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[Asgard HQ] New SC, new challenges

Day 2,182, 12:11 Published in Finland Finland by TheJuliusCaesar

[Näkyvyyden ja esteettömän tiedonkulun takaamiseksi julkaisen artikkelin myös Suomen mediassa. Alkuperäisen artikkelin löydät täältä]


Good evening fellow Asgardians.

I reckon most of you aren't too familiar with what is happening inside Asgard on daily basis. This is not due your laziness or lack of interest, but due the non-transparency and bad informating by the Asgard HQ. This newspaper of HQ has barely been used during last terms and therefore the information available has been close to zero. In this term I aim to strenghten the communication between HQ and the invaluable citizens of Asgard. In addition to this I want to concentrate on few other things. More about them later in the article.

For starters I will (finally) publicly notify how Asgard SC's are regularily chosen. One has been able to find this (along with other things within Asgard HQ) from Asgard Treaty, but I am fairly sure the procedure is still not in common knowledge.
Screenshot from Asgard Treaty

Treaty above sums it up pretty well. It was Sweden's turn to nominate a candidate on November. Swedish CP Jussi Jernkuuk could have nominated two candidates, but decided to go with only one. Nominating only one candidate for SC has shown up as a more used option than nominating two candidates. However the candidate doesn't always pass the vote on first try. For example last month Finnish CP Seppo Koski's nomination didn't gain majority in alliance HQ. After that nomination turn rotated and Norway nominated our last month's SC, bATRA.

During these crucial times Asgard needs an active, dedicated leader who is ready to take important steps towards stability and coordination, which are the essence of success within small alliances. We have already showed to the disbelievers that we can maintain the Vikinghood by staying closely together for over a year. Now we have to keep walking this long, tough road towards victory.
To achieve these objectives, we need to make concrete decisions and truly seek to fulfill these priorities. Here are my priorities for the term:

Forming friendly relations to major anti-TWO and "neutral countries"
eWorld is experiencing a shift in power-balance, turbulence in alliance structures. Only few days ago Circle of Trust was officially dissolved and by disbanding itself left a massive power-vacuum to be filled. TWO-alliance had dominated the scene for months even when CoT was in it's top form, not to even mention how will this turn out in future without significant antiTWO-coordination. Upcoming month will be crucial for both our alliance and for whole antiTWO-cooperation. We simply must not fragmentate ourselves any further, we are already way too shattered. This month will test our ability to adjust to the inevitable, often radical and fast-phased changes in the modern eWorld. For example Ireland would be a great nation to tighten relations with, especailly now when their current enemy, UK, has invaded Fennoscandia and Asgard. Of course eWorld changes rapidly. We also need to look into the possibility of TWO breaking up, which would definitely again shuffle the deck radically. Still, in Asgard needs to adjust to changes, no matter what like they are.
In other words, during my term as the SC of Asgard, I will seek to strenghten the invaluable relations between Asgard and other countries, along with cooperation with them.

During last months you've basically seen no information from HQ, have had no idea what happens in HQ. This has to change. You as the driving force of Asgard need to know what are we doing and why. During the upcoming term I will update you regularily about the happenings in Asgard HQ via this newspaper. It will include battle orders (You should already have the prio doc in your bookmarks) and articles about everyday actions of Asgard HQ, perhaps even analysis about happenings of eWorld.

Tight coordination among member nations
As mentioned earlier, coordination is the key to success. Within our alliance it's even more than that, it simply is the top priority, the most valuable single aspect we need to have touch on. Therefore we need especially to concentrate on coordination in order to survive and gain success on the battlefield.

Asgard is going to face a tough November, but together we can overcome the difficulties and succeed!

Yours truly,
TheJuliusCaesar - Supreme Commander of Asgard



Zacharia Raven
Zacharia Raven Day 2,182, 12:35


Finally Julius made it to SC o7

Selim The 3rd
Selim The 3rd Day 2,182, 12:39

great alliance with great history

Johannes Valkkynen
Johannes Valkkynen Day 2,182, 12:58

GL Julius! I am sure you'll be a great SC o>

Poriseva Tursas
Poriseva Tursas Day 2,183, 07:25

Horrid bs.

Paroni Day 2,183, 10:15

Somebody has to say it - TJC for president! o/

TTi09 Day 2,183, 11:55

ihanaa tuo latinan käyttö näissä soppareissa. Tekee niistä jotenkin vaan arvokkaampia ja virallisempia. Mutta hienoa että TJC on uusi hyvässä tahdossa toimiva SC.

Zacharia Raven
Zacharia Raven Day 2,184, 03:09

Totta. Auta armias jos olisi mala fide : (

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