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[ASM] New Project

Day 2,115, 13:01 Published in Austria United Kingdom by Gullberg

In the next days ASM will start a new project.
An exciting project!
A funny project!
A project for everybody!

What project?

It contains 15 letters. Every day one letter will be revealed. If you guess the project-title it will start immediately after.

M_ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Now post a comment with your guess for the title and let the project start!
The first person, who finds out the right title gets 50 ATS.



GazonkFoo Day 2,115, 14:23

hmm tricky
my first guess: Math-Competition

yst31 Day 2,115, 14:39

Comment deleted

yst31 Day 2,115, 14:44

I propose mini-footballing xD
But the maths one will be challenging ; p

Prince of Austria
Prince of Austria Day 2,115, 14:32

Interesting! "Most-Interesting" : D

Vreath Day 2,115, 15:01


Harzakc Day 2,116, 02:06

15 letters?

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