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[Artela] Yes, I’m running for PotUS

Day 1,983, 12:25 Published in USA USA by Artela

It has to be one of the worst kept secrets of the month that I have decided to run again for PotUS, so to end the speculation this article confirms my intention to run for the May 2013 election.

So, why should you go for an Artela ticket?

What do I think I have that will be useful to the country at this time?

Well, we are still fairly new into our alliance of Circle of Trust (CoT), and the power balance between alliances seems to be shifting somewhat, with some divisions growing between TWO and the rest of the world, things in Eden being unsettled by the move of Romania into being allied with Serbia, and the ever present threat that TWO will decide to come after the eUSA given we upset their cosy little world by joining CoT growing all the time. As a past SC in one of our previous alliances, and having sat in more than one alliance HQ, I have the experience to really contribute within our alliance headquarters, and a good diplomatic record going back over a couple of years in Foreign affairs.

You all know I have a strong eMilitary background as well. So, if another alliance or a country from another alliance decides that they want to come after eAmerica then although I can’t promise to prevent them doing that, I can promise that I have the experience to deal with it if it happens. I also have a strong team working for me in defense and national security, with some new people as deputies to keep things fresh, and some experienced old hands hanging around as advisors.

On the domestic side things have greatly improved under Vanek’s tenure. Media is active and being published regularly, the Departments of Interior and Education have been active with their programs and publishing of guidance, and the Homeland Security department have been successful in their ATO operations. I do not intend to make any changes to a winning team at the Secretary level, although I understand they always have vacancies for those wanting to be deputies, and I encourage people to consider this route into getting more involved to ensure we have talent ready to move up in the future.

Anyway, that’s the policy overview, so without further ado I’ll present the Cabinet highlights – the “who do you get helping to run the country on an Artela ticket” preview. The main department heads will be as follows...

Vice President Duncan Crowe

Duncan is experienced in both party politics and national politics. He works hard and plays hard and is flexible, doing what is needed where it is needed... exactly the sort of guy to be my number one. Someone who can step up when needed, someone who garners respect, and someone who is going places. He will make an excellent Vice-President.

Chief of Staff Molly Emma

Molly is another experienced player who has done the job of Chief of Staff before, and she was so good at it everyone keeps asking her to do it again! She’s organized, a good manager of others, and a perfect match to keep me and my VP (and the rest of the cabinet) on our toes and doing a good job on behalf of all of eAmerica.

Secretary of State NewAzazel

NewAzazel has been impressive as a deputy in the State Department, and now is his time to step up to the big chair! He has been responsible for a lot of the good things that have happened out of the State Department under Vanek’s tenure. He is a good diplomat and has built an excellent network of international contacts, but he isn’t afraid to stand up for what is right for eAmerica when dealing with other nations. I expect big things from NewAzazel.

Secretary of Defense and War Cromstar

Cromstar has done a really good job in this department to date, and so I’ve asked him to reprise this role for me as well. There are still things that need to be sorted out within the Department of Defense and War, and I know he wouldn’t like to leave any loose ends from the good work he has done so far.

Secretary of the Interior Othere

Othere took this role on during the last term, and under his tenure the Department of the Interior has gone from strength to strength, and so I have asked him to continue on and he has graciously agreed to do so. Good job too - good Secretaries of the Interior like him are hard to find!

Secretary of Education Mazzy Cat

Mazzy Cat is an energetic and fun person, who has translated her energy into beating others into providing the information she needs to pull together articles and push out information to our newer players to help them succeed. And very good at it she is too. Long may we continue to have such an active Department of Education putting out useful stuff for everyone. Well done Mazzy Cat.

Secretary of Media Paul Proteus

Paul took this job on last term and has done really good things, like making sure that the WHPR is regularly issued to keep everyone informed in current affairs. He’s done such a good job that I’m not letting him off the hook, so no retirement for Paul. He gets another term too.

In conclusion, the tl;dr answer to “Why Artela”

Strong eMilitary Background

Strong Foreign Affairs Background

Strong Alliances Background

Strong Cabinet, a team full of awesome

All the best

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Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 1,983, 12:26

Ladies and Gentlemen...

The NEXT President of the United States!!!

Go Artela!

Jimbojoy Day 1,983, 14:14

Artela was a great British CP, good luck!

BigAnt Day 1,983, 17:19

same cannot be said for you jimbo, you suck hard

Othere Day 1,983, 22:54

mfw BigAnt tells anyone they suck hard as CP

lapsinjs Day 1,984, 15:45

Comment deleted

BeachBunny Day 1,983, 12:26

OMG yes my Sexy Kissing partner!

Iamnameless Day 1,984, 02:50

Pics please \o/

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,983, 12:29

Good luck Artela, cabinet looks good. Except your media guy, I heard he sucks

One Sky
One Sky Day 1,983, 12:33

Paul 4 Overlord

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 1,984, 17:15

Its the good inda sucking though, like the reason why you buy a vaccum cleaner

Othere Day 1,983, 12:30

Good Luck Artela!

Jimbojoy Day 1,983, 14:15

Othere is pretty cool too.

One Sky
One Sky Day 1,983, 12:33

Federalist invasion

Arrlo Day 1,983, 12:37

Artela is boss, and I like your SoS.

A E N E A S Day 1,983, 12:37

Good Luck Artela! o/

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Day 1,983, 12:38

No AMP, and barely any of the other parties, except Feds. 🙁

fingerguns Day 1,983, 13:37

I thought party affiliation didn't matter to you?

Artela Day 1,983, 13:39

This is why we need to encourage more people to be _active_ deputies in the departments, that way we can better pick talent from across more parties.

Talon Karrde
Talon Karrde Day 1,983, 12:43

Awww please don't run this month, I won't enjoy fighting you.

The Mike
The Mike Day 1,983, 12:45

UM support!

Good luck, Artela! o/

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Day 1,983, 12:47

From one candidate to another, good luck Artela. I think whoever wins this race, eAmerica will be in good hands. : )

Bucephalus92 Day 1,983, 12:51

Good luck Artela, thats quite the cabinet you've got there.

fingerguns Day 1,983, 12:54

I'm into this.

KOSOVA Batoa Day 1,983, 13:03

good luck o/

nuno258 Day 1,983, 13:07

good luck


Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,983, 13:12

good luck

IDEIAS Day 1,983, 13:12


Good Luck and Good Work Artela o/

Tiacha Day 1,983, 13:17

Go go artela. I'm rooting for ya, girl.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Day 1,983, 13:37

Artela has tons of experience and will make a stellar CP. I am proud to be a part of her campaign, and I hope you guys vote for Artela when the time comes.


biaxident Day 1,983, 14:20

good luck

Norbengo Day 1,983, 15:07

Pfeiffers puppet is puppet.

We need POTUS who can think for him/her self.

Artela Day 1,983, 17:31

Fail troll is fail LOL
Ask around... this is *all* my own work 😛

Jude Connors Day 1,984, 19:41

Comment deleted

Hale Kane
Hale Kane Day 1,983, 15:26

why am i not on the cabinet list? 😛.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,983, 15:40

good luck

Lord Krauser
Lord Krauser Day 1,983, 15:44

Artela for POTUS again?

Yes, Please.

Dogpyle Day 1,983, 15:48

Voted. Nice platform.

ligtreb Day 1,983, 16:01

This is an excellent team.

I'm glad you're running again, as we could use someone with experience in these world-changing times.

Joe Lansing
Joe Lansing Day 1,983, 16:14

I like your thoughts on the Cabinet a LOT. Happy to see a strong candidate in this race.

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Day 1,983, 16:36

Welp, I guess I know where my vote is going. Better luck next time (insert candidate name here).

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,983, 16:50

Round and round we go. Where we stop we always know. Same ish every month.

Synesi Day 1,983, 16:54

Sounds great!

bigcdizzle Day 1,983, 17:30

I like Artela, and trust her judgment. This one is a no-brainer.

Plus, lol at other parties complaining about cabinets. Have some competent members, and then they'll get put in cabinets.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,983, 19:16

Some great people in this cabinet who will do a great job!

Sadly, I remember your last "reign" as "Queen" and also remember how the perception of citizens being "peasants", and stupid, was fostered during that time, putting our domestic situation on even more precarious footing.

I wish you the best of luck, but my vote will be going elsewhere.

Artela Day 1,983, 20:07

Yeah, letting the Media Dept have some fun at my expense is still remembered by some. I won't be making that mistake again 😛

Candor Day 1,983, 22:42

Classy retort. No idea who I'll vote for yet, but as dumb as this is (and I love sassy Bia!) I LOVE to see CLASSY retorts. Thumbs up.

AlexJ1890 Day 1,983, 20:41

Artela for PotUS!

Skarbrandus Day 1,983, 22:35

That's certainly cool!
And hey, where's rgr with his childish rattling? should've been here long ago 😃

Artela Day 1,983, 23:35

LOL yeah.? Maybe this kitchen is a little too hot for him?

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