[Asgard HQ] Welcome Norway! + other information

Day 1,979, 11:35 Published in Sweden Romania by Asgard HQ

Hello everyone. It has been quite a while since the last article but here is an article with some updates on what has happened.

Norwegian membership

The two month long Norwegian trial period officially ended 12th of April. The vote on Norwegian membership was however delayed because of another vote concerning the treaty of Asgard which needed to be done before a vote on Norwegian membership could be started.

As soon as it was done all nations got to vote on Norwegian membership and all member nations and Norway voted Yes with big margins. Once done, an ingame vote was started by the Supreme Commander to add Norway to Asgard on .com. The vote is expected to pass with ease and will end in about 19 hours.

We have fought side by side for months now and it is time for Norway to rightfully take its seat next to all the other full members of Asgard. As such, Asgard HQ officially welcomes Norway to the brotherhood of Asgard!


Treaty of Asgard

The treaty of Asgard has been updated due to alliances and the position of Supreme Commander being added to the game. Asgard HQ worked out the changes which were then presented to all members which voted Yes to the new treaty.

A workgroup, separate from HQ, will soon be set up to take a look at the treaty in hopes of finding ways to improve it.

Apprenticeship in Asgard HQ

An apprentice was nominated by the SC and vSC and was later approved by all member nations.
Our hope is that we can cement the routines and the way HQ functions in more players so that these things don’t “die out” when HQ is gradually replaced with new players over time.

A close friendship

Ever since the creation of Asgard we have seen them on Asgard battlefields, side by side with the soldiers of Asgard in numerous battles. I am of course talking about Russia.

Yesterday they helped Asgard by releasing Svalbard which will result in a secured congress election for Norway. We have also recently seen many Russian paratroopers landing in Lithuania to fight for the resistance.

It means a lot to the members of Asgard to have such a close friendship with Russia and it is our wish that we will continue to march side by side for a long time to come.

Hail Russia
Hail Asgard

Kind regards,
-Kain Propan, Supreme Commander of Asgard