[Avvecklingsverket] Military Unit 2.0 June (#2)

Day 3,133, 13:07 Published in Sweden Sweden by Radsoc

eSwedish Department of Liquidation & Termination

Dear readers, multis and others

The eSwedish Department of Liquidation & Termination (Avvecklingsverket) is happy to announce that Antiplatonites got great plans for MUs! The bright minds of, what's considered to be one of the first parties of the eWorld, and the first party of new type (i.e. a 2.0-type party), have finally devised ingenious plans for the establishment of a military unit meeting the requirements of the new type. It will be the first 2.0 MU in the world of eRepublik.

Stay tuned!

Players' government of eSweden,
President Radsoc