mentioned you already, nothing more for you. Tro lo lo 😛

Wolf Heinrich von Helldorf,
Just... WOW!

Thanks for the great time. It was really cool spamming those channels. I'm long gone but some day... 😃
I want to say I'm greatly disappointed in our PR, you know who it is. On a summit two weeks ago we voted for CoT's official drink. We chose...

But did he mention that in "CoT's voice"? Nope. Epic fail, dude, epic fail!
And that little fairy ilphen...
RAG ULGA KIGG (well, that's some orkish for you to translate)

Hail our team \o/
Fail other team!

God of Spam ✯✯✯
MoFA of Bulgaria
Bulgarian ambassador for Canada
Minister of DICkTATURE of Bulgaria
CoT PropaganJadist
TrolltotalitarianisM's CP
Spam-Uth's father
Follower of Goshovism, SPAM Zaiche
Fan of Jochhism
(=' :')



Simonymous Day 2,115, 04:03

[BG-MOFA] Thank you allies!

Sir Mort
Sir Mort Day 2,115, 04:15

Кой си ти фе ?

Simonymous Day 2,115, 05:03

асам шев

didi210 Day 2,115, 06:40

Въъъъъъй ))) Дипломацията над всичко хихихихихих Трий, че се изложихме пред чужденците )))

Simonymous Day 2,115, 06:51

Като оня виц с "Изложихме се пред Пешо" 😉

didi210 Day 2,115, 06:55

Не го знам, но определено фейспалм с това гифче в статията )))

Simonymous Day 2,115, 11:47

Прати друго, кат не те кефи ;е

Jack the Weirdo
Jack the Weirdo Day 2,115, 10:55

Епицк статийа ###!

AquariusSG Day 2,115, 04:06

Thank you friends!

Bobo Malkia
Bobo Malkia Day 2,115, 04:07


NKFV Day 2,115, 04:07


NKFV Day 2,115, 04:08

worst MoFA ever!

NO CARRIER Day 2,115, 04:08

Тресящите са сланини са напълно подходящи за такава статия, да.

Hipokrit Day 2,115, 04:09

(\__/) This is Bunny. Copy and
(='.'🙂 paste Bunny to help him
(")_(") gain world domination

lioshi Day 2,115, 04:10

Thank you friends!

Zdlemmy Day 2,115, 04:10

Hail rakiaaa \(^-^)/

XaoC aJI4eH
XaoC aJI4eH Day 2,115, 04:11

Само тук не бяхте срали!

eDuH uDeoT
eDuH uDeoT Day 2,115, 04:31

мислиш ли?
: )

XaoC aJI4eH
XaoC aJI4eH Day 2,115, 06:27

Тази снимка е съвсем мормална, не е като онази дето си тръска сланините по тезгяха.

invaluable Day 2,115, 06:46

Никой не е казал, че е ненормална xD

Morrpheus Day 2,115, 04:11

Thank you friends!

pakkiotto Day 2,115, 04:11


Persej Makedonski
Persej Makedonski Day 2,115, 04:15

Заедно сме посилни

Да живее братството !!!

Да живее Сојузот !!!

Simonymous Day 2,115, 04:16


Simonymous Day 2,115, 05:01

куджа е тас брьъ?

invaluable Day 2,115, 05:02

Please, post this on your friends feed:

Lets make le ukrainian fashion designer face famous!

~ chain shout ~

Sir Mort
Sir Mort Day 2,115, 04:16

I think she wants the D ?

Dark Knight Kiril Kirilov
Dark Knight Kiril Kirilov Day 2,115, 04:20


Draknar Day 2,115, 04:24


overm1nd88 Day 2,115, 04:27

Има ракиа има вот!

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