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[BE] Communication Tools

Day 1,419, 05:36 Published in Belgium Netherlands by Belgium Incorporated

The first step to become active within the eRepublik is to take contact with other players. There are several ways to communicate and I will list here the main tools:

Private Messages
This is the standard integrated tool in eRepublik. To send a message, the standard process is to join an user page and click on the send message button.

Then you can write and send a message. Once sent, an alert will automatically appear in the user interface.

While it is the best tool to reach every citizen, this is not the most practical one.


The eBelgian Forum is the main tool used by the eBelgian community to communicate. Congressional discussions and decisions are hold there, as the Governmental information and management features.

There are also more generic parts allowing for random chats and discussions.

Internet Relay Chat

Usually called IRC, this is a real time discussion tool that allows for intensive and fast communication. The system is based on channels where people can connect. In a channel, everyone can write and read what the others state instantaneously. It is a very good way to meet people and to begin to know other players. This is also used for negotiations and discussions with foreign representatives.

(example of basic IRC discussion)

You can connect on IRC from the forum or from dedicated programs.


The official eRepublik Wiki is an important source of information as it is used by players from the whole eWorld. However, there are a lot of changes in eRepublik and a lot of information are outdated or even wrong (this is far worse than Wikipedia for instance). Moreover, the structure is not always very clear and it is sometimes confusing.

However, this is a very good place to get some information, like the mission list (usually updated very fast when new missions arise). Moreover it is a good data source if you are interested in eRepublik history.


Unlike the private messages, you can see the shouts on the main page of eRepublik and it shows your text to all your friends. It is particularly efficient at the beginning of the game when you do not have many friends. However, people tend to use it for anything and thus most messages are spam and not interesting (but it will depend of the way you choose your friends).


The newspapers used to be a very important tool in communication as it was shown on the main page of eRepublik. However, with recent updates, they do not show anymore and it has become hard to know when there are news. However, this channel is still used a lot by politicians and the government. Some entertainment newspapers also exist but they usually do not last long.

Everyone can write a news as long as he is ready to pay the 2 gold required to create a newspaper.

Contacting admins

This has to be used only in case of problems with eRepublik. The button can be found on the bottom of the main page.

Some times information about updates can be found in the FAQ located in the same place.

Other Tools

Some other communication tools exist (skype for instance) but they are not used enough to mention them.



Jammy17 Day 1,419, 05:45

voted good work : )

splashdog Day 1,419, 05:45

voted and suggested 😉
btw: showing up ur monetary advantages 😃 ?

Jofroi Day 1,419, 05:53

I'm not that rich 😉.

Ward De Bever
Ward De Bever Day 1,419, 05:55

excellent info - voted, subscribed and shouted!

Lord Jopie
Lord Jopie Day 1,419, 05:55

Nice article! I'm flattered that you used our brilliant conversation.

Duke of Flanders
Duke of Flanders Day 1,419, 06:33

nice article

Ernest Bogdansson
Ernest Bogdansson Day 1,419, 07:50


Dendraad Day 1,419, 08:55

my god your filthy rich Jofroi 😮

Rican Day 1,419, 09:12

Excellent !
great information.

Aldous Zamiatin
Aldous Zamiatin Day 1,419, 09:26


Kliment E. Voroshilov
Kliment E. Voroshilov Day 1,419, 09:34


Great tutorial!

Jofroi Day 1,419, 10:52

Thanks everyone for support 😉

Oleksa76 Day 1,420, 07:43

Comment deleted

shadowukcs Day 1,420, 10:43

ITT: jofroi has used his 6 multi accounts to send him messages to make it look like he's popular

Jofroi Day 1,420, 12:33

No, that's not true 😛. I used Government account for that.

And btw, I only need 1 to send 6 messages, no need to use 6 differents accounts^^.

PS: The biggest amount of messages I received in one time is around 20-30 over 8-10 hours ^^

Lorrain Day 1,422, 12:25

Belgium is not a republic !!

djole1122 Day 1,423, 10:00

Voted o/

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