[BB4CP] BSP, WTP, FED's, USWP, SFP, AMP, and everyone else!

Day 2,779, 15:07 Published in USA USA by BeachBro

OMG its me again. Yes I know by this time you all are like dammit BB get a life and stop writing all these articles. Your hands have to be hurting at this point! Well guess what they do! But you got to push on when its something you really want. The things you want in this life aren't just going to be handed to you. Put your head and shoulder down and charge on you beasts! With that being said I am writing this to ask for your support in the upcoming or ongoing Party Primaries for Country President.

Also here is a quote from none other then the Minister of Propaganda. " I like BeachBunny as much as I like boys " greeling.

Here is a overview of my Cabinet

Vice President - MaryamQ

Chief of Staff - Blande

Secretary of State - Wild Owl

NSC Chairs - The Norm & Trekker

Secretary of Defense - Garmr

Media - Tom Cauchon, Wooky Jack, nick.bergman, Alexander_Auctoritas , EddieA, Aramec

Secretary of Education - MrCarey

Secretary of Interior - Kodos

Department of Homeland Security - beerman616

Minister of Propaganda - greeling

Advisors - eShades, Gnilraps, Slybabymichele, Oblige

Here are the articles I have written as of now:

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Here is the meat and potatoes to this article. This has been a dream of mine. To even be running is a honor. So I thank you all for that first and foremost. I am a passionate person. When I put my mind to something I give it my all. I am sure some of you have noticed that over the last 6 months. Some people have said to me " Bunneh how in the world do you do it " or " Do you even sleep Bunneh " Truthfully I dont know the answer to either of those questions. What I do know thought is that this community, all of you are what keep me going and pushing on. I have enjoyed ever task/job I have taken on over these last 6 months. I have loved every minute of it. Without this community this game is nothing. That is something to cherish and to hold on to not to mention nourish. From all the long nights on IRC talking to y'all, to the random comments that just make me giggle out loud. From the fighting on the battlefield together, to the BH votes and comments that make you feel accomplished and proud. From just the interactions with people that just genuinely care for each other regardless of never meeting face to face. This world is as real as any. I want this community to strive and grow. Lets do it together eUS. Lets bring the fun back to this game together. Vote for BeachBunny in your Party Country Presidential Primaries. Its a vote you will not regret but a vote you will shout from the mountain tops.

Queen of Awesome