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[AusDoD] Face it all together, At Skyfall. Day 1846

Day 1,846, 02:53 Published in Australia Australia by Australian Defence Department

Priority 1:

Fight for USA VS. Taiwan in Central Taiwan!

Dont forget to fight smart! Fight only if we are under wall and after the one (1) hour mark!

Skyfall is where we start, A thousand miles and poles apart, Where worlds collide and days are dark.



These channels can help you find how to fight and receive supplies at times of the day.

If you need help, ask the ADF Marshal Majester

Minister of Defence James_Rellori
Deputy of Defense DraimAlexander
Deputy of Defense CyberCasper


Aussiee Bloke
Aussiee Bloke Day 1,846, 02:54


Chris Carnage
Chris Carnage Day 1,846, 02:55


James Rellori
James Rellori Day 1,846, 02:56


James Rellori
James Rellori Day 1,846, 03:55

Oh by the way, M dies and the black woman who shoots Bond is Miss Moneypenny.

Majester Day 1,846, 05:30

Draim is the new ADF Marshal? Thanks for telling me.

alimilano Day 1,846, 08:51

We have MPP with Taiwan. FAIL AGAIN !

Benzo Diazepino
Benzo Diazepino Day 1,846, 09:10

Australia!!! watcha doin!, Australia, STAHP!!!!!!!!

Vyrin the First
Vyrin the First Day 1,846, 13:18

no resistance again, whatever

BOUD1CCA Day 1,846, 13:32

Vyrin hold your ground, build up your strength.
We are showing Chile our good intentions & at the same time giving them a breather they do not deserve so that they are more able to give their CoT allies a hand.
We will see

infin Day 1,846, 18:03

I am making Molotov cocktails in my basement.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,846, 20:10

and you are storing them next to the radiator, arn't you : (

Ouke Stinos
Ouke Stinos Day 1,847, 23:44

OK guys, so have we surrendered, or what?

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Day 1,847, 21:48

I hope the AD continue to support all RWs for eAustralian Territories, irrespective of what the DoD want.

BOUD1CCA Day 1,848, 01:21

I don't think so, but I believe Chile is stringing us along. They are drawing out this "diplomatic" process.
I haven't seen anything from our Government as to how the discussions are going.
I am prepared to bet we are waiting for them to get back to us.

"Hey Aussi, we get back to you short time hey, don't call us, we call you. You just be patient & no traitorousness like last time OK. U be good lil aussies . We will let you know"

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