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Day 2,577, 11:32 Published in USA USA by George S. Patton Jr

A couple of days ago I decided to announce my intentions to run for Party President of the American Military Party on our private sections in the forums. I would now like to announce publicly for the rest of the country, that I am indeed running for Party President of the American Military Party. A job I feel very comfortable with as I was PP the month before Free Area wrecked the party. I will lay out my agenda for what will be accomplished if you elected me this upcoming Monday.

eWest point

The Esteemed Mr.Swagg and I have been in league together putting our two noggings together to create a Military College for new players of the game to easily learn very thing they need to know about the game in up to two months time. Like in real life you will go through four stages of learning Freshmen - Senior. You can complete each stage as fast as three different days or it can take up to two weeks depending on how active you are and how quickly you pick up the information!

We are still looking for Professors to teach the newbies on topics such as History, Basic Fighting Mechanics, Advanced Fighting Tactics, How follow DoD orders and everything else you'd need to know to be successful Erepublik player. If you have prior experience as a military unit commander or officer and want to be paid to spread you knowledge please fill out the form in the link below.https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11YJHgEgmZW_NtCd1-ToiXxIARHQnG02Ohze4eS3byto/viewform

Base of the project:
- eWest Point will be ran by the University Director. For the first month this will be either myself or Mr.Swagg
- The graduate program will be the main function of the college as well as proposing final graduation exams for mentees and a reward for the highest scored exams.
-The rewards and supplies for the University enrolled students (all the current mentees will be automatically enrolled) will be paid for by donated from Myself and anyone else who wishes to donate to the cause.
-After graduation we will work the Military Units we have connections with and aid in selecting the right Military unit to suit your playing style.

More on the project to come in my next article!


This is the team assembled so far for the month of December!

Chief of Staff
Beach Bunny

Recently Returned from USWP she is now very active after taking some time off to go through basic training to server her country in real life. Now back in the AMP she is looking to do the same to serve her party and country. Bunny will be focusing her efforts with Mr.Swagg and Myself running eWest Point. As well as being super cute.


This guy is scary when he is active. I've often wished he would try and run for PP or CP himself. Seeing how hes not I had to add his talents to my staff. He will be focusing to help me make sure the party runs smoothly through each election cycle. To help advise on members to select to congress, as well as try and negotiate an AMP SoH for the Month of December. He will also spread the sands of Dio to the Party and the rest of eUSA.

Deputy Cheif of Staff/ eWest Point Director
Mr. Swagg

Mr. Swagg is one of the players that I hold a lot of respect for. Has been with the AMP since I can remember and he sure love Dio. As I mentioned earlier our joint effort on eWest Point is just that. I am well aware Swagg is running for Party President as well this month. No matter who wins this college will be going forward and we both will still be involved in it.


Media is an important part of building an active party membership. Crimson is here to help us change that. We will be writing a minimum of two party articles a week. One for Tuesday and another on Friday this way we have media presence throughout the week. I will be funding the articles to get into the top 5. So if you have any ideas please run them by CrisonNinja or myself.

He still needs a Deputy or two so apply using the form below Your text to link here...

Recruitment Department

He will be heading up my Recruitment Dept mainly because of his active dedication to the party. We are going to try and add some serious active members to the part this month. To do so we are going to have to 1. offer things other parties don't. In my mind this means activity, chances to earn money, and political or military advancement. 2. Retain active players and give them reasons to stick around. We there are exciting races or political debates the party is more fun to be around. I believe working with the eWest Point we can get some good recruits.

Security and Technology Department
I will use this Department to collect data on the party's active voter base. Survey them on their likes and dislikes and how they wish their congress and party leaders to best represent them. We will also be giving out cash to people that fill them out so you can earn yourself over 500-750 USD just by filling out four different forms!

I still need a director of this department so if your are interested fill out this form and I will contact you on IRC or ingame.

Israel Stevens
John Killah
John Largo
Jack Mensley

If you'd like to join the team fill out the form using link below

ON THE eUSA FORUMS: http://eusaforums.com/forum/index.php/topic,33172.0.html


Thank you ahead of time for your support, votes, comments, and endorsements!
With Love,
George S. Patton Jr