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[AURORA] Unite for Bulgaria!

Day 2,414, 01:33 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by Government of eBulgaria

Hello Aurora, i will be really short with my statement. I would like to ask all Aurora members to help Bulgaria in this fight, WE NEED YOU AURORA, we need any of you in this campaign.

Against us is one of the biggest and strongest countries in the game, we're fighting hard and we don't give up, so i would like to ask all of you to fight in our next battle and show why Aurora is the best alliance! I think all of you get helped by me and Bulgaria in past 2-3 months, with money, soldiers and etc. Now is the time when you need to help us, with everything you got!

Everybody who help us, will be remember as hero of Bulgaria and we won't forget it, EVER! I would like to ask our dearest friends ingame, unite for Bulgaria - Chile, MKD, Indonesia, Germany, Paraguay, Mexico, Venezuela, Italy, Ireland, Russia, USA, Latvia, India and Lithuania unite for Bulgaria once again for the good of Aurora and for all bulgarians.

I would like also to ask Sirius for help, i know you have hard time too, but we need to unite against common enemy - Croatia, Poland, Spain, Turkey, UK, help us, we won't forget it!

pacoX, CP of eBulgaria


Saiwun Day 2,414, 01:35


~Love from LETO

nimnul Day 2,414, 01:37


cami00000 Day 2,414, 16:19

I missed the game for the last few weeks, I am confused about how Roumania became hostile when there was a NAP in place, someone know?

Trifu 01
Trifu 01 Day 2,414, 22:23

Because Bulgaria propose Romania at NE, Bulgaria win first battle but Romania will win the war !

cami00000 Day 2,415, 08:14

it puts me in an awkward position, I do not want my allies get wiped, but in the other hand, it was a mistake from Bulgarian's government of whoever approved this shit to NE Roumania. We will see in the incoming days what is going to be the result of this mess

Trifu 01
Trifu 01 Day 2,415, 09:08

your country will be erase from the map in 3-4 days 😃

Stolch Day 2,415, 20:58

After adding the new countries, adding the rubber resource in Georgia and severing bulgaria border with Russia, the admins planed e World Cup tournament, which incidentally did not coincide with the World Cup but with the end of the Bulgarian NAP so Romania ca attack Bulgaria witha bonus and take full resources.

For that reason they blocked any naps and were planing their attack, Bulgaria just beat them to it, though some strategic mistakes were done in the planing of the battles.

The result now will be that neither country will get anything and turkey will take and keep the rubber in Georgia with the other winner likely being Hungary which will take Ukraine, while Romania is entrenched in a Ping pong at best war with Bulgaria in which it will be receiving only token support because of its greediness which will be diverting alliance damage from elsewhere until they agree to ask for a nap again.

In the short term, Bulgaria will be deleted, as well as Romania, as the only country that has a free Ne and can save them is Hungary but they will not do it even for Serbia.

Felllix Day 2,414, 01:37


Soldier for Hire
Soldier for Hire Day 2,414, 01:37

nice one 🙂

WarankZ Day 2,414, 01:39

Indonesia IN it bro pac0X ~~~~~~` o7

s4ndu Day 2,414, 01:44

\\\o/// Bulgaria!

P.S. Who said "We will talk tomorrow" ?

Dead Girls Cant Say No
Dead Girls Cant Say No Day 2,414, 01:47

It's not like to take Muntenia which was free like 1 year and a half 😃

Stolch Day 2,415, 20:44

That's no accomplishment worth anything

Korkac Day 2,414, 01:44

Nie sme so vas.
Hail Bulgaria!
Hail Macedonia!
Hail Aurora!

Korkac Day 2,414, 01:44


Mr YYY Day 2,414, 01:44

по-тъпа статия не можа ли да напишеш? Баси излагацията

Dead Girls Cant Say No
Dead Girls Cant Say No Day 2,414, 01:46

Благодаря за мнението.


George Grigorov
George Grigorov Day 2,415, 06:14


AAladin Day 2,414, 01:47

venga suerte

ПРИСОСИТЕТООО БЪЛГАЪI!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111

msriasu Day 2,414, 01:56

we'll see tomorrow! after: fire in Sofia!

Dead Girls Cant Say No
Dead Girls Cant Say No Day 2,414, 01:58

yeah, with Plato tournaments you probably can do it 😃

pcatalin999 Day 2,414, 10:46

Soooo..... What hapened? Ran out of money for those 50 cc CO set from the beginning ti the end of the battle?

Todor Svetoslav
Todor Svetoslav Day 2,414, 12:58

I make some fire in your ass 😃

Stolch Day 2,415, 20:28

You were singing a diferent tune in my ear just a few months ago dear.....

bakalin Day 2,414, 02:10

по мотиви от "Комиците"
УНИКАЛНО СИ ТЪП, Пацкоооооо.!

Dead Girls Cant Say No
Dead Girls Cant Say No Day 2,414, 02:12

Звучи като комплимент от "боклик номер едно на еБългария"

bakalin Day 2,414, 02:14

Аз кат ти казвам, че си тъпо, ти не вдяваш.
"Боклук на годината -2013"

Dead Girls Cant Say No
Dead Girls Cant Say No Day 2,414, 02:19

Споко, имаш време да станеш и за 2014, то това не е титла, а призвание 😉

Chevalier01 Day 2,414, 13:58

paco e the best! spermoqd neshtasten!

MohanB Day 2,414, 02:15

Hail Aurora
- Support from India

wittyprakash Day 2,415, 10:23

lets do it for our brothers!

ArmY1948 Day 2,414, 02:18

My tank is a bit dusty, but I will see what I can do.

E R M A L Day 2,414, 02:24

Also albanians are fighting for bulgaria

SpaceMarineLee Day 2,414, 02:39

Много роми много нещо , но ще се бием смело , ако не друго :Д

Suomii Day 2,414, 02:48

Why should we help? it's not a critical battle,you have your core regions,you have a congress,your country is not under attack...Romania fight against 3 ennemies at the same time and you cant even beat them,sad and funny!

The Best 89
The Best 89 Day 2,414, 02:53

Show some respect towards your adversaries will you. No1 asked for a romanian point of view or advice. Romania has most of its core regions, so why the trash talk?

Suomii Day 2,414, 02:58

Trash talk? are you serious?

Sher Singh
Sher Singh Day 2,414, 05:18

Do not ignore the fact that when Argentina,Romania,Serbia had wars at same time,they lost badly. That time it was mostly a 1 on 1 situation. Only Greece and China were there for damage push .
Now since they are less busy you won't be fighting just Romania but 5 superpowers of the eworld. Bulgaria's allies are very much occupied and exhausted and this is the time to unite .

Mete Arhan
Mete Arhan Day 2,414, 02:50


rsmafia Day 2,414, 02:55

Когато всичко върви добре сме много велики, когато губим всеки се прави на умен и плюе ближния. Не може ли поне веднъж в тежък момент да забравим различията си и да бием със сърце и душа за еБългария?

Imoenbg1 Day 2,414, 14:30

......това не беше нашата война.....

Jurukov Day 2,414, 03:00


TULGAY Day 2,414, 03:00


Real Steel 4
Real Steel 4 Day 2,414, 03:10

India on it!!!!

Nikita. Fenix
Nikita. Fenix Day 2,414, 03:14

Hail Bulgaria!!
Hail Aurora!!!

Venezuela supports!!

elbebe27 Day 2,414, 15:11


nikol000 Day 2,414, 03:14

CO = Help

Dead Girls Cant Say No
Dead Girls Cant Say No Day 2,414, 03:25

Battles can be win without CO mate )

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