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[ATO] American Freedom Alliance

Day 1,875, 04:35 Published in USA USA by Kathee93

Are you guys here to PTO our nation?

Okay, just do it!

I will ATO the party you have stolen from true Americans! I'm running for American Freedom Alliance's presidental seat!

On the 15th, join American Freedom Alliance for a day, and vote the ATO candidate, vote Kathee93!



HannyaTR Day 1,875, 04:39

im giving 200 golds for real boobs.
this is real.

Candor Day 1,875, 05:03

$2000 says you can't do it. Any takers?

Scourge Prime
Scourge Prime Day 1,875, 05:15


Norbengo Day 1,875, 05:17

Shouldn't you be abusing ponies or something?

Rebelsy Day 1,875, 05:49


Mister Y
Mister Y Day 1,875, 07:05

Well done, I'll go here to vote for you then.

Chopp Day 1,875, 15:17

What an irony.
Car that crashed is Dacia, Romanian product just like this game.
: )

Tiamati Day 1,876, 01:47

Good luck Kathee!

@Chopp; the "car" could also be a skoda... Personally I always thought the worst Romanian product were olcits.

Chopp Day 1,876, 05:55

It's Dacia Logan for sure. I don't know any good Romanian product : )

Viarizi Day 1,877, 02:13

did not see your name nominated on PP Primaries, I thought that LordRahl2 was going to be the PTO candidate... anyways Good Luck you'll be running against the most handsome member of AFA, you will need it

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